The University of Texas System (UT System) is an American government entity of the state of
Texas Texas (, ; Spanish language, Spanish: ''Texas'', ''Tejas'') is a state in the South Central United States, South Central region of the United States. At 268,596 square miles (695,662 km2), and with more than 29.1 million residents in 2020, ...

that includes 13 higher educational institutions throughout the state including eight universities and five independent health institutions. The UT System is headquartered in
Downtown Austin Downtown Austin is the central business district of Austin, Texas. Downtown is located on the north bank of the Colorado River (Texas), Colorado River. The approximate borders of Downtown include Lamar Boulevard to the west, Martin Luther King J ...

Downtown Austin
, and has a total enrollment of nearly 240,000 students (largest university system in Texas) and employs 21,000 faculty and more than 83,000 health care professionals, researchers and support staff. The UT System's $30 billion endowment (as of the 2019 fiscal year) is the largest of any public
university system in the United States
university system in the United States
. As of 2018,
Reuters Reuters (, ) is an international owned by . It employs around 2,500 journalists and 600 s in about 200 locations worldwide. Reuters is one of the largest news agencies in the world. The agency was established in in 1851 by the German-born . ...
ranks the UT System among the top 10 most innovative academic institutions in the world.

Component institutions

Academic Institutions

The University of Texas System has eight separate and distinct 4-year academic institutions; each is a university and confers its own degrees. File:University of Texas at Arlington March 2021 099 (Greene Research Quad and Engineering Research Building).jpg, UT Arlington File:UT tower lit entirely in orange.jpg, UT Austin File:UT Dallas Student Service Building.JPG, UT Dallas File:Building on the campus of the University of Texas-El Paso LCCN2014631182.tif, UT El Paso File:UTRGV.jpg, UT Rio Grande Valley File:UTSA Entrance Sign.JPG, UT San Antonio File:UT Tyler Riter Tower.jpg, UT Tyler File:Gym Complex, UTPB, Odessa, TX DSCN1252.JPG, UT Permian Basin

UT Brownsville & UT Pan American (UTRGV) merger

On June 14, 2013, Texas signe
SB 24
into law, officially approving the creation of a new university in South Texas within the UT System and replacing UT Brownsville and UT Pan American. The initiative resulted in a single institution, including a medical school, spanning the entire
Rio Grande Valley In Texas Texas (, ) is a state in the South Central United States, South Central region of the United States. It is the second largest U.S. state by both List of U.S. states and territories by area, area (after Alaska) and List of U.S. st ...
, with a presence in each of the major metropolitan areas of Brownsville, Edinburg, Harlingen, and
McAllen McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County, Texas, United States, and the List of cities in Texas by population, 22nd-most populous city in Texas. It is located at the southern tip of the state in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas), Rio Grande Vall ...
. On December 12, 2013, the UT Board of Regents voted to name the new university the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The new university began full operation in the 2015–16 school year.

UT Tyler & UTHSC Tyler merger

In December 2019, the UT System Board of Regents unanimously agreed to merge The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (UTHSCT) under The University of Texas at Tyler (UTT), creating a single unified institution. Two months later, the UT System formally announced its intention to establish a new
medical school A medical school is a tertiary education Tertiary education, also referred to as third-level, third-stage or post-secondary education, is the education Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowled ...
that will be added under the new unified UT Tyler administration. It will be the first medical school in the
East Texas East Texas is a distinct cultural, geographic, and ecological in the of . According to the ', the East Texas area "may be separated from the rest of Texas roughly by a line extending from the in north-central southwestward to east-central ...
region. On December 8, 2020, The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Schools approved a plan to merge UT Tyler and UTHSCT. UTHSCT will retain its status as a health-related institution but will now come under the administration of UT Tyler. The UT System Board of Regents met in late December 2020 and took action on the implementation of the merger which began on January 1, 2021. On January 4, 2021, the Board of Regents installed Dr. Kirk A. Calhoun, M.D. as president of the newly aligned UT Tyler and UTHSCT. As of January 4, these two institutions are officially one. On January 15, 2021 the institution publicly named the new line of executive leadership for the merged institution. The medical school is expected to open in 2023.

Health Institutions

The University of Texas System has 5 independent health institutions. None are officially associated with any of the 4-year academic institutions, though some may have close relationships or special joint programs with them due to geographical location ( Dallas–Fort Worth area institutions &
San Antonio ("Cradle of Freedom") , image_map = Bexar SanAntonio.svg , mapsize = 220px , map_caption = Location within Bexar County , pushpin_map = Texas#USA#North America , pushpin_relief ...

San Antonio
institutions) or historical relationships (UT Austin & UT Medical Branch at Galveston). UT MD Anderson Cancer Center is one of the six schools at UT Health Science Center at Houston. Despite being officially associated under UT Houston, the UT System lists MD Anderson as a separate health institution due to its unique specialization. Additionally, there are medical schools at UT Austin and UT Rio Grande Valley that aren't directly affiliated with any of the independent health institutions. The third medical school organized under an academic institution in the UT System will open in 2023 under the UT Tyler administration.

Independent UT Health institutions

Medical schools within academic institutions

File:UTH1.JPG, UT Health Science Center - Houston File:UTHSCSAmain.jpg, UT Health Science Center - San Antonio File:UTMDA1.JPG, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX) File:Ashbel Smith Building -- Old Red.jpg, UT Medical Branch at Galveston File:UTSW North research Nima 02.jpg, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, TX)

Attempted academic & health institution mergers

Dallas–Fort Worth In 2001 the 77th Texas Legislature proposed HB 3568, which would have merged all Dallas–Fort Worth UT System institutions (
UT Dallas The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD or UT Dallas) is a public university with its main campus in Richardson, Texas. It is the largest public university in the Dallas area and the northernmost campus of the University of Texas system. It was i ...
, UT Arlington, and UT Southwestern) under the name "''The University of Texas at Dallas''". UTD's Richardson campus would've been designated as the main campus, UTA's Arlington campus would've become a satellite campus, and UTSW's Dallas campus would've become the merged university's medical school. The purpose was to help the metroplex gain one unified flagship-level university, but the House Bill ultimately failed to pass due to objections from UT Arlington (which wanted to retain its identity as a separate university) and the lack of time to properly explain the complex process to state representatives. San Antonio Nine years later, in 2010, a study was commissioned to explore the possibility of merging UT San Antonio and UT Health San Antonio. Officials ultimately decided against it, citing significant costs, administrative challenges, and different university cultures. In 2016, an op-ed published in the San Antonio Express-News urged the UT System Board of Regents to reconsider their decision, but no further actions from the UT System have been taken since.



The administrative offices are in
Downtown Austin Downtown Austin is the central business district of Austin, Texas. Downtown is located on the north bank of the Colorado River (Texas), Colorado River. The approximate borders of Downtown include Lamar Boulevard to the west, Martin Luther King J ...

Downtown Austin
. The UT system approved moving the system headquarters in November 2012. Bonds from the UT System's endowment funded the construction of the new 19-story, headquarters, which had a price tag of $102 million. The UT System planned to lease a portion of the facility for shops and other offices, with the approximately remaining portion used for its own employees.
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/ref> The system headquarters opened on August 1, 2017. In July 2018, the Pentagon announced it had selected the UT System administrative building as the headquarters for the Army Futures Command, a new organization committed to coordinating modernization efforts and integrating innovation across the Army. The University of Texas System was previously headquartered in O. Henry Hall in Downtown Austin. The system headquarters complex previously included multiple buildings, which had 550 employees in 2014. These facilities included O. Henry Hall, Claudia Taylor Johnson Hall (named after
Lady Bird Johnson Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Johnson (Maiden and married names, née Taylor; December 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007) was an American socialite and First Lady of the United States as the wife of the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson ...
), Hall, the Colorado Building, and the Lavaca Building, In 2013 the UT system approved the demolitions of the Colorado Building and the Lavaca Building, and the new UT System headquarters was built where these buildings previously stood. The
Texas State University System The Texas State University System (TSUS) was created in 1911 to oversee the state's normal schools. Since its creation it has broadened its focus and comprises institutions of many different scopes. The other systems of state universities are the ...
purchased O. Henry Hall in 2015 for $8.2 million; the UT System leased it and continued using it as its administrative headquarters prior to the 2017 completion of the UT System's current headquarters. The UT System leased the land containing Claudia Taylor Johnson Hall and Ashbel Smith Hall to
Trammell Crow Fred Trammell Crow (June 10, 1914 – January 14, 2009) was an American real estate developer from Dallas, Texas. He is credited with the creation of several major real estate projects, including the Dallas Market Center, Peachtree Center in Atlant ...

Trammell Crow
which is constructing a commercial property on the site that uses the facade of Johnson Hall. Ashbel Smith Hall was imploded on March 25, 2018.

Coordinated Admissions Program

The Coordinated Admissions Program (more colloquially known as "CAP") offers some UT Austin applicants the chance to attend the university if they complete their freshman year at another system school and meet specified requirements.Information about CAP
. Be a Longhorn. Retrieved November 23, 2012.
Each institution in the University of Texas System sets its own admissions standards, and not all schools may accept a particular CAP student. UT Dallas does not participate in the CAP program, and UTSA, the largest recipient of CAP students, has stated it will be phasing out the program within the next ten years.CAP students love UTSA, for now
". The Paisano. Retrieved November 23, 2012.

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