Torridge is a
local government district The districts of England (also known as local authority districts or local government districts to distinguish from unofficial city districts) are a level of subnational division of England used for the purposes of local government. As the str ...
in north
Devon Devon (, archaically known as Devonshire) is a county A county is a geographical region of a country used for administrative or other purposesChambers Dictionary The ''Chambers Dictionary'' (''TCD'') was first published by William Ch ...

, England. Its council is based in
Bideford Bideford ( ) is a historic port town on the estuary of the River Torridge The River Torridge is a river in Devon Devon (, also known as Devonshire) is a Counties of England, county of England, reaching from the Bristol Channel in the north ...

. Other towns and villages in the district include
Holsworthy Holsworthy is a market town and Civil parishes in England, civil parish in the Torridge District, Torridge district of Devon, England, some west of Exeter. The River Deer, a tributary of the River Tamar, forms the western boundary of the parish ...
Great Torrington Great Torrington (often abbreviated to Torrington, though the villages of Little Torrington and Black Torrington are situated in the same region) is a small market town in the north of Devon, England. Parts of it are sited on high ground with ste ...
, Hartland, and
Westward Ho! Westward Ho! is a seaside resort, seaside village near Bideford in Devon, England. The A39 road provides access from the towns of Barnstaple, Bideford, and Bude. It lies at the south end of Northam, Devon, Northam Burrows and faces westward into ...

Westward Ho!
. The island of
Lundy Lundy is an English island in the Bristol Channel The Bristol Channel ( cy, Môr Hafren) is a major inlet An inlet is an indentation of a shoreline, usually long and narrow, such as a small bay or arm, that often leads to an enclosed ...

is administratively part of the district. To the south of the district bordering
Cornwall Cornwall (; kw, Kernow ) is a historic county and ceremonial county The counties and areas for the purposes of the lieutenancies, also referred to as the lieutenancy areas of England and informally known as ceremonial counties, are ar ...

, near
Welcombe Welcombe is a village and civil parish on the coast of north Devon, England, just north of the border with Cornwall. It is part of the district of Torridge District, Torridge. The population taken at the United Kingdom Census 2011, 2011 census was ...
, the rugged coastline has a wild untouched beauty, due to its inaccessibility, but the South West Coast Path is well defined. The district is named after the
River Torridge The River Torridge is a river in Devon in England. The River Torridge rises near Meddon. The river describes a long loop through Devon farming country where its tributaries the Lew and Okement join before meeting the Taw at Appledore and flowing in ...


The district was formed on 1 April 1974, under the
Local Government Act 1972 The Local Government Act 1972 (c. 70) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom The Parliament of the United Kingdom is the supreme legislative body A legislature is an assembly Assembly may refer to: Organisations and ...
, by the merger of the boroughs of Bideford and Great Torrington, the Northam urban district,
Bideford Rural District Bideford ( ) is a historic port town on the estuary of the River Torridge in north Devon Devon (, also known as Devonshire) is a Counties of England, county of England, reaching from the Bristol Channel in the north to the English Channel i ...
, Holsworthy Rural District and Torrington Rural District. Torridge District Council is elected every four years, with currently 36 councillors being elected at each election. In 2007, Torridge registered the high number of opposed candidates in the country, with seven. Independent (politician), Independents have had a strong presence on the council for much of its history, with no political party having won a majority until 2015. In 2015 the Conservative Party (UK), Conservative party won a small majority of 2 with 19 of the seats on the council, however the council returned to no overall control in 2019 after a large number of independents were elected. The political composition of the borough has been as follows:


Services provided by Torridge District Council to the local community include the administration of council tax and local benefits, transportation services, road maintenance, the provision of car parking services, the collection of refuse and the recycling of waste, planning and building control, housing services, the provision of sport and leisure facilities, libraries, schools and colleges, social care and health, environmental services, business-related services and contingency planning. TorridgeCVS is a charitable organisation providing vulnerable people across the Torridge district with day-to-day living assistance. It provides advice, befriending schemes, support for carers, help to older people and help with charitable fund-raising, liaising with voluntary and community groups where necessary. It offers placements for individuals who want to get more involved in their local communities and relies on local volunteers, with over 2000 volunteers registered. It has been in operation since 1988 and is a member of NAVCA, the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action, being largely funded by Devon County Council and Torridge District Council.

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