The American may refer to:


* ''The American'' (1927 film), a Western starring Charles Ray and Bessie Love * ''The American'' (1998 film), a 1998 PBS television adaptation of the Henry James novel * ''The American'' (2010 film), an American thriller starring George Clooney


* ''The American'', a 1999 album by Angie Aparo * '' The American'', a 1998 album by Martin Sexton * " The American", a 1981 single by Scottish rock band Simple Minds

Print publications

* ''The American'' (novel), an 1877 novel by Henry James * ''The American'' (magazine), a magazine published by the American Enterprise Institute * ''
The American Magazine ''The American Magazine'' was a periodical publication founded in June 1906, a continuation of failed publications purchased a few years earlier from publishing mogul Miriam Leslie. It succeeded '' Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly'' (1876–1904) ...
'', a literary periodical published from 1906 to 1956 * ''The American'' (comics), a comic book series by Mark Verheiden * ''The American'', a 2006 thriller by Andrew Britton * ''The American'', 2010 retitling of Martin Booth's 1990 novel '' A Very Private Gentleman''

Other uses

American Athletic Conference The American Athletic Conference (The American or AAC) is an American collegiate athletic conference, featuring 11 member universities and five affiliate member universities that compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) ...
, one of the major U.S. collegiate sports conferences * ''The American'' (statue), an unrealized bronze outdoor sculpture planned for Tulsa, Oklahoma * "The American", character played by Rory Albanese on the satirical podcast, '' The Bugle'' * "The American", racing driver Mike Skinner in the first season of The Grand Tour motoring program

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