Royal Thai Army

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) (กองทัพบกไทย, RTGS Kong Thap Bok Thai, ) is the land-based part of the Thai military.


Other ranks

Private 1st class is a rank assigned to conscripts after they have finished specialist training. They wear the same insignia as a lance corporal, who is a member who has completed his conscription obligation, and who has undertaken training at NCO school.

Royal Thai Navy

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) (กองทัพเรือไทย, RTGS Kong Thap Ruea Thai, ) is the sea-based part of the Thai military. The Royal Thai Marine Corps is part of the RTN, and uses the same rank structure. Depending on the uniform, the rank insignia can be located on the shoulder (on white and khaki uniforms) or on the sleeves (on dark blue uniforms).


Naval officers will additionally add the post-nominal ร.น. as an abbreviation for ราชนาวี (''râat-chá-naa-wee'', literally "the Royal Navy").

Other ranks

Royal Thai Air Force

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) (กองทัพอากาศไทย, RTGS Kong Thap Akat Thai, ) is the air based part of the Thai military. The rank system is modelled after that of the British Royal Air Force (RAF), but unlike the RAF, officers' cuff rank insignia are topped by a star above the lace stripes and all air marshals' rank insignia are also determined by one to five stars on the shoulder board.


Other ranks

Royal Thai Police

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) (ตำรวจไทย) is sometimes considered as the fourth armed service of Thailand (๔ เหล่าทัพ), but reports directly to the Prime Minister's Department rather than to the Ministry of Defense. The Royal Thai Police share the same rank system as the Royal Thai Army but the particularities of the police are the star representing the commissioned officer and the crown over the star. The Royal Thai Police uses the eight-pointed silver star and the silver crown with a halo on top, while the Royal Thai Army uses the five-pointed gold star and the gold crown with no halo for its officer shoulder boards.


Non-Commissioned Officers

Volunteer Defense Corps (Thailand)

The Volunteer Defense Corps ( th|กองอาสารักษาดินแดน; abbreviated VDC) is a Thai paramilitary under the authority of the Department Of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior.http://www.ratchakitcha.soc.go.th/DATA/PDF/2559/A/006/26.PDF It was founded in 1954 to provide extra military support to the Royal Thai Armed Forces and to protect local civilians living near Thailand's borders. Its ranks mirror those of both the RTA and the RTP.63 Years of Volunteer Defense Corps (Thailand) in 2017 News page 78-79



Rank structure

() (Also used as Chom Phon (จอมพล)) is Chief of Forces, there can only be 1 Chom Phon at a time, the King is the Chom Phon. ( .) Ranks below commander-in-chief use Thai alternate numbers.

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