Stars & Stripes or Stars and Stripes may refer to:

United States

* Flag of the United States, nickname Stars and Stripes


* ''Stars and Stripes'' (newspaper), government-supported newspaper of the United States Armed Forces * USS ''Stars and Stripes'' (1861)

Arts and entertainment

* ''Stars and Stripes'' trilogy, a collection of three alternate history novels by Harry Harrison * ''Stars and Stripes'' (ballet), choreographed by George Balanchine in 1958 * Stars and Stripes (professional wrestling), a World Championship wrestling tag team


* ''Stars & Stripes'' (album), 2002 album by Aaron Tippin * ''Stars & Stripes'' (EP), a 2008 EP by SOJA * ''Stars and Stripes Vol. 1'', 1996 album by The Beach Boys * "Stars 'n' Stripes", a song by Grant Lee Buffalo from ''Fuzzy'' * Stars and Stripes, American Oi! band and side project of Jack Kelly from Slapshot

Other uses

* Stars & Stripes (soft drink) * ''Stars & Stripes'' (America's Cup syndicate), a series of America's Cup competitors * Stars and Stripes Stakes an American Thoroughbred horse race at Arlington Park

See also

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