Specific may refer to: * Specificity (disambiguation) * Specific, a cure or therapy for a specific illness


* Specific deterrence, focussed on an individual * Specific finding, intermediate verdict used by a jury in determining the final verdict * Specific jurisdiction over an out-of-state party, specific to cases that have a substantial connection to the party's in-state activity * Order of specific performance, court order to perform a specific act

Economics, finance, and accounting

* Asset specificity, the extent to which the investments made to support a particular transaction have a higher value to that transaction than they would have if they were redeployed for any other purpose * Specific identification (inventories), summing purchase costs of all inventory items * Specific rate duty, duty paid at a specific amount per unit * Specific risk, risk that affects a very small number of assets


* Domain specificity, theory that many aspects of cognition are supported by specialized, presumably evolutionarily specified, learning devices * Specific developmental disorder, disorders in which development is delayed in one specific area or areas, and in which basically all other areas of development are not affected * Specific learning disability * Specific phobia, phobia of a specific thing or situation ** Specific social phobia, triggered only by specific social situations


* pertaining to a species ** Specific name (botany), species name of a plant ** Specific name (zoology), species name of an animal * Specific appetite, drive to eat foods with specific flavors or other characteristics * Specific granule, secretory vesicle in granulocytes * Specific immunity, to a particular pathogen * Specific Pathogen Free, of a laboratory animal guaranteed free of particular (i.e., specific and named) pathogens

Other fields

* A specific quantity generally means a physical quantity normalized "per unit" of something (often mass). * SPECIFIC, The Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovative Functional Industrial Coatings * Specific creation, creationism as opposed to evolution * Specific interval, shortest possible clockwise distance between pitch classes on the chromatic circle * Specific integral, in calculus, eliminates the constant of integration * Specific Physical Preparedness, being prepared for the movements in a specific physical activity (usually a sport)

See also

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