Shengzhou (), formerly Shengxian or Sheng County, is a county-level city in central Zhejiang, south of the Hangzhou Bay, and is the south-eastern part of the prefecture-level city of Shaoxing. It is about 1.5 hours drive from the provincial capital of Hangzhou through the Hangzhou-Ningbo, Shangyu-Sanmen Expressway. At the 2010 census, its population was 679,762, but 1,060,206 lived in the built-up area made of Shengzhou City and Xinchang County largely being conurbated.


The city is the national and international top producer of ties.


Shengzhou is the origin of the Yue opera, the second most popular Chinese opera.

Administrative divisions

Towns (镇, ''zhen'')

*Sanjie (三界) *Xiawang (下王) *Pukou (浦口) *Huangze (黄泽) *Beizhang (北漳) *Jinting (金庭) *Jiangzhen (蒋镇) *Cangyan (苍岩) *Ganlin (甘霖) *Boji (博济) *Kaiyuan (开元) *Changle (长乐) *Shihuang (石璜) *Furun (富润) *Chongren (崇仁) *Gulai (谷来) *Xianyan (仙岩)


Shengzhou is famous for its variety of local snacks and southeast China style dishes. Examples include: Xiaolongbao (小笼包), Doufubao (豆腐包), Youtiao, and Shengzhou Chaoniangao (嵊州炒年糕).


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