Seri Manangkhasila ( th|พรรคเสรีมนังคศิลา ) was a short-lived pro-military political party in Thailand. It was founded on 29 September 1955 by Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram.


Seri Manangkhasila Party established on 29 September 1955 is the first political party registered after the announcement The Political Parties Act, B.E. 1955, with Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkram, Prime Minister, was the party leader, The party secretary was Pol. Gen Phao Sriyanond, the Director of the Police Department. The deputy leader of the party is Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army and the Air Marshal Fuen Ronnaphagrad Ritthakhanee Commander of the Royal Thai Air Force with the party office located at Manangkhasila House. In the election on Sunday 16 February 1957, the Seri Manangkhasila Party won the election with 85 MPs. But after the conflict within the party, Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, along with a number of MPs, resigned from the party. From then on, Field Marshal Sarit encouraged Sukich Nimmanhaemin former Seri Manangkhasila Party, registered to establish a new political party named Sahaphum Party after Field Marshal Sarit to conduct a coup, the Government of Field Marshal Plaek Phibulsongkram on 16 September 1957, was graciously accepted Appointed as a guardian of the military department and appointed Pote Sarasin as Prime Minister and held a new election on Sunday 15 December 1957. In this election, the Seri Manangkhasila Party won only 4 seats from 160 seats. Soon, the Seri Manangkhasila Party was dissolved and merged with the National Socialist Party, which had Field Marshal Sarit was the party leader along with the Sahaphum Party on 21 December 1957.


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