Sergius is a male given name of Ancient Roman origin. It is a common Christian name, in honor of Saint Sergius, or in Russia, of Saint Sergius of Radonezh. It is not common in English, although the Anglo-French name Sergeant is possibly related to it. It became popular in Christianity in honor of the fourth-century martyr and saint Sergius, especially among Roman ecclesiastics of Syrian extraction, starting in the seventh century.


The name originates from the Roman ''nomen'' (patrician family name) ''Sergius'', and this from a more ancient Etruscan name.


Its form varies by language: *Albanian: Serxho * ar|سركيس or سرجون (''Sarkis'' or ''Sarjoun'') (Arab Christian name) * hy|Սարգիս (''Sargis'' or ''Sarkis'') * aii|ܣܪܓܝܤ (''Sargis'') * ast|Serxu * az|Sərgiz (from Arabic) or Sergey (from Russian) * be|Сяргей (''Siarhei'' or ''Siarhiej'', ), diminutive (''Siarheika'' ) * br|Serj * bg|Сергей (''Sergei'' or ''Sergey'') * ca|Sergi * cu|Сергий (''Sergii'' or ''Sergiy'') * nl|Serge * en|Serge or Sargent * eo|Sergio * french: Serge * gl|Serxio * ka|სერგო (''Sergo'') * el|Σέργιος (''Sergios'' or ''Seryios'') * hu|Szergiusz * it|Sergio * la|Sergius * mk|Сергеј (Sergej) or Срѓан (Srgjan) * mt|Sergio * pl|Sergiusz * pt|Sérgio * ro|Sergiu or Serghei * russian: Сергей (''Sergei'', ''Sergey'', ''Serguei''), Russian diminutive ( ) * hbs|Срђан (Srđan), Срђа (Srđa), Сергеј (Sergej), Сергије (Sergije) * sk|Sergej * es|Sergio * tr|Sergey * uk|Сергій (''Serhii''
Table for transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet in latin script
', Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine's Official website
, ''Serhiy'', ''Sergiy'' or ''Sergii''), diminutive (''Serhiiko'' , ''Serhiyko'' or ''Sergiyko''). Sergei was the second most popular name in Russia in the 1980s.

Given names

List of people with given name Sergius

*Pope Sergius I *Pope Sergius II *Pope Sergius III *Pope Sergius IV

List of notable people with given name Serge

*Serge Abiteboul (born 1953), French computer scientist *Serge Adda (1948–2004), president of the French television station TV5 *Serge Akakpo (born 1987), Togolese footballer *Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia (1857–1905), son of Emperor Alexander II of Russia *Serge Ambomo (born 1986), Cameroonian boxer *Serge Andreoni (born 1940), member of the Senate of France *Serge Ankri (born 1949), film director *Serge Aubin (born 1975), Canadian professional ice hockey centre *Serge Aubry (1942–2011), Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender *Serge Aurier (born 1992), Ivorian footballer *Serge Avedikian (born 1955), Armenian-French film and theatre actor, director, writer, and producer *Serge Ayeli (born 1981), Ivorian football striker *Serge Dikulu Bageta (born 1978), Congolese footballer *Serge Baguet (born 1969), Belgian former professional road bicycle racer *Raymond-Serge Balé (born 1949), Congolese diplomat and Congo-Brazzaville's Permanent Representative to the United Nations since 2008 *Serge Théophile Balima (born 1949), Burkinabé journalist, diplomat, and professor of the University of Ouagadougou *Serge van den Ban (born 1980), Dutch football goalkeeper *Serge Baudo (born 1927), French conductor *Serge Beaudoin (born 1952), Canadian former professional ice hockey player *Serge de Beketch (1946–2007), French journalist, story writer for cartoons, and writer linked to the extreme-right *Serge Bélanger, Canadian former politician *Serge Bengono (born 1977), Cameroonian sprinter who specializes in the 100 metres *Serge Bernier (born 1947), Canadian retired professional ice hockey right winger *Serge Betsen (born 1974), French rugby union player *Serge Bezème (born 1977), Ivorian professional football player *Serge Bindy (born 1954), Swiss modern pentathlete *Serge Moléon Blaise (born 1951), Haitian painter *Serge Blanc (born 1972), French former football player *Serge Blanco (born 1958), French former rugby union footballer *Serge Blisko (born 1950), French politician and a member of the National Assembly of France *Serge Blusson (1928–1994), French cyclist *Serge Boisvert (born 1959), Canadian former ice hockey player *Jean-Serge Bokassa (born 1972), Central African politician and the Central African Republic's Minister of the Interior since 2016 *Serge Lofo Bongeli (born 1983), DR Congolese football player *Constant-Serge Bounda, Ph.D. (born 1966), Congolese national and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Representative to the African Union *Serge Bourguignon (born 1928), French film director and screenwriter *Serge Boutouli, footballer from the Central African Republic *Serge Bramly (born 1949), French language writer and essayist *Serge Brammertz (born 1962), Belgian jurist and the chief prosecutor for the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals since 2016 *Serge Branco (born 1980), Cameroonian retired footballer *Serge Brignoni (1903–2002), Swiss avant-garde painter and sculptor *Serge Brunier (born 1958), French photographer, reporter, and writer who has specialized in popular depictions of astronomical subjects *Serge Brussolo (born 1951), French writer *Serge Cadorin (1961–2007), Belgian football striker *Serge Cajfinger, French creator of the ready-to-wear clothing brand Paule Ka *Serge Cardin (born 1950), Canadian politician *Serge Carrière O.C., M.D., C.S.P.Q., F.R.C.P.(C), Canadian physiologist, physician, and educator *Serge Chaloff (1923–1957), American jazz baritone saxophonist *Serge Chapleau (born 1945), French-Canadian political cartoonist from the province of Québec *Serge Chermayeff (1900–1996), Russian-born British architect, industrial designer, writer, and co-founder of several architectural societies *Serge Chiesa (born 1950), French former professional footballer *Serge Clair (born 1940), Mauritian politician and the Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues from 2003–2006 *Serge Clerc (born 1957), French comic book artist and illustrator *Issa Serge Coelo (born 1967), Chadian film director *Serge Collot (1923–2015), French violist and music educator *Serge Conus (1902–1988), Russian pianist and composer *Serge Corbin, Canadian professional marathon canoe racer *Serge Crasnianski (born 1942), French entrepreneur who founded the Grenoble-based Key Independent System (KIS) *Serge Daan (1940–2018), Dutch scientist, known for his significant contributions to the field of Chronobiology *Serge Daney (1944–1992), French movie critic *Serge Danot (1931–1990), French animator and former advertising executive *Serge Dassault (1925–2018), French billionaire heir, businessman, and conservative politician *Serge Deble or Serges Déblé (born 1989), Ivorian professional football player *Serge Dedina (born 1964), American mayor in Imperial Beach, California and the Executive Director of the non-profit environmentalist group Wildcoast *Serge Delaive (born 1965), Belgian poet and novelist writing in the French language *Serge Demierre (born 1956), Swiss professional road bicycle racer *Serge Deslières (born 1947), Canadian former politician and teacher *Serge Despres (born 1978), Canadian bobsledder from Cocagne, New Brunswick who competed from 2000–2006 *Serge Devèze (1956–2015), French association football manager, active primarily in Africa with the national teams of Guinea, Gabon, and Benin *Serge Diaghilev (1872–1929), Russian art critic, patron, ballet impresario, and founder of the Ballets Russes *Serge Dié (born 1977), Ivorian footballer *Serge Le Dizet (born 1964), French football coach who had a playing career *Serge Djekanovic (born 1983), Serbian-born Canadian retired professional soccer player *Serge Djiehoua (born 1983), Ivorian former football player *Serge Doubrovsky (born 1928), French writer and 1989 Prix Médicis winner for ''Le Livre Brisé'' *Serge Dube (born 1979), Canadian former professional ice hockey defenceman *Serge Ducosté (born 1944), Haitian football defender *Serge Duigou (born 1948), French historian, specializing in the history of Brittany *Serge Dupire (born 1958), Canadian actor *Serge Duvernois (born 1960), French former footballer *Serge Edongo (born 1982), Cameroonian professional volleyball player *Serge Elisséeff (1889–1975), Russian-French scholar, Japanologist, and professor at Harvard University *Jean Serge Essous (1935–2009), Congolese saxophonist, clarinetist, and co-founder of the Afrika Team in Paris, France *Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere (1916–1962), French religious philosopher *Serge Fiori (born 1952), the lead vocalist and guitarist for ''Harmonium'', an influential progressive rock band from Quebec *Serge Fontaine (born 1947), Canadian politician in the province Quebec *Eric Serge Gagne (born 1976), former Major League Baseball pitcher *Serge Gainsbourg, born Lucien Ginsburg (1928–1991), French singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor, and director *Serge Gakpé (born 1987), French-born Togolese football midfielder *Serge Garant, OC (1929–1986), Canadian composer, conductor, and professor of music at the University of Montreal *Serge de Gastyne (1930–1992), French-American composer and pianist born in Paris, France *Serge Gavronsky (born 1932), American poet and translator *Serge & Christine Ghisoland (born 1946), Belgian singing duo who participated in the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest *Serge Gilles (born 1936), the leader of the Fusion of Haitian Social Democrats political party *Serge Girard (born 1953), French ultramarathon runner *Serge Gnabry, German professional footballer *Serge Godard (born 1936), French politician *Anne & Serge Golon or Anne Golon (born 1921), French author, better known to English-speaking readers as Sergeanne Golon *Serge Golon (1903–1972), writer and the husband of French author Anne Golon, in collaboration with whom he wrote the ''Angélique'' series *Serge Golovach (born 1970), Russian contemporary artist *Serge Grouard (born 1959), member of the National Assembly of France *Serge Gruzinski (born 1949), French historian and Latin Americanist *Serge Guinchard (born 1946), French jurist, teacher, and emeritus professor of Pantheon-Assas University *Serge Gumienny (born 1972), Belgian former football referee *Serge Halimi (born 1955), French journalist with the ''Le Monde Diplomatic'' since 1992 *Serge Haroche (born 1944), French physicist *Serge Hélan (born 1964), French retired triple jumper, known for his bronze medal at the 1995 World Indoor Championships *Serge Honi (born 1973), Cameroonian retired footballer who played as a forward *Serge Houde (born 1953), Canadian film and television character actor *Serge Hovey (1920–1989), American composer and ethnomusicologist *Serge Huo-Chao-Si (born 1968), French contemporary artist and comic book creator *Serge Hutin (1927–1997), French author on books on esoterica and the occult *Serge Ibaka (born 1989), Spanish professional basketball player of Congolese origins *Serge Osmena, III (born 1943), Filipino politician and legislator who served as a Senator of the Philippines *Serge Ivanoff (1893–1983), Russian painter *Serge Janquin (born 1943), member of the National Assembly of France *Serge Jaroff (1896–1985), Russian-American founder, conductor, and composer of the Don Cossack Choir Serge Jaroff *Serge Joyal, PC-OC OQ (born 1945), Canadian senator *Serge July (born 1942), French journalist, founder of the daily ''Libération'', and a prominent figure in French politics *Serge Kampf (born 1934), French businessman who founded the computer services company Capgemini in 1967 *Serge Karlow (c. 1921–2005), American CIA Technical Officer falsely accused of treason and forced to resign *Serge Klarsfeld (born 1935), Romanian-born French activist and Nazi hunter known for documenting the Holocaust in order to establish the record and to enable the prosecution of war criminals *Serge-Christophe Kolm (born 1932), French public economist, econometrician, and political philosopher *Serge (Konovaloff) (1941–2003), archbishop of Western Europe of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Eastern Orthodox church from 1993–2003 *Serge Korber (born 1936), French film director and screenwriter *Konan Serge Kouadio (born 1988), Ivorian footballer *Serge Koussevitzky (1874–1951), Russian-born Jewish conductor, composer, double bassist, music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra 1924 to 1949 *Serge Kwetche (born 1976), Cameroonian footballer in midfielder role *Serge Lagauche (born 1940), former member of the Senate of France, representing the Val-de-Marne department *Serge Lairle (born 1956), French rugby union former footballer and a current coach *Serge Lajeunesse (born 1950), Canadian retired professional ice hockey defenceman *Serge Lama (born 1943), French singer and songwriter *Serge Lamothe (born 1963), French-Canadian writer *Serge Lancel (1928–2005), French archaeologist and philologist *Serge Lang (1927–2005), French-born American mathematician *Serge Lang (skiing) (1920–1999), French journalist, alpine skier, and the founder of the alpine skiing World Cup *Serge Larcher (born 1945), member of the Senate of France, representing the island of Martinique *Serge Latouche (born 1940, Vannes), French emeritus professor in economy at the University of Paris-Sud *Serge Lazareff (born 1944), Australian actor and scriptwriter *Serge Lebovici (1915–2000), French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst *Serge Leclaire (1924–1994), French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst *Serge LeClerc (1950–2011), pardoned Canadian ex-criminal, former politician and co-author of the autobiography ''Untwisted'' *Serge Legat or Sergei Legat (1875–1905), Russian ballet dancer *Serge Legendre, French research scientist in the field of paleobiology with the Institute of Paleoenvironment & Paleobiosphere, University of Lyon *Serge Lehman (born 1964), the main pseudonym of the French science fiction writer Pascal Fréjean *Serge Lemoyne (1941–1998), Canadian artist from Quebec *Serge Lenoir (born 1947), retired French football player who played for Rennes, SC Bastia and Stade Brestois *Serge Lepeltier (born 1953), French politician *Serge Letchimy (born 1953), member of the National Assembly of France *Serge Leveur (born 1957), retired French pole vaulter *François-Serge Lhabitant, the chief investment officer of Kedge Capital Fund Management Ltd, professor of finance at the Edhec Business School *Serge Lifar (1905–1986), French ballet dancer and choreographer of Ukrainian origin *Serge Lilo (born 1985), rugby union player who represents the Wellington Lions in the Air New Zealand Cup and the Hurricanes in Super Rugby *Serge Alain Liri (born 1979), Côte d'Ivoire footballer *Serge-Paul Loga or Paul Loga (born 1969), retired Cameroonian football *Serge Losique (born 1931), the founder & president of the Montreal World Film Festival since its opening *Serge Lutens (born 1942), French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art director and fashion designer *Serge Maguy (born 1970), retired Ivorian football player *Serge Makofo (born 1986), Congolese professional footballer *Serge Malé, French senior UN official working for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees *Serge Marcil PC (1944–2010), educator, administrator and politician in Quebec, Canada *Christian Serge Maronga (1959–2008), Gabonese politician and president of the Rally of Democrats (RDD) party *Serge Marquand (1930–2004), French actor and film producer *Serge Masnaghetti (born 1934), French former professional football (soccer) player *Serge Maury (born 1946), French sailor and Olympic champion *Serge Mayifuila, Congolese-born business owner, philanthropist *Serge Ménard (born 1941), Quebec politician from Canada *Serge Merlin (1932–2019), French actor *Serge Mesonès (1948–2001), French footballer *Serge Mimpo (born 1974), Cameroonian professional football player *Joseph Serge Miot (1946–2010), Haitian archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church *Serge Moati (born 1946), French artist, journalist, film director and writer *Serge Mombouli, the Republic of the Congo's ambassador to the United States since 2001 *Serge Monast (1945–1996), Québécois investigative journalist, poet, essayist and conspiracy theorist *Serge Moscovici (born 1925), Romanian-born French social psychologist, director of the Laboratoire Européen de Psychologie Sociale *Serge Mouille (1922–1988), French industrial designer and goldsmith *Serge Mputu Mbungu (born 1980), Congolese footballer *Serge Muhmenthaler (born 1953), retired Swiss football player and referee *Serge Netchaiev or Sergey Nechayev (1847–1882), Russian revolutionary associated with the Nihilist movement *Serge N'Gal (born 1986), Cameroonian footballer *Serge Emaleu Ngomgoue (born 1985), Cameroonian footballer *Serge-Junior Martinsson Ngouali (born 1992), Swedish footballer of Caribbean and Central African Republic descent *Serge Nigg (1924–2008), French composer *Serge Nilus or Sergei Nilus (1862–1929), Russian religious writer and self-described mystic *Serge Noskov (born 1956), composer *Serge Nubret (1938–2011), French professional bodybuilder, bodybuilding federation leader, movie actor and author *Serge Blanchard Oba, Congolese politician *Serge Obolensky (1890–1978), Russian prince and vice chairman of the board of Hilton Hotels Corporation *Serge Michel Odzoki (born 1948), Congolese politician *Serge Oldenburg (1863–1934), Russian orientalist who specialized in Buddhist studies *Serge Ornem, Paralympian athlete from France competing mainly in category T46 sprint events *Serge Panizza (born 1942), French fencer *Serge Pankejeff (1886–1979), Russian aristocrat from Odessa known for being a patient of Sigmund Freud, who gave him the pseudonym ''Wolf Man'' *Serge Parsani (born 1952), Italian professional road bicycle racer, who won one stage in the 1979 Tour de France *Serge Pauwels (born 1983), Belgian professional road bicycle racer for UCI ProTour Omega Pharma-Quick Step *Serge Payer (born 1979), Canadian professional ice hockey player *Serge Pizzorno (born 1980), British guitarist and songwriter, worked with the indie rock band ''Kasabian'' *Serge Poignant (born 1947), member of the National Assembly of France *Serge Poliakoff (1906–1969), Russian-born French modernist painter belonging to the 'New' Ecole de Paris (Tachisme) *Serge de Poligny (1903–1983), French screenwriter and film director *Serge Poltoratzky (1803–1884), Russian literary scholar, bibliophile and humanitarian *Serge Postigo (born 1968), Quebec actor originally from France *Serge Prokofiev (1891–1953), Russian composer, pianist and conductor *Serge Quisquater, Belgian musician born in Leuven in 1965 *Serge Rachmaninoff (1873–1943), Russian composer, pianist, and conductor *Serge Racine (born 1951), Haitian football defender *Serge of Radonezh (c. 1314–1392), spiritual leader and monastic reformer of medieval Russia *Serge Reding (1941–1975), Belgian weightlifter *Serge Reggiani (1922–2004), Italian-born French singer and actor *Serge Reid (born 1963), Canadian curler from Jonquière, Quebec *Serge Ricard, professor of American Civilization at the University of Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle *Serge Roberge (born 1965), professional ice hockey player *Serge Robert (born 1970), Quebec musician who sings in French *Serge Robichaud, Canadian politician, elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in the 2010 provincial election *Serge Romano (born 1964), French retired professional football defender *Serge Roques (born 1947), French politician and Mayor of Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Aveyron) *Serge Roullet (born 1926), French film director and screenwriter *Serge Rousseau (1930–2007), French film and television actor and agent *Éric Serge Roy (born 1967), French retired footballer and former manager of OGC Nice *Serge Rubanraut (1948–2008), Australian chess master *Serge Rudaz (born 1954), Canadian theoretical physicist and professor of physics at the University of Minnesota *Serge Saltykov (1726–1765), Russian officer (chamberlain) who became the first lover of Empress Catherine the Great after her arrival to Russia *Serge Sargsian (born 1954), the third and current president of Armenia *Serge Sauneron (1927–1976), French Egyptologist *Serge Sauvion (1929–2010), French actor *Serge Savard, OC, CQ (born 1946), Canadian retired professional ice hockey defenceman *Serge Schmemann (born 1945), American writer and editorial page editor of the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times *Serge Semenenko (1903–1980), Ukrainian-born Hollywood banker in the 1950s and 1960s, representing the First National Bank of Boston *Victor Serge (1890–1947), Russian revolutionary and writer *Serge Silberman (1917–2003), French film producer *Serge Simard (born 1950), Canadian politician in the province of Quebec *Serge Sorokko (born 1954), American art dealer, publisher and owner of the Serge Sorokko Gallery in San Francisco *Serge Souchon-Koguia (born 1987), Central African Republican footballer *Serge Soudoplatoff, French technologist, commentator, and author *Serge Spitzer, Romanian-born American artist *Serge Alexandre Stavisky (1886–1934), French financier and embezzler *Serge Sudeikin (1882–1946), Russian artist and set-designer associated with the Ballets Russes and the Metropolitan Opera *Serge Tatiefang (born 1987), Cameroonian defensive midfielder *Serge Tcherepnin (born 1941), American composer and electronic instrument builder of Russian-Chinese origin *Serge Tchuruk (born 1937), French businessman of Armenian descent *Serge Testa, Australian yachtsman who holds the world record for the circumnavigation in the smallest boat, completing the voyage in 1987 *Serge Teyssot-Gay (born 1963), French former guitarist of rock group ''Noir Désir'' *Serge Thériault (born 1948), Quebec comedian and actor *Serge Thion (born 1942), French sociologist *Serge Timashev (born 1937), Russian scientist performing research for USPolyResearch *Serge Torsarkissian, Lebanese member of parliament representing the Armenian Catholic seat in Beirut *Serge Toussaint, Haitian-American artist and muralist *Serge Trifkovic (born 1954), Serbian-American writer on international affairs, foreign affairs editor for the paleoconservative magazine ''Chronicles'' *Serge Tsmikeboki (born 1967), former professional footballer who played as a striker *Serge Turgeon, CM, CQ (1946–2004), Quebec actor and union leader *Serge Vandercam (1924–2005), Belgian painter, photographer, sculptor, and ceramist associated with the CoBrA group *Serge Vaudenay (born 1968), French cryptographer *Serge Venturini (born 1955), French poet *Serge Vinçon (1949–2007), French politician of the UMP party *Serge Vohor (born 1955), Vanuatuan politician *Serge Voronoff (1866–1951), French surgeon of Russian extraction, grafted monkey testicle tissue onto the testicles of men *Serge Wawa (born 1986), Ivorian football defender *Serge Weinberg (born 1951), French founder and chairman of the investment firm Weinberg Capital Partners *Serge Julievich, Count Witte (1849–1915), Russian policy-maker who presided over extensive industrialization within the Russian Empire *Serge Wolkonsky (1860–1937), Russian theatrical worker, one of the first Russian proponents of eurhythmics *Serge Yoffou (born 1971), Ivorian former international footballer, who played in his career as a forward *Serge Zwikker (born 1973), Dutch-American former basketball player

List of people with given name Sergei or Sergey

*Sascha Schapiro, anarchist revolutionary who used the ''nom de guerre'' Sergei *Sergei Agababov, Russian composer *Sergei Andrejev, Estonian Communist politician *Sergei Bobrovsky, Russian NHL ice hockey player *Sergei Bodrov, Russian film director, screenwriter, and producer *Sergei Bodrov Jr, Russian actor, and film director *Sergei Bondarchuk, Soviet film director *Sergey Brin, American entrepreneur and co-founder of Google *Sergei Brushko, Belarusian photographer *Sergey Bubka, Ukrainian pole vaulter *Sergei Diaghilev, founder of Ballets Russes *Sergei Dovlatov, Russian writer and dissident *Sergei Eisenstein, Soviet film director *Sergei Fedorov, Russian NHL ice hockey player *Sergei Gonchar, Russian NHL ice hockey player *Sergei Grinkov, Russian ice skating champion *Sergey Grishin (businessman), Russian entrepreneur *Sergei Issakov, Estonian literary scholar and politician *Sergei Kharitonov, Russian Mixed Martial Arts fighter *Sergey Karjakin, Russian (formerly Ukrainian) chess grandmaster *Sergey Kirov, Soviet revolutionary leader *Sergey Kiselnikov (1958–2020), Soviet footballer *Sergey Korolyov, Soviet rocket engineer *Sergei Kourdakov, former KGB agent who defected to Canada *Sergey Lazarev (born 1983), Russian pop singer/opera actor *Sergey Lavrov, Russian foreign minister *Sergey Lebedev (footballer), Uzbekistani football midfielder *Sergey Lyakhov, Russian discus thrower and shot putter *Sergey Lukyanenko, Russian science fiction and fantasy writer *Sergei Makarov (ice hockey), NHL and Soviet National ice-hockey player *Sergei Nakariakov, Russian trumpeter *Sergei Novikov (mathematician), Soviet and Russian mathematician *Sergei Polunin, Principal dancer of The Royal Ballet *Sergei Prokofiev, Russian composer *Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian musician and composer *Sergii Radonezhsky, spiritual leader of medieval Russia *Sergey Rikhter (born 1989), Israeli Olympic sport shooter *Sergey Rusin, Soviet freestyle swimmer *Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation. *Sergey Ryabtsev, Russian violin player with Gogol Bordello *Sergei Sakhnovsky, Israeli ice dancer *Sergei Samsonov, Russian ice hockey player *Sergei Savin (singer), Russian singer, first winner of Faktor A *Sergey Sharikov, Russian 2x Olympic champion saber fencer *Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation *Sergei Shtsherbakov (1871–1937), Estonian farmer and politician *Sergey Sobyanin (born 1958), Russiann politician and current mayor of the city of Moscow *Sergei Stanishev, former Bulgarian prime minister *Sergey Stepanov (musician), Moldovan saxophonist *Sergei Tabachnikov, Russian mathematician *Serguei Tetioukine, Russian volleyball player *Sergei Tretyakov (intelligence officer), Russian SVR defector *Sergey Usenya, Belarusian footballer *Sergei Yesenin, Russian poet *Sergey Zagraevsky (1964–2020), Russian painter *Sergei Zelenov (born 1980), Russian footballer *Sergey Zimov (born 1955), Russian geophysicist and creator of Pleistocene Park *Sergei Zjukin (born 1972), Estonian chess player

List of people with given name Sergi

* Sergi Agustí, Spanish film director * Sergi Barjuán, footballer * Sergi Belbel, Spanish Catalan playwright * Sergi Bruguera, Spanish tennis player * Sergio Dalma, a Spanish singer whose real name is Josep Sergi Capdevila * Sergi Durán, tennis player * Sergi Enrich Spanish footballer * Sergi Escobar, Spanish world champion track cyclist * Sergi Gómez, Spanish footballer * Sergi Gvarjaladze, Georgian TV and radio presenter, film director, producer and musician * Sergi Jordà, Spanish Catalan innovator, installation artist, digital musician * Sergi López Segú, footballer * Sergi López i Ayats, actor * Sergi Pàmies, Spanish Catalan writer, translator, journalist and television and radio presenter * Sergi Pedrerol, Spanish water polo player * Sergi Roberto, Spanish footballer * Sergi Vidal, Spanish basketball player

List of people with given name Sergio or Sérgio

*Sérgio Abreu (actor) (born 1975), Brazilian actor *Sergio Acevedo (born 1956), Argentine politician *Sergio Aguayo (born 1947), Mexican academic and activist *Sergio Agüero, Argentine footballer *Sergio Ahumada (born 1948), Chilean footballer *Sergio Albert (born 1951), American football player *Sergio Albeverio (born 1939), Swiss mathematician *Sergio Alfafara (born 1920), Cebuano Visayan writer *Sergio Allievi (born 1964), German footballer *Sergio Aragonés (born 1937), cartoonist and writer *Sergio Barbarossa, Italian engineer *Sergio Almaguer (born 1969), Mexican coach and footballer *Sergio Bailey (born 1994), American football player *Sergio Bernardo Almirón (born 1980), Argentine footballer *Sergio Omar Almirón (born 1958), Argentine footballer *Sergio Oscar Almirón (born 1985), Argentine footballer *Sergio Fernández Álvarez (born 1975), Spanish footballer *Sérgio Estanislau do Amaral (1925–1996), Brazilian geologist *Sergio Amidei, Italian screenwriter *Sergio Zarzar Andonie (born 1952), Chilean entrepreneur and politician *Sérgio da Silva Andrade (born 1982), Portuguese footballer *Sergio Andreoli (born 1922), Italian footballer *Sergio Salvador Aguirre Anguiano (born 1943), Mexican jurist *Sergio Apostol (born 1935), Filipino lawyer and politician *Sergio Aquino (born 1979), Argentine–Paraguayan footballer *Sergio Aragonés, cartoonist *Sergio Aragoneses (born 1977), Spanish footballer *Sergio Araujo (born 1992), Argentine footballer *Sérgio Araújo, Brazilian footballer *Sérgio Luís de Araújo (born 1970), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Méndez Arceo (1907–1992), Mexican bishop and activist *Sergio Arias (born 1988), Mexican footballer *Sergio Arredondo, Mexican bullfighter *Sergio Arruda, Brazilian diplomat *Sergio Asenjo, Spanish footballer *Sergio Assad, Brazilian guitarist and composer *Sergio Atzeni (1952–1995), Italian writer *Sergio Ávila, Mexican footballer *Sérgio Azevedo (born 1968), Portuguese composer *Sergio Babb (born 1982), Dutch footballer *Sergio Bagú (1911–2002), Argentinian Marxist historian, sociologist and political philosopher *Sergio Balanzino (born 1934), Italian diplomat *Sergio Ballesteros (born 1975), Spanish footballer *Sergio Hugo Sánchez Ballivián, Bolivian diplomat *Silvio Sergio Bonaccorsi Barbato (1959–2009), Italian-Brazilian conductor and composer *Sergio Barbero (born 1969), Italian racing cyclist *Sergio Paulo Barbosa (born 1980), aka Duda, Portuguese footballer *Sérgio Baresi (born 1973), Brazilian footballer *Sérgio Filipe da Silva Barge (born 1984), Portuguese footballer *Sergio Barila (born 1973), Spanish–Equatoguinean footballer *Sergio Villarreal Barragán (born 1969), Mexican federal police officer *Sergio Barreda (1951–2002), Peruvian surfer and surfboard shaper *Sergio Basañez (born 1970), telenovela actor *Sergio Bastida (born 1979), Argentine footballer *Sergio Batista (born 1962), Argentine footballer *Sergio Battistini (born 1963), Italian footballer *Sergio Bello (Intra, 6 May 1942), Italian sprinter *Sergio Benedetti (born 1942), Italian art historian *Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez (born 1945), Mexican priest and wrestler *Sergio Bergamelli (born 1970), Italian alpine skier *Sergio Berlato (born 1959), Italian politician *Sergio Berlinguer (born 1934), Italian diplomat *Sergio Berlioz (born 1963), composer and musicologist *Sergio Bernal (born 1970), Mexican footballer *Sergio Henrique Savoia Bernardes (born 1973), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Bernardino (born 1953), footballer *Júlio Sérgio Bertagnoli (born 1978), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Berti (nicknamed La Bruja; born 1969), Argentine footballer *Sergio Bertoni (1915–1995), Italian footballer *Paulo Sérgio Betanin (born 1986), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Bianchetto (born 1939), Italian Olympic racing cyclist *Sergio Bizzio, Argentine writer and director *Sergio Blanco (born 1981), Uruguayan footballer *Sergio Bonelli (1932–2011), Italian comic-book author and publisher *Sergio Boris, Argentine film actor *Sergio Álvarez Boulet (born 1979), Cuban weightlifter *Sergio Braga (born 1984), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Moraes Castanheira Brandao, Brazilian TV journalist and science communicator *Sergio Bravo (born 1927), Mexican footballer *Sergio Brighenti (born 1932), Italian footballer and coach *Sergio Brio (born 1956), Italian footballer *Paulo Sérgio Bento Brito (born 1968), Portuguese footballer and coach *Sérgio Britto (born 1959), Brazilian keyboardist and singer *Sergio Brown (born 1988), American football player *Sergio Bruni (1921–2003), Italian singer, guitarist and songwriter *Sergio Bueno (born 1962), Mexican football manager *Sergio Bufarini (born 1963), Argentine footballer *Sérgio Burgani, Brazilian clarinetist *Sergio Buso (1950–2011), Italian footballer and coach *Sergio Busquets (born 1988), Spanish footballer *Sergio Bustamante (artist), Mexican sculptor *Sergio Bustamante (1934–2014), Mexican actor *Sergio Bustos (born 1972), Argentine footballer *Sergio Cabrera (disambiguation), several people *Sergio Calderon (born 2000), American singer in the band In Real Life *Sergio Calligaris (born 1941), Argentine pianist and composer *Sergio de Camargo (1930–1990), Brazilian *Sergio Cammariere (born 1960), Italian jazz singer and songwriter *Sergio Campana (footballer) (born 1934), Italian lawyer and footballer *Sergio Campana (racing driver) (born 1986), Italian racing driver *Sergio Campbell (born 1992), Jamaican footballer *Sergio Canales (born 1991), Spanish footballer *Sergio Canamasas (born 1988), Spanish racing driver *Sergio Alejandro Ortega Cantero (born 1988), Paraguayan footballer *Sergio Caprari (born 1932), Italian Olympic boxer *Sergio Caputo (born 1954), Italian artist, composer and guitarist *Sergio Cariello (born 1964), Brazilian-American comic-book artist *Sergio Carlo (born 1977), Dominican actor *Sérgio Manuel Costa Carneiro (nicknamed Serginho; born 1991), Portuguese footballer *Sergio Carnesalini (born 1982), Italian footballer *Sergio Carpanesi (born 1936), Italian footballer and coach *Sergio Casal (born 1962), Spanish tennis player *Sergio Cassiano (born 1967), Brazilian composer, percussionist, writer, producer, and bandleader *Sergio Castelletti (1937–2004), Italian footballer and manager *Sergio Castellitto (born 1953), Italian actor and director *Sergio Díaz Castilla (born 1991), Spanish footballer *Sergio Badilla Castillo (born 1947), Chilean poet *Sergio Rogelio Castillo (born 1970), Argentine–Bolivian footballer *Sergio de Castro (disambiguation), several people *Matteo Sergio Cavagna (born 1985), Italian footballer *Sergio Cervato (1929–2005), Italian footballer *Sergio Chejfec, Argentine Jewish writer *Sergio Chiamparino (born 1948), Italian politician *Sergio Ciattaglia, Argentine footballer *Sergio Citti (1933–2005), Italian film director and screenwriter *Sergio Clerici (born 1941), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Peña Clos (born 1927), Puerto Rican politician *Sergio Codognato (born 1944), Italian footballer and coach *Sergio Cofferati (born 1948), Italian politician and union leader *Sergio Coggiola, Italian automobile designer *Sérgio Mendes Coimbra (born 1988), Brazilian footballer *Sérgio Comba (born 1979), Argentine footballer *Sérgio Conceição (born 1974), Portuguese footballer *Sergio Álvarez Conde (born 1986), Spanish footballer *Sergio Contreras (born 1980), Mexican baseball player *Sergio Corbucci (1927–1990), Italian film director *Sergio Corino (born 1974), Spanish footballer *Sergio Coronado (born 1970), member of the National Assembly of France *Sergio Corrieri (1938–2008), Cuban actor *Sergio Cortes (born 1968), Chilean tennis player *Mário Sérgio Santos Costa (born 1990), Brazilian footballer *Paulo Sergio da Costa (footballer) (born 1979), Portuguese footballer *Sergio Rafael da Costa (born 1985), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Coterón (born 1961), basketball player *Sérgio Pereira Couto (born 1967), Portuguese-Brazilian writer *Sergio Cragnotti (born 1940), Italian entrepreneur and author *Sergio Cravero, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Italian car maker Alfa Romeo until spring 2010 *Sergio Cresto (USA) (1956–1986), co-driver of Henri Toivonen for the 1986 World Rally Championship season *Sérgio Eduardo Ferreira da Cunha (born 1972), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Dalma, Spanish pop singer *Sergio D'Asnasch (born 1934), Italian sprinter *Sergio DellaPergola (born 1942), Italian-born Israeli professor and demographic expert *Sergio Denis (born 1949), Argentine singer-songwriter and actor *Sérgio Dias (born 1951), Brazilian rock musician, composer and guitarist *Sérgio Rodrigo Penteado Dias (born 1980), Brazilian footballer *Sergio Álvarez Díaz (born 1992), Spanish footballer *Sergio Díaz (footballer, born 1985) (born 1985), Spanish footballer *Sergio Diduch, Argentine footballer *Sergio van Dijk (born 1982), Dutch footballer *Sergio Doménech (born 1976), Spanish judoka *Sergio Domini (born 1961), Italian football player *Sergio Donati (born 1933), Italian screenwriter *Sérgio Luís Donizetti (born 1964), footballer *Sergio Dorantes (born 1946), Mexican photojournalist jailed for the murder of his wife *Sergio de Queiroz Duarte (born 1934), Brazilian diplomat *Sergio Echigo (born 1945), Nisei Japanese Brazilian footballer *Sergio Endrigo (1933–2005), Italian singer-songwriter *Sergio Ermotti, Swiss banker *Sergio Escalante (born 1986), Argentine footballer *Sergio Escalona, American baseball player *Sergio Escobar (born 1974), Spanish track cyclist *Sergio Escobedo (1931–2009), Mexican modern pentathlete and fencer *Sergio Escudero (footballer born 1983), Argentine footballer *Sergio Escudero (footballer born 1964), Argentine-Japanese footballer *Sergio Escudero (footballer born 1988), naturalized Japanese footballer *Sergio Escudero Palomo (born 1989), Spanish footballer *Sergio Esquenazi (born 1974), Argentine filmmaker *Sergio y Estíbaliz (born 1948), Spanish singer *Sergio Fachelli, Uruguayan singer and songwriter *Sergio Fajardo, Colombian mathematician and politician *Sergio Fantoni, (born 1930), Italian actor *Sérgio Farias (born 1967), Brazilian football manager *Sergio Fedee (born 1983), West Indian cricketer *Sergio Marqués Fernández (1946–2012), Spanish politician and lawyer *Sergio Ferrara (born 1945), Italian physicist *Sergio Ferrari (born 1943), Italian footballer *Sérgio Henrique Ferreira (born 1934), Brazilian physician and pharmacologist *Sergio Ferrer (born 1951), American baseball player *Sérgio Ferro (born 1938), Brazilian painter, architect, and professor *Sergio Gutiérrez Ferrol (born 1989), Spanish tennis player *Sérgio Cabral Filho (born 1963), Brazilian politician and journalist *Sérgio Paulo Nascimento Filho (born 1988), footballer *Sergio Fiorentino (1927–1998), Italian pianist *Sergio Flamigni (born 1925), Italian politician and writer *Sérgio Paranhos Fleury (1933–1979), Brazilian police deputy *Sergio Floccari (born 1981), Italian footballer *Sergio Flores (born 1985), Bolivian–American footballer *Sergio Focardi, Italian physicist and professor *Sergio Franchi (1926–1990), Italian tenor and actor *Sergio Francisco (born 1979), Spanish footballer *Sergio Frascoli (born 1936), Italian footballer *Sergio Frusoni (1901–1975), Cape Verdean Creole-language poet *Sergio Fubini (1928–2005), Italian theoretical physicist *Sergio García de la Fuente (born 1983), Spanish footballer *Sergio Furlan (born 1940), Italian Olympic sailor *Sergio García, Spanish golfer *Sergio González Soriano, Spanish footballer *Sergio Goyri (born 1958), Mexican actor *Sergio Hellings, Dutch footballer *Sergio Hernández (racing driver) (born 1983), Spanish racing driver *Sergio Hernández (basketball) (born 1963), Argentine basketball coach *Sergio Hernández (actor) (born 1945), Chilean actor *Sergio Hernández Cuenca, Spanish physicist *Sergio Jarlaz, Chilean singer *Sergio Kindle, American football player *Sergio Leone, Italian film director *Sérgio Manoel, Brazilian footballer *Sergio Marchionne, Italian businessman *Sergio Mariotti, Italian chess player *Sergio Markarian, Uruguayan football manager *Sergio Martínez (boxer), Argentine boxer *Sergio Martino, Italian film director *Sérgio Mendes, Brazilian musician *Sergio Momesso, Canadian ice hockey player *Sergio Moraes (born 1982), Brazilian mixed martial artist and Jiu-Jitsu fighter *Sergio Moreno (footballer, born 1992), Panamanian footballer *Sergio Oliva, American bodybuilder *Sergio Ortega, Chilean composer and pianist *Sergio Osmeña, president of the Philippines 1944–1946 *Sergio Pellissier, Italian footballer *Sergio Pérez (born 1990), Mexican racing driver *Sergio Pininfarina, Italian automobile designer *Sergio Pizzorno, Guitarist and songwriter *Sergio Ramos, Spanish footballer *Sergio Renán, Argentine actor, director and screenwriter *Sergio Rey, Spanish boxer *Sergio Rodriguez, Spanish basketball player *Sergio Roitman (born 1979), Argentine tennis player *Sergio Romo, American baseball player *Sergio Rosales, Venezuelan conductor *Sergio Rossi (1935–2020), Italian fashion designer *Sergio Rubini, Italian actor and film director *Sergio Santos (baseball), American baseball player *Sergio Savarese, Italian furniture designer *Sergio Scariolo, Italian basketball coach *Sergio Sollima, Italian film director *Sergio Tacchini, Italian fashion designer *Sergio Tofano, Italian actor *Sergio Torres (footballer, born 1981), Argentine footballer *Sergio Troncoso (born 1961), American author of ''A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son'' and ''The Last Tortilla and Other Stories'' *Sergio Valenti, Argentine footballer *Sérgio Vieira de Mello, Brazilian diplomat *Sergio Villalobos, Chilean historian

List of people with given name Sergiu

*Sergiu Băhăian, Romanian businessman, convicted fraudster, alleged leader of a criminal organization *Sergiu Balan (born 1987), Moldovan cross-country skier who has competed since 2006 *Sergiu Bar (born 1980), Romanian footballer *Sergiu Brujan (born 1976), Romanian football player *Sergiu Burcă (born 1961), journalist and politician from Moldova *Sergiu Buș (born 1992), Romanian footballer *Sergiu Celac (born 1939), the first post-communist Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania *Sergiu Celibidache (1912–1996), Romanian conductor, composer, and teacher *Sergiu Chircă, Moldovan politician *Sergiu Comissiona (1928–2005), Romanian conductor and violinist *Sergiu Costea (born 1983), Romanian football player *Sergiu Costin (born 1978), Romanian football player *Sergiu Cunescu (1923–2005), Romanian social democratic politician, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Romania 1990 to 2001 *Sergiu Dan (1903–1976), Romanian novelist, journalist, Holocaust survivor and political prisoner of the communist regime *Sergiu Gavriliţă, husband of Rodica Ciorănică (born 1976), who is a journalist and editor from Moldova *Sergiu Grossu (1920–2009), writer and theologian from Romania *Sergiu Hart (born 1949), Israeli mathematician and economist and the past president of the Game Theory Society (2008–2010) *Sergiu Homei (born 1987), Romanian football player *Sergiu Klainerman (born 1950), mathematician known for his contributions to the study of hyperbolic differential equations and general relativity *Sergiu Luca (1943–2010), Romanian-born American violinist *Sergiu Mândrean (born 1978), Romanian professional football player *Sergiu Mocanu (June 6, 1961, Ciobalaccia) is a Moldovan politician *Sergiu Ionuț Moga (born 1992), Romanian footballer defender *Sergiu Musteaţă (born 1972), historian from the Republic of Moldova, president of the Association of Historians of Moldova *Sergiu Muth (born 1990), Romanian footballer *Sergiu Natra (born 1924), Israeli composer of Romanian birth *Sergiu Negruț (born 1993), Romanian professional football player *Sergiu Nicolaescu (born 1930), Romanian film director, actor and politician *Sergiu Niţă (1883–1940), politician and lawyer from Romania *Sergiu Rădăuţan (1926–1998), Moldovan physicist *Sergiu Radu (born 1977), Romanian professional footballer *Sergiu Samarian (1923–1991), Romanian–German chess master and coach *Sergiu Suciu (born 1990), Romanian professional footballer *Sergiu Toma (born 1987), Moldovan judoka *Sergiu Ursu (born 1980), Romanian discus thrower

List of people with given name Serj

*Serj Sargsyan or Serzh Sargsyan (born 1954), third president of Armenia *Serj Tankian, Armenian-American musician/political activist

Fictional characters

*Serge, the silent protagonist of the role-playing video game ''Chrono Cross'' *Serge Battour, one of the main characters of the manga series ''Kaze to Ki no Uta'' *Serge A. Storms, the main character of a series of novels by Tim Dorsey *Sergei Varishkov, alias Blanca, a Kazakh assassin in the manga and anime series ''Banana Fish'' *Sergey, a character in the fantasy novel ''Spinning Silver'' by Naomi Novik *Sergey Roskov, a character in the anime series ''Stellvia'' *Sergio, a parrot on the animated television series ''The Casagrandes''

See also

*Sargis *Sarkis (disambiguation) *Serginho *Sergius (disambiguation) *Sergejs, masculine Latvian given name *Sergiy, masculine Ukrainian given name *Sergei, the Finnish military nickname for the ZU-23-2 air defense cannon


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