Sandia Resort & Casino is a
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Sandia Pueblo Sandia Pueblo (; TiwaTiwa and Tigua may refer to: * Tiwa Puebloans, an ethnic group of New Mexico, US * Tiwa (Lalung), an ethnic group of north-eastern India * Tiwa language (India), a Sino-Tibetan language of India * Tiwa languages, a group of T ...
New Mexico ) , population_demonym = New Mexican ( es, Neomexicano, Neomejicano, Nuevo Mexicano) , seat = Santa Fe , LargestCity = Albuquerque , LargestMetro = Greater Albuquerque , OfficialLang = None , Languages = English English usually refer ...

New Mexico
. It includes of gaming space, an outdoor amphitheater, and a convention center. The casino has more than 1,750
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slot machine


The casino opened in 2001. In 2005, a 7-story hotel was added, also an 18-hole golf course and a spa.

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