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river A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. In some cases, a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of wate ...

s of Australia. Rivers are ordered alphabetically, by state. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers cross state borders

Longest rivers nationally

Longest river by state or territory

Although the Murray River forms much of the border separating New South Wales and Victoria, it is not Victoria's longest river because the New South Wales border is delineated by the river's southern bank rather than by the middle of the river. The only section of the river formally within Victoria is a stretch of approximately where it separates Victoria and South Australia. At this point, the middle of the river forms the border.

Rivers by state or territory

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river A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. In some cases, a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of wate ...

s located within
Australian states and territories The states and territories are federated administrative division Administrative division, administrative unitArticle 3(1). , country subdivision, administrative region, subnational entity, first-level subdivision, as well as many simila ...
. Where a river crosses a state or territory boundary, it is listed in both states and territories. Where a river has a name that includes the word
creek A creek is a stream that is usually smaller than a river Creek may refer to: People * Muscogee, also known as Creek, Native Americans * Murder of Amber Creek, Amber Creek (1982–1997), American murder victim * Mitch Creek (born 1992), Austral ...

, it has been officially designated as a river.

Australian Capital Territory

* Rivers of the Australian Capital Territory template * ''
Blue Gum Blue gum is a common name for subspecies In biological classification In biology Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organisms, including their anatomy, physical structure, Biochemistry, chemical process ...
'' *
* ''
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'' * ''
Ginninderra Ginninderra is the name of the former agricultural lands surrendered to urban development on the western and north-western fringes of Canberra, the capital city, capital of Australia. Ginninderra corresponds with the watershed of Ginninderra Cr ...
'' * Gudgenby * ''
Jerrabomberra Jerrabomberra is a suburb of Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Queanbeyan in south eastern New South Wales, Australia. Jerrabomberra consists of three sections, The Park, The Heights, and Lakeview. The Park and the Heights are divided by Edwin Land P ...
'' * Molonglo * Murrumbidgee *
Naas Naas ( ; ga, Nás na Ríogh or ) is the county town of County Kildare in Republic of Ireland, Ireland. In 2016, it had a population of 21,393, making it the second largest town in County Kildare after Newbridge, County Kildare, Newbridge. H ...
* Orroral * Paddys * '' Punchbowl'' *
Queanbeyan Queanbeyan is a city in the south-eastern region of New South Wales, Australia, located adjacent to the Australian Capital Territory in the Southern Tablelands region. Located on the Queanbeyan River, the city is the council seat of the Queanb ...
* '' Sullivans'' * ''
Tuggeranong The District of Tuggeranong () is one of the original eighteen districts of the Australian Capital Territory The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), known as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) until 1938, is a federal territory A feder ...

New South Wales

Geographical Names Board of New South Wales The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales, a statutory authority A statutory authority is a body set up by law Law is a system A system is a group of Interaction, interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a se ...
lists 439 rivers in the Geographical Names Register. In the following list, where there are duplicated names, the
source Source may refer to: Research * Historical document * Historical source * Source (intelligence) or subsource, typically a confidential provider of non open-source intelligence * Source (journalism), a person, publication, publishing institute or ...
local government area A local government area (LGA) is an administrative division Administrative division, administrative unitArticle 3(1). , country subdivision, administrative region, subnational entity, first-level subdivision, as well as many similar terms, ar ...
(LGA) is identified. In the event of there being two rivers of the same name within the same local government area, additional referencing is provided.
Rivers of New South Wales This page discusses the rivers and hydrography of the States and territories of Australia, state of New South Wales, Australia. The principal topographic feature of New South Wales is the series of low highlands and plateaus called the Great D ...
lists all rivers below, grouped according to whether the river flows towards the coast or flow inland, and grouped according to their respective catchment and sub-catchment. Where shown in ''italics'', the watercourse is a creek, rivulet, brook, or similar. * Rivers of New South Wales template * Waterways of Sydney template A * Abercrombie * Aberfoyle * '' Abington'' * ''
Adelong Adelong is a small town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia, situated on the banks of the Adelong Creek. Adelong sits on the Snowy Mountains Highway and is a part of the Snowy Valleys Council. At the , Adelong had an urban popul ...
'' * '' Adjungbilly'' *
Allyn Allyn is both a unisex given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include: ;Given name: * Leigh-Allyn Baker (born 1972), American actress, director and voice artist * Allyn L. Brown (1883–1973), American judge * Captain Allyn Capr ...
* Apsley River (New South Wales), Apsley * ''Araluen Creek, Araluen'' * Avon River (Wollongong), Avon (source in City of Wollongong, Wollongong LGA) * Avon River (Mid-Coast Council), Avon (source in Mid-Coast Council LGA) B * ''Back Creek (Richmond Valley, New South Wales), Back'' (source in Richmond Valley Council, Richmond Valley LGA) * Back River (Cooma-Monaro), Back (source in Cooma-Monaro Shire, Cooma-Monaro LGA) * Back River (Tamworth), Back (source in Tamworth Regional Council, Tamworth Regional LGA) * ''Baerami Creek, Baerami'' * ''Bakers Creek (New South Wales), Bakers'' * ''Balgalal Creek, Balgalal'' * Barcoongere River, Barcoongere * Bargo River, Bargo * ''Barigan Creek, Barigan'' * ''Barmedman Creek, Barmedman'' * Barnard River, Barnard * Barrington River (New South Wales), Barrington * Barwon River (New South Wales), Barwon * Beardy River, Beardy * Beardy Waters * ''Beaury Creek, Beaury'' * ''Bedford Creek, Bedford'' * Bega River (New South Wales), Bega * Bell River (New South Wales), Bell * Bellinger River, Bellinger * Belubula River, Belubula * Bemboka River, Bemboka * Bendoc River, Bendoc * Bermagui River, Bermagui * ''Berthong Creek, Berthong'' * ''Bettowynd Creek, Bettowynd'' * Bielsdown River, Bielsdown * Big Badja River, Big Badja * ''Billabong Creek, Billabong'' * Bimberamala River, Bimberamala * Birrie River, Birrie * ''Blackwater Creek (New South Wales), Blackwater'' * ''Blakney Creek, Blakney'' * ''Bland Creek, Bland'' * Blicks River, Blicks * ''Blue Mountain Creek, Blue Mountain'' * Bluff River (New South Wales), Bluff * ''Bobin Creek, Bobin'' * Bobo River, Bobo * Bogan River, Bogan * Bokhara River, Bokhara * Bolong River, Bolong * Bombala River, Bombala * Boomi River, Boomi * Boonoo Boonoo River, Boonoo Boonoo * Boorowa River, Boorowa * ''Boundary Creek (Glen Fernaigh River, Clarence Valley), Boundary'' (source in Clarence Valley Council, Clarence Valley LGA, a tributary of the Glen Fernaigh River) * ''Boundary Creek (Nymboida River, Clarence Valley), Boundary'' (source in Clarence Valley Council, Clarence Valley LGA, a tributary of the Nymboida River) * Bow River (New South Wales), Bow * Bowman River, Bowman * ''Bowning Creek, Bowning'' * Boyd River (New South Wales), Boyd * Bredbo River, Bredbo * Brogo River, Brogo * Brunswick River (New South Wales), Brunswick * Buckenbowra River, Buckenbowra * ''Bulla Creek, Bulla'' * ''Bundock Creek, Bundock'' * Bunnoo River, Bunnoo * Burke River (New South Wales), Burke * ''Burkes Creek, Burkes'' * ''Burns Creek, Burns'' * ''Burra Creek (Palerang), Burra'' (source in Palerang Council, Palerang LGA) * ''Burra Creek (Gundagai), Burra'' (source in Gundagai Shire Council, Gundagai LGA) * Burrungubugge River, Burrungubugge * Bylong River, Bylong C * ''Cadiangullong Creek, Cadiangullong'' * Camden Haven River, Camden Haven * Campbells River, Campbells * ''Caparra Creek, Caparra'' * Capertee River, Capertee * ''Carole Creek, Carole'' * Castlereagh River, Castlereagh * Cataract River (Tenterfield), Cataract (source in Tenterfield Shire Council, Tenterfield LGA) * Cataract River (Wollondilly), Cataract (source in Wollondilly Shire, Wollondilly LGA) * ''Cattle Creek (New South Wales), Cattle Creek'' * ''Cedar Creek (New South Wales), Cedar'' * ''Cedar Party Creek, Cedar Party'' * Cells River, Cells * Chandler River (New South Wales), Chandler * ''Chandlers Creek, Chandlers'' * ''Cheshire Creek, Cheshire'' * Chichester River, Chichester * ''Christmas Creek, Christmas'' * Clarence River (New South Wales), Clarence * ''Clouds Creek, Clouds'' * Clyde River (New South Wales), Clyde * Cobark River, Cobark * Cobrabald River, Cobrabald * Cockburn River, Cockburn * Coldstream River, Coldstream * Colo River, Colo * Commissioners Waters * ''Congewai Creek, Congewai'' * ''Connollys Creek, Connollys'' * ''Cooba Bulga Stream, Cooba Bulga'' * Cooks River, Cooks * ''Cooks Vale Creek, Cooks Vale'' * Coolaburragundy River, Coolaburragundy * ''Coolibah Watercourse, Coolibah'' * Coolongolook River, Coolongolook * Coolumbooka River, Coolumbooka * ''Cooma Back Creek, Cooma Back'' * ''Cooma Creek, Cooma'' * ''Coopers Creek (New South Wales), Coopers'' * Cooplacurripa River, Cooplacurripa * ''Coorongooba Creek, Coorongooba'' * Corang River, Corang * Cordeaux River, Cordeaux * Corindi River, Corindi * ''Cowriga Creek, Cowriga'' * Coxs River, Coxs * Crawford River (New South Wales), Crawford * Crookwell River, Crookwell * Crudine River, Crudine * Cudgegong River, Cudgegong * Culgoa River, Culgoa * ''Cullinga Creek, Cullinga'' * ''Cunningham Creek, Cunningham'' * Curricabark River, Curricabark D * Darling River, Darling ** Great Darling Anabranch * Dawson River (New South Wales), Dawson * Deepwater River, Deepwater * Delegate River, Delegate * ''Derringullen Creek, Derringullen'' * Deua River, Deua * Dilgry River, Dilgry * ''Dingo Creek, Dingo'' * ''Doubtful Creek, Doubtful'' * Doyles River (New South Wales), Doyles * Dry River (New South Wales), Dry * ''Du Faur Creek, Du Faur'' * Duckmaloi River, Duckmaloi * Dumaresq River, Dumaresq * ''Dungowan Creek, Dungowan'' * Dyke River, Dyke E * ''Eden Creek, Eden'' * Edward River, Edward * Ellenborough River, Ellenborough * ''Emu Swamp Creek, Emu Swamp'' * Endrick River, Endrick * ''Erskine Creek, Erskine'' * Esk River (New South Wales), Esk * Eucumbene River, Eucumbene * ''Evans Plains Creek, Evans Plains'' * Evans River (New South Wales), Evans * ''Ewenmar Creek, Ewenmar'' F * ''Felled Timber Creek, Felled Timber'' * Fish River (New South Wales), Fish * ''Flyers Creek, Flyers'' * Forbes River (New South Wales), Forbes * ''Frenchmans Creek (New South Wales), Frenchmans'' * ''Frazers Creek, Frazers'' G * Gara River (Australia), Gara * Geehi River, Geehi * Genoa River, Genoa * ''Georges Creek (New South Wales), Georges'' * Georges River, Georges * Glen Fernaigh River, Glen Fernaigh * Gloucester River, Gloucester * Goobarragandra River, Goobarragandra * Goodradigbee River, Goodradigbee * ''Goorudee Rivulet, Goorudee'' * Goulburn River (New South Wales), Goulburn * Grose River, Grose * Growee River, Growee * Gungarlin River, Gungarlin * ''Gunningbland Creek, Gunningbland'' * Guy Fawkes River, Guy Fawkes * Gwydir River, Gwydir H * Hacking River, Hacking * ''Halls Creek (New South Wales), Halls'' * ''Happy Jacks Creek, Happy Jacks'' * Hastings River, Hastings * Hawkesbury River, Hawkesbury * Henry River (New South Wales), Henry * Hollanders River, Hollanders * ''Horsearm Creek, Horsearm'' * Horton River (Australia), Horton * Hunter River (New South Wales), Hunter I * ''Imlay Creek, Imlay'' * Ingeegoodbee River, Ingeegoodbee * Isabella River (New South Wales), Isabella * Isis River (New South Wales), Isis J * Jacobs River (New South Wales), Jacobs * ''Jeir Creek, Jeir'' * Jenolan River, Jenolan * ''Jerra Jerra Creek, Jerra Jerra'' * ''Jerrabattgulla Creek, Jerrabattgulla'' * ''Jerrara Creek, Jerrara'' * ''Jerrawa Creek, Jerrawa'' * Jooriland River, Jooriland * ''Jugiong Creek, Jugiong'' K * Kalang River (New South Wales), Kalang * ''Kanangra Creek, Kanangra'' * Kangaroo River (Clarence Valley), Kangaroo (source in Clarence Valley Council, Clarence Valley LGA) * Kangaroo River (Shoalhaven), Kangaroo (source in City of Shoalhaven, Shoalhaven LGA) * Karuah River, Karuah * Kedumba River, Kedumba * Kerripit River, Kerripit * ''Kindra Creek, Kindra'' * Kowmung River, Kowmung * Krui River, Krui * ''Kunderang Brook, Kunderang'' * Kybeyan River, Kybeyan L * Lachlan River, Lachlan * Lane Cove River, Lane Cove * Lansdowne River, Lansdowne * ''Lee Creek (New South Wales), Lee'' * ''Leycester Creek, Leycester'' * Little Murray River (New South Wales), Little Murray * Little Nymboida River, Little Nymboida * Little Plains River, Little Plains * Little River (Wollondilly), Little (source in Wollondilly Shire, Wollondilly LGA) * Little River (Dubbo), Little (source in City of Dubbo, Dubbo LGA) * Little River (Oberon), Little (source in Oberon Council, Oberon LGA) * Little River (Wingecarribee), Little (source in Wingecarribee Shire, Wingecarribee LGA) * ''Little Run Creek, Little Run'' * Little Weir River, Little Weir M * Macdonald River (Bendemeer), Macdonald (source in Tamworth Regional Council, Tamworth LGA) * Macdonald River (St Albans), Macdonald (source in Singleton Council, Singleton LGA) * Macintyre River, Macintyre * Maclaughlin River, Maclaughlin * Macleay River, Macleay * Macquarie River, Macquarie * ''Macquarie Rivulet, Macquarie'' * Mammy Johnsons River, Mammy Johnsons * ''Mangrove Creek (New South Wales), Mangrove'' * Mann River (New South Wales), Mann * Manning River, Manning * Maria River (Australia), Maria * Maryland River, Maryland * ''Medway Rivulet, Medway'' * Mehi River, Mehi * Meroo River, Meroo * Merrica River, Merrica * Merriwa River, Merriwa * ''Middle Creek (New South Wales), Middle'' * Minnamurra River, Minnamurra * ''Mirrool Creek, Mirrool'' * ''Mogo Creek, Mogo'' * Mole River (New South Wales), Mole * Molonglo * Mongarlowe River, Mongarlowe * ''Moonan Brook, Moonan'' * ''Mooney Mooney Creek, Mooney Mooney'' * Mooki River, Mooki * Mooni River, Mooni * Moppy River, Moppy * ''Moredun Creek, Moredun'' * Moruya River, Moruya * Mowamba River, Mowamba * ''Mulga Creek, Mulga'' * ''Mulla Mulla Creek, Mulla Mulla'' * Mulwaree River, Mulwaree * Mummel River, Mummel * Munmurra River, Munmurra * Murrah River, Murrah * Murray River, Murray * ''Murruin Creek, Murruin'' * Murrumbidgee * Myall River, Myall N * Nadgee River, Nadgee * ''Nadgigomar Creek, Nadgigomar'' * Nambucca River, Nambucca * Namoi River, Namoi * ''Nangahrah Creek, nangahrah'' * Narran River, Narran * Nattai River, Nattai * Nepean River, Nepean * Never Never River, Never Never * Niemur River, Niemur * Nowendoc River, Nowendoc * ''Nowlands Creek, Nowlands'' * Nullica River, Nullica * Numeralla River, Numeralla * Nunnock River, Nunnock * Nymboida River, Nymboida O * Oaky River, Oaky * Oban River, Oban * ''O'Briens Creek, O'Briens'' * Orara River, Orara * ''Ourimbah Creek, Ourimbah'' * Oxley River, Oxley P * Paddys River (Southern Highlands, New South Wales), Paddys (source in Wingecarribee Shire, Wingecarribee LGA) * Paddys River (South West Slopes, New South Wales), Paddys (source in Tumbarumba Shire Council, Tumbarumba LGA) * ''Pages Creek, Pages'' * Pages River, Pages * Pambula River, Pambula * Pappinbarra River, Pappinbarra * ''Parma Creek, Parma'' * Paroo River, Paroo * Parramatta River, Parramatta * Paterson River, Paterson * Peak River, Peak * Peel River (New South Wales), Peel (A Section Of) * Peel River (New South Wales), Peel * ''Peelwood Creek, Peelwood'' * Phils River, Phils * Pigna Barney River, Pigna Barney * Pinch River, Pinch * ''Pinchgut Creek, Pinchgut'' * Pipers Creek (New South Wales), Pipers Creek * ''Pudman Creek, Pudman'' Q *
Queanbeyan Queanbeyan is a city in the south-eastern region of New South Wales, Australia, located adjacent to the Australian Capital Territory in the Southern Tablelands region. Located on the Queanbeyan River, the city is the council seat of the Queanb ...
* ''Queen Charlottes Creek, Queen Charlottes'' * Queens Pound River, Queens Pound * Queensborough River, Queensborough * ''Quegobla Creek, Quegobla'' * ''Quirindi Creek, Quirindi'' R * ''Ralfes Creek, Ralfes'' * ''Reedy Creek (New South Wales), Reedy'' * Retreat River, Retreat * Richmond River, Richmond * River Lett * ''Rock Flat Creek, Rock Flat'' * ''Rocky Ponds Creek, Rocky Ponds'' * Rocky River (New South Wales), Rocky * Rosewood River, Rosewood * ''Rouchel Brook, Rouchel'' * Rous River, Rous * Rowleys River, Rowleys * Rufus River, Rufus * ''Rush Creek (New South Wales), Rush'' S * Sandon River, Sandon * ''Sandy Creek (Mirrool), Sandy'' (source in Bland Shire Council, Bland LGA) * ''Sandy Creek (Cobar), Sandy'' (source in Cobar Shire Council, Cobar LGA) * ''Sandy Creek (Richmond Valley), Sandy'' (source in Richmond Valley Council, Richmond Valley LGA) * ''Sandy Creek (Tamworth), Sandy'' (source in Tamworth Regional Council, Tamworth Regional LGA) * Sara River, Sara * Severn River (New South Wales), Severn * ''Sewells Creek, Sewells'' * ''Shannon Brook, Shannon'' * Shoalhaven River, Shoalhaven * Snowy River, Snowy * ''Stewarts Brook, Stewarts'' * Stewarts River, Stewarts * Strike-a-Light River, Strike-a-Light * Styx River (New South Wales), Styx * ''Summer Hill Creek, Summer Hill'' * Swampy Plain River, Swampy Plain T * ''Tabulam Rivulet, Tabulam'' * Talbragar River, Talbragar * ''Tallawudjah Creek, Tallawudjah'' * ''Tallowa Gully, Tallowa'' * ''Tarcutta Creek, Tarcutta'' * Tarlo River, Tarlo * ''Tarrion Creek, Tarrion'' * Taylors Arm (New South Wales), Taylors Arm * Telegherry River, Telegherry * ''Terania Creek, Terania'' * The Big Warrambool * The Branch River, The Branch * ''Thompsons Creek, Thompsons'' * Thone River, Thone * Thredbo River, Thredbo * Tia River, Tia * ''Tilbuster Ponds, Tilbuster'' * Timbarra River (New South Wales), Timbarra * ''Tindarey Creek, Tindarey'' * Tobins River, Tobins * Tomaga River, Tomaga * Tonalli River, Tonalli * ''Tooloom Creek, Tooloom'' * Tooma River, Tooma * Towallum River, Towallum * Towamba River, Towamba * ''Trigalong Creek, Trigalong'' * Tuglow River, Tuglow * Tumut River, Tumut * ''Turners Creek, Turners'' * Turon River, Turon * Tuross River, Tuross * Tweed River (New South Wales), Tweed U * Undowah River, Undowah * ''Upsalls Creek, Upsalls'' * Urumbilum River, Urumbilum W * Wadbilliga River, Wadbilliga * ''Wah Way Creek, Wah Way'' * Walcrow River, Walcrow * Wallagaraugh River, Wallagaraugh * Wallamba River, Wallamba * Wallingat River, Wallingat * Wang Wauk River, Wang Wauk * Wangat River, Wangat * ''Warbro Brook, Warbro'' * Wards River, Wards * ''Warialda Creek, Warialda'' * Warnes River, Warnes * Warragamba River, Warragamba * Warrego River, Warrego * ''Warrell Creek, Warrell'' * ''Watagan Creek, Watagan'' * ''Webbs Creek, Webbs'' * ''Werong Creek, Werong'' * ''Werriberri Creek, Werriberri'' * ''Wheeny Creek, Wheeny'' * ''Wheeo Creek, Wheeo'' * ''Whitbarrow Creek, Whitbarrow'' * White Rock River (New South Wales), White Rock * ''Widden Brook, Widden'' * Wild Cattle Creek, Wild Cattle'' * Williams River (New South Wales), Williams * ''Williwa Creek, Williwa'' * Wilson River (New South Wales), Wilson * Wilsons River (New South Wales), Wilsons * ''Winburndale Rivulet, Winburndale'' * Wingecarribee River, Wingecarribee * Wog Wog River, Wog Wog * Wolgan River, Wolgan * Wollangambe River, Wollangambe * ''Wollemi Creek, Wollemi'' * ''Wollombi Brook, Wollombi'' * Wollomombi River, Wollomombi * Wollondilly River, Wollondilly * Wonboyn River, Wonboyn * Wooli Wooli River, Wooli Wooli * ''Worondi Rivulet, Worondi'' * Woronora River, Woronora * Wyong River, Wyong Y * Yadboro River, Yadboro * ''Yancowinna Creek, Yancowinna'' * ''Yanda Creek, Yanda'' * ''Yango Creek, Yango'' * ''Yarrabandai Creek, Yarrabandai'' * ''Yarramanbah Creek, Yarramanbah'' * Yarrangobilly River, Yarrangobilly * Yarrow River, Yarrow * Yarrowitch River, Yarrowitch * ''Yarrunga Creek, Yarrunga'' * Yass River, Yass * Yowaka River, Yowaka * Yowrie River, Yowrie

Northern Territory

*Template:Rivers of the Northern Territory, Rivers of the Northern Territory template * Adelaide River, Adelaide * Alligator Rivers ** East Alligator River, East Alligator ** South Alligator River, South Alligator ** West Alligator River, West Alligator * Buckingham River, Buckingham * Blackmore River, Blackmore * Blyth River (Northern Territory), Blyth * Calvert River, Calvert * Daly River (Northern Territory), Daly * Douglas River (Northern Territory), Douglas * Dry River (Northern Territory), Dry * Elizabeth River (Northern Territory), Elizabeth * Finke River, Finke * Fish River (Northern Territory), Fish * Fitzmaurice River, Fitzmaurice * Georgina River, Georgina * Goomadeer River, Goomadeer * Goromuru River, Goromuru * Goyder River, Goyder * Gregory River (Australia), Gregory * Hale River, Hale * Hay River (Northern Territory), Hay * Hodgson River, Hodgson * Johnson River (Northern Territory), Johnson * Katherine River, Katherine * Keep River, Keep * King River (Northern Territory), King * Koolatong River, Koolatong * Limmen Bight River, Limmen Bight * Liverpool River, Liverpool * MacKinley River, MacKinley * Mary River (Northern Territory), Mary * Moyle River, Moyle * McArthur River, McArthur * Negri River (Australia), Negri * Nicholson River (Queensland), Nicholson * Palmer River (Northern Territory), Palmer * Playford River (Northern Territory), Playford * Plenty River (Northern Territory), Plenty * Robinson River (Northern Territory), Robinson * Roper River, Roper * Rosie River, Rosie * Sandover River, Sandover * ''Settlement Creek, Settlement'' * Todd River, Todd * Towns River, Towns * Victoria River (Northern Territory), Victoria * Walker River (Northern Territory), Walker * Wearyan River, Wearyan * Wickham River, Wickham * Wildman River, Wildman * Wilton River, Wilton


* Template:Rivers of Queensland, Rivers of Queensland template * Template:Waterways of Brisbane, Waterways of Brisbane template A * Albert River (Queensland), Albert * Alice River (disambiguation), Alice * Annan River, Annan * Archer River, Archer B * ''Baffle Creek, Baffle'' * Balonne River, Balonne * ''Banksia Creek (Queensland), Banksia'' * Barcoo River, Barcoo * ''Barratta Creek, Barratta'' * Barron River (Queensland), Barron * Barwon River (New South Wales), Barwon * Basalt River, Basalt * Belyando River, Belyando * Black River (Queensland), Black * Bloomfield River, Bloomfield * Bohle River, Bohle * Boomi River, Boomi * Bokhara River, Bokhara * Bowen River (Queensland), Bowen * Boyne River (Central Queensland), Boyne (Central Queensland) * Boyne River (Wide Bay–Burnett), Boyne (Wide Bay–Burnett) * Bremer River (Queensland), Bremer * Brisbane River, Brisbane * Broken River (Queensland), Broken * ''Bulimba Creek, Bulimba'' * ''Bungil Creek, Bungil'' * Burdekin River, Burdekin * Burke River (Queensland), Burke * Burnett River, Burnett * Burrum River, Burrum C * Caboolture River, Caboolture * Calliope River, Calliope * Campaspe River (Queensland), Campaspe * Carpentier River, Carpentier * Clara River, Clara * ''Cliffdale Creek, Cliffdale'' * Coen River, Coen * Coleman River (Queensland), Coleman * Comet River, Comet * Condamine River, Condamine * Connors River, Connors * Coomera River, Coomera * ''Cooper Creek, Cooper'' * ''Crystal Creek (Mutarnee), Crystal'' * ''Currumbin Creek, Currumbin'' * Culgoa River, Culgoa D * Daintree River, Daintree * Dawson River (Queensland), Dawson * Dee River (Queensland), Dee * Diamantina River, Diamantina * Don River (Queensland), Don * Ducie River, Ducie * Dumaresq River, Dumaresq E * Edward River (Queensland), Edward * Elliott River (Queensland), Elliott * Embley River, Embley * Endeavour River, Endeavour * ''Enoggera Creek, Enoggera'' * ''Eprapah Creek, Eprapah'' * Esk River (Queensland), Esk F * Flinders River, Flinders * Fitzroy River (Queensland), Fitzroy G * Georgina River, Georgina * Gilbert-Einasleigh River, Gilbert-Einasleigh * Gilliat River, Gilliat * Gregory River (Australia), Gregory H * Hann River (Queensland), Hann * Haughton River, Haughton * Herbert River, Herbert * Holroyd River, Holroyd I * Isaac River, Isaac * Isis River (Queensland), Isis * ''Ithaca Creek, Ithaca'' J * ''Jackey Jackey Creek, Jackey Jackey'' * Jardine River, Jardine * Jeannie River, Jeannie * Johnstone River, Johnstone K * ''Kedron Brook, Kedron'' * Kendall River (Queensland), Kendall * Kolan River, Kolan L * Langlo River, Langlo * Laura River (Queensland), Laura * Leichhardt River, Leichhardt * Lockhart River (Queensland), Lockhart * ''Lockyer Creek, Lockyer'' * ''Loders Creek, Loders'' * Logan River, Logan * Lynd River, Lynd M * Mackenzie River (Queensland), Mackenzie * Maranoa River, Maranoa * Maroochy River, Maroochy * Mary River (Queensland), Mary * Mcdonald River, Mcdonald * Merivale River, Merivale * Mission River (Queensland), Mission * Mitchell River (Queensland), Mitchell * ''Moggill Creek, Moggill'' * Mooloolah River, Mooloolah * Moonie River, Moonie * Mossman River, Mossman * Mulgrave River, Mulgrave N * Nerang River, Nerang * Nicholson River (Queensland), Nicholson * Nive River (Queensland), Nive * Nogoa River, Nogoa * Norman River, Norman * ''Norman Creek (Queensland), Norman'' * Normanby River, Normanby * Noosa River, Noosa * North Pine River, North Pine O * O'Connell River, O'Connell * Olive River, Olive * ''Oxley Creek, Oxley'' P * Palmer River (Queensland), Palmer * Paroo River, Paroo * Pascoe River, Pascoe * Pennefather River, Pennefather * ''Pike Creek (Queensland), Pike'' * Pimpama River, Pimpama * Pine River (Queensland), Pine * Pioneer River, Pioneer * Proserpine River, Proserpine R * Ross River (Queensland), Ross * Russell River (Queensland), Russell S * Sandover River, Sandover * Saxby River, Saxby * ''Settlement Creek, Settlement'' * Severn River (Queensland), Severn * South Pine River, South Pine * Staaten River, Staaten * Stanley River (Queensland), Stanley * Stuart River (Queensland), Stuart * Stewart River (Queensland), Stewart * Styx River (Queensland), Styx * Susan River (Queensland), Susan * Suttor River, Suttor T * ''Tallebudgera Creek, Tallebudgera'' * Tate River, Tate * Thomson River (Queensland), Thomson * ''Tingalpa Creek, Tingalpa'' * Tully River, Tully W * Walsh River, Walsh * ''Wanggoolba Creek, Wanggoolba'' * Warrego River, Warrego * Ward River (Langlo River), Ward * Ward River (Gulf of Carpentaria), Ward * ''Waterpark Creek, Waterpark'' * Watson River (Queensland), Watson * Weir River (Queensland), Weir * Wenlock River, Wenlock *Wilson River (Queensland), Wilson Y * Yappar River, Yappar

South Australia

* Template:Rivers of South Australia, Rivers of South Australia template * Acraman Creek, Acraman * Alberga River, Alberga * Anacotilla River, Anacotilla * River Angas, Angas * Breakneck River, Breakneck * Bremer River (South Australia), Bremer * Broughton River (South Australia), Broughton * Bungala River, Bungala * Chapman River (South Australia), Chapman * Congeratinga River, Congeratinga * ''Cooper Creek, Cooper'' * ''Crystal Brook (creek), Crystal Brook'' * ''Currency Creek (South Australia), Currency'' * Cygnet River, Cygnet * De Mole River, De Mole * Diamantina River, Diamantina * Eleanor River, Eleanor * ''Eyre Creek (South Australia), Eyre'' * Field River, Field * Finniss River (South Australia), Finniss * Finke River, Finke * Frome River, Frome * Gawler River (South Australia), Gawler * Georgina River, Georgina * Gilbert River (South Australia), Gilbert * Glenelg River (Victoria), Glenelg * Harriet River, Harriet * Hill River (South Australia), Hill * Hindmarsh River, Hindmarsh * Hutt River (South Australia), Hutt * Inman River, Inman * ''Jacobs Creek (Australia), Jacobs'' * ''Kallakoopah Creek, Kallakoopah'' * Light River (South Australia), Light * Little Para River, Little Para * Macumba River, Macumba * Marne River (South Australia), Marne * Middle River (South Australia), Middle * Murray River, Murray * Myponga River, Myponga * Neales River, Neales * North Para River, North Para * North West River (South Australia), North West * ''Officer Creek, Officer'' * Onkaparinga River, Onkaparinga * ''Panalatinga Creek, Panalatinga'' * Parananacooka River, Parananacooka * Patawalonga River, Patawalonga * Port River, Port * Rocky River (Kangaroo Island), Rocky (Kangaroo Island) * Rocky River (South Australia), Rocky (Mid North) * Sandy River (South Australia), Sandy * Siccus River, Siccus * South Para River, South Para * South West River (South Australia), South West * ''Strzelecki Creek, Strzelecki'' * Stun Sail Boom River, Stun Sail Boom * Sturt River, Adelaide, Sturt * Tod River, Tod * River Torrens, Torrens * Wakefield River, Wakefield * Warburton River, Warburton * Western River (South Australia), Western * Willson River, Willson * Yankalilla River, Yankalilla * Yattagolinga River, Yattagolinga


* Template:Rivers of Tasmania, Rivers of Tasmania template * Adams River (Tasmania), Adams * Andrew River, Andrew * Anne River (Tasmania), Anne * Anthony River (Tasmania), Anthony * Apsley River (Tasmania), Apsley * Arm River (Tasmania), Arm * Arthur River, Tasmania, Arthur * Arve River (Tasmania), Arve * Badger River, Badger * Black River (Tasmania), Black * Black Bobs Rivulet, Black Bobs * Blackman River, Blackman * Blythe River (Tasmania), Blythe * Boyd River (Tasmania), Boyd * Break O'Day River, Break O'Day * ''Bream Creek, Bream'' * Broad River (Tasmania), Broad * Browns River (Tasmania), Browns * Cam River (Tasmania), Cam * Cascade River (Tasmania), Cascade * Clyde River (Tasmania), Clyde * Coal River (Tasmania), Coal * ''Cockle Creek (Tasmania), Cockle'' * Collingwood River, Collingwood * Craycroft River, Craycroft * ''Crayfish Creek, Crayfish'' * Davey River, Davey * Dee River (Tasmania), Dee * Denison River (Tasmania), Denison * River Derwent (Tasmania), Derwent * Don River (Tasmania), Don * Donaldson River (Tasmania), Donaldson * Dove River (Tasmania), Dover * Duck River (Tasmania), Duck * Elizabeth River (Tasmania), Elizabeth * Emu River (Tasmania), Emu * Esperance River (Tasmania), Esperance * Florentine River, Florentine *Flowerdale River, Flowerdale * Forth River (Tasmania), Forth * Franklin River, Franklin * Gordon River, Gordon * Great Forester River, Great Forester * Hellyer River, Hellyer * Henty River, Henty * ''Hobart Rivulet, Hobart'' * Holley River, Holley * Huon River, Huon * Inglis River, Inglis * Isis River (Tasmania), Isis * James River (Tasmania), James * Jane River, Jane * Jordan River (Tasmania), Jordan * King River (Tasmania), King * Lea River, Lea * River Leven (Tasmania), Leven * Liffey River (Tasmania), Liffey * Little Swanport River, Little Swanport * Lune River, Tasmania, Lune * Mackintosh River, Mackintosh * Macquarie River (Tasmania), Macquarie * Meander River (Tasmania), Meander * Mersey River (Tasmania), Mersey * Murchison River (Tasmania), Murchison * Nile River (Tasmania), Nile * Nive River (Tasmania), Nive * North Esk River, North Esk * Ouse River (Tasmainia), Ouse * Picton River (Tasmania), Picton * Pieman River, Pieman * Pipers River, Pipers * Pokana River, Pokana * Queen River, Tasmania, Queen * Ringarooma River, Ringarooma * Lower Ringarooma River, Ringarooma (Lower) * Rubicon River, (Tasmania), Rubicon * Savage River (Tasmainia), Savage * Serpentine River (Tasmania), Serpentine * Shannon River (Tasmania), Shannon * Sophia River, Sophia * South Esk River, South Esk * Spero River, Spero * Styx River (Tasmania), Styx * Swan River (Tasmania), Swan * Tamar River, Tamar * Tooms River (Tasmania), Tooms * Tully River (Tasmania), Tully * River Tyne (Tasmania), Tyne * Vale River (Tasmania), Vale * Weld Valley, Weld * Wye river (Tasmainia), Wye * Yolande River, Yolande


* Template:Rivers of Victoria (Australia), Rivers of Victoria template * Template:Waterways of Melbourne, Waterways of Melbourne template A * Aberfeldy River, Aberfeldy * Acheron River (Victoria), Acheron * Ada River (Baw Baw, Victoria), Ada (Baw Baw) * Ada River (East Gippsland, Victoria), Ada (East Gippsland) * Agnes River (Australia), Agnes * Aire River (Victoria), Aire * Albert River (Victoria), Albert * Anglesea River, Anglesea * Arte River, Arte * Avoca River, Avoca * Avon River (Gippsland, Victoria), Avon (Gippsland) * Avon River (Grampians, Victoria), Avon (Grampians) B * Barham River, Barham * Barkly River (Victoria), Barkly * Barwon River (Victoria), Barwon * Bass River (Victoria), Bass * Bemm River, Bemm * Bendoc River, Bendoc * Benedore River, Benedore * Berrima River, Berrima * Betka River, Betka * Big River (Brodribb River, Victoria), Big (Brodribb) * Big River (Goulburn River, Victoria), Big (Goulburn) * Big River (Mitta Mitta River, Victoria), Big (Mitta Mitta) * Black River (Victoria), Black * Bonang River, Bonang * Brodribb River, Brodribb * Broken River (Victoria), Broken * Buchan River, Buchan * Buckland River (Victoria), Buckland * Buffalo River (Victoria), Buffalo * Bundara River, Bundara * Bunyip River, Bunyip C * Calder River (Victoria), Calder * Caledonia River, Caledonia * Campaspe River, Campaspe * Cann River, Cann * Cann River East Branch, Cann River East * Carlisle River, Carlisle * Catherine River (Victoria), Catherine * Chetwynd River, Chetwynd * Cobungra River, Cobungra * Coliban River, Coliban * Combienbar River, Combienbar * Crawford River (Victoria), Crawford * Crooked River (Victoria), Crooked * Cumberland River (Victoria), Cumberland * Curdies River, Curdies D * Dandongadale River, Dandongadale * Darby River, Darby * Dargo River, Dargo * Darlot Creek * Dart River (Victoria), Dart * Deddick River, Deddick * Delatite River, Delatite * Delegate River, Delegate * Don River (Victoria), Don * Dry River (Victoria), Dry * Dundas River, Dundas E * Elliott River (Victoria), Elliott * Errinundra River, Errinundra * Eumeralla River, Eumeralla F * Fitzroy River (Victoria), Fitzroy * Ford River (Victoria), Ford * Franklin River (Victoria), Franklin G * Geary River, Geary * Gellibrand River, Gellibrand * Genoa River, Genoa * Gibbo River, Gibbo * Glenelg River (Victoria), Glenelg * Goolengook River, Goolengook * Goulburn River, Goulburn * Grey River (Victoria), Grey H * Hartland River, Hartland * Hopkins River, Hopkins * Howqua River, Howqua * Humffray River, Humffray I * Ingeegoodbee River, Ingeegoodbee J * Jack River (East Gippsland, Victoria), Jack (East Gippsland) * Jack River (Wellington, Victoria), Jack (Wellington) * Jamieson River, Jamieson * Johanna River, Johanna * Jordan River (Victoria), Jordan K * Kennet River (Victoria), Kennet * Kiewa River, Kiewa * King River (Victoria), King L * Lang Lang River, Lang Lang * Latrobe River, Latrobe * Leigh River (Victoria), Leigh * Lerderderg River, Lerderderg * Little River (Avon, West Gippsland), Little (Avon) * Little River (Cathedral Range), Little (Cathedral Range) * Little River (Greater Geelong), Little (Greater Geelong) * Little River (Moroka River, Victoria), Little (Moroka) * Little River (Snowy River National Park), Little (Snowy River NP) * Little River (Sydenham Inlet, East Gippsland), Little (Sydenham Inlet) * Little River (Tambo River, East Gippsland, Victoria), Little (Tambo) * Little Arte River, Little Arte * Little Coliban River, Little Coliban * Little Dargo River, Little Dargo * Little Goolengook River, Little Goolengook * Little Murray River (Victoria), Little Murray * Little Rubicon River, Little Rubicon * Little Yalmy River, Little Yalmy * Little Yarra River, Little Yarra * Loch River, Loch * Loddon River, Loddon M * Macalister River, Macalister * Mackenzie River (Victoria), MacKenzie * McKenzie River (Victoria), McKenzie * Maribyrnong River, Maribyrnong * Merri River, Merri * Mitchell River (Victoria), Mitchell * Mitta Mitta River, Mitta Mitta * Moe River (Australia), Moe * Moroka River, Moroka * Moorabool River, Moorabool * Mount Emu Creek * Morwell River, Morwell * Moyne River, Moyne * Mueller River (Victoria), Mueller * Murray River, Murray * Murrindal River, Murrindal * Murrindindi River, Murrindindi N * Nicholson River (Victoria), Nicholson O * Ovens River, Ovens * O'Shannassy River, O'Shannassy P * Patterson River, Patterson * Parker River, Parker * Perry River (Victoria), Perry * Plenty River (Victoria), Plenty * Powlett River, Powlett Q * Queensborough River, Queensborough R * Red River (Victoria), Red * Rich River, Rich * Richardson River (Victoria), Richardson * Rocky River (Victoria), Rocky * Rodger River, Rodger * Rose River (Victoria), Rose * Royston River, Royston * Rubicon River (Victoria), Rubicon S * Saint Patricks River, Saint Patricks * St George River (Victoria), St George * Shaw River (Victoria), Shaw * Snowy River, Snowy * Steavenson River, Steavenson * Stokes River, Stokes * Suggan Buggan River, Suggan Buggan * Surrey River, Surrey T * Taggerty River, Taggerty * Tambo River (Victoria), Tambo * Tanjil River, Tanjil * Taponga River, Taponga * Tarago River, Tarago * Tarra River (Victoria), Tarra * Tarwin River, Tarwin * The Old River, The Old * Thomson River (Victoria), Thomson * Thurra River, Thurra * Tidal River (Victoria), Tidal * Timbarra River (Victoria), Timbarra * Toorongo River, Toorongo * Turton River, Turton * Tyers River, Tyers V * Victoria River (Victoria), Victoria W * Wallagaraugh River, Wallagaraugh * Wando River (Victoria), Wando * Wannon River, Wannon * Watts River, Watts * Wellington River, Wellington * Wentworth River (Victoria), Wentworth * Werribee River, Werribee * Wimmera River, Wimmera * Wingan River, Wingan * Woady Yaloak River, Woady Yaloak * Wonnangatta River, Wonnangatta * Wongungarra River, Wongungarra * Wye River (Victoria), Wye Y * Yalmy River, Yalmy * Yarra River, Yarra * Yarrowee River, Yarrowee * Yea River, Yea * Yeerung River, Yeerung

Western Australia

A * Abba River, Abba * Adcock River, Adcock * Alexander River (Western Australia), Alexander * Angelo River, Angelo * Angove River, Angove * Armanda River, Armanda * Arrowsmith River, Arrowsmith * Arthur River (Western Australia), Arthur * Ashburton River (Western Australia), Ashburton * Avon River (Western Australia), Avon B * Balgarup River, Balgarup * Balla Balla River, Balla Balla * Bannister River, Bannister * Barker River, Barker * Barnett River, Barnett * Barton River (Western Australia), Barton * Beasley River, Beasley * Beaufort River, Beaufort * Behn River, Behn * Berckelman River, Berckelman * Berkeley River, Berkeley * Blackwood River, Blackwood * Bow River (Western Australia), Bow (southern Western Australia) * Bow River (Kimberley region, Western Australia), Bow (northern Western Australia) * Bowes River, Bowes * Bremer River (Western Australia), Bremer * Brockman River, Brockman * Brunswick River (Western Australia), Brunswick * Buayanyup River, Buayanyup * Buchanan River, Buchanan * Buller River (Western Australia), Buller C * Calder River (Western Australia), Calder * Cane River (Western Australia), Cane * Canning River (Western Australia), Canning * Capel River, Capel * Carbunup River, Carbunup * Carson River (Western Australia), Carson * Chamberlain River, Chamberlain * Chapman River, Chapman * Charnley River, Charnley * Collie River, Collie * Coongan River, Coongan D * Dale River, Dale * Dalyup River, Dalyup * Dandalup River, Dandalup * De Grey River, De Grey * Deep River (Western Australia), Deep * Denmark River, Denmark * Donnelly River (Western Australia), Donnelly * Drysdale River, Drysdale * Dunham River, Dunham * Durack River, Durack E * Edmund River, Edmund * Elvire River, Elvire * Ernest River, Ernest * Eyre River (Western Australia), Eyre F * Ferguson River (Western Australia), Ferguson * Fitzgerald River, Fitzgerald * Fitzroy River (Western Australia), Fitzroy * Forrest River, Forrest * Fortescue River, Fortescue * Frankland River (Western Australia), Frankland * Fraser River (Western Australia), Fraser * Frederick River, Frederick G * Gairdner River, Gairdner (southern Western Australia) * Gairdner River (Kimberley), Gairdner (northern Western Australia) * Gascoyne River, Gascoyne * Gibb River, Gibb * Glenelg River (Western Australia), Glenelg * Goodga River, Goodga * Gordon River (Western Australia), Gordon * Greenough River, Greenough H * Hamersley River, Hamersley * Hann River, Hann * Hardey River, Hardey * Harding River, Harding * Harvey River, Harvey * Hay River (Western Australia), Hay * Helena River, Helena * Henry River (Western Australia), Henry * Hill River (Western Australia), Hill * Hope River (Western Australia), Hope * Hotham River, Hotham * Hunter River (Western Australia), Hunter * Hutt River (Western Australia), Hutt I * Impey River, Impey * Irwin River, Irwin * Isdell River, Isdell J * Jerdacuttup River, Jerdacuttup * Johnston River, Johnston K * Kalgan River, Kalgan * Kent River, Kent * King Edward River, King Edward * King George River, King George * King River (Kimberley region, Western Australia), King (northern Western Australia) * King River (Western Australia), King (southern Western Australia) L * Landor River, Landor * Laura River (Western Australia), Laur * Lockhart River, Western Australia, Lockhart * Lennard River, Lennard * Lort River, Lort * Ludlow River, Ludlow * Lyons River, Lyons M * Mackie River, Mackie * Maitland River (Western Australia), Maitland * Margaret River (Kimberley), Margaret (northern Western Australia) * Margaret River (Western Australia), Margaret (southern Western Australia) * Mary River (Western Australia), Mary * May River, May * McRae River (Western Australia), McRae * Meda River, Meda * Minilya River, Minilya * Mitchell River (Western Australia), Mitchell * Moore River, Moore * Mortlock River, Mortlock * Munglinup River, Munglinup * Murchison River (Western Australia), Murchison * Murray River (Western Australia), Murray N * Nambung River, Nambung * Negri River (Australia), Negri * Nicholson River (Western Australia), Nicholson * Nullagine River, Nullagine O * Oakover River, Oakover * Oldfield River, Oldfield * Ord River, Ord P * Pallinup River, Pallinup * Panton River, Panton * Pentecost River, Pentecost * Phillips River, Phillips * Preston River, Preston * Prince Regent River, Prince Regent R * Richenda River, Richenda * Robe River (Australia), Robe * Robinson River (Western Australia), Robinson * Roe River (Western Australia), Roe * Rudall River, Rudall S * Sabina River, Sabina * Sale River, Sale * Salt River (Western Australia), Salt * Serpentine River (Western Australia), Serpentine * Shannon River (Western Australia), Shannon * Shaw River (Western Australia), Shaw * Sherlock River (Western Australia), Sherlock * South Dandalup River, South Dandalup * Steere River, Steere * Swan River (Western Australia), Swan T * Thomas River, Thomas * Tone River (Western Australia), Tone * Turner River, Turner V * Vasse River, Vasse W * Walpole River, Walpole * Warren River (Western Australia), Warren * Waychinicup River, Waychinicup * Weld River, Weld * Williams River (Western Australia), Williams * Wilson River (Western Australia), Wilson * Wooramel River, Wooramel Y * Yalgar River, Yalgar * Young River (Western Australia), Young * Yule River, Yule

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