Richard Masur (born November 20, 1948) is an American character actor, who has appeared in more than 80 films. From 1995 to 1999, he served two terms as president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Masur currently sits on the Corporate Board of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. He is best known for Nick Lobo on ''Rhoda'' (1974-1977), Stanley Uris in the tv miniseries ''It'' (1990), and Edward L. L. Moore on ''Younger'' (2016-2018).

Life and career

Masur was born in New York City, to a high school counselor mother, Claire Masur, and a pharmacist father. He attended P.S. 28, Walt Whitman Junior High School, and Roosevelt High School in Yonkers. He is the brother of Judith Masur and the husband of Eileen Henry. Masur is Jewish. Masur studied acting at The Yale School of Drama and appeared on stage before acting in movies and television shows during the 1970s. He appeared on an episode of ''The Waltons'' as well as in an episode of ''All in the Family'' in late 1974 and had recurring roles in ''Rhoda'' from 1974 to 1978; ''One Day at a Time'' from 1975 to 1976; ''Hot l Baltimore'' in 1975; and the pilot to an NBC sitcom, ''Bumpers'', in 1977. In 1981, Masur played the role of a child molestor armed with a camera in the television film ''Fallen Angel''. His next project was the 1982 horror/sci-fi ''The Thing'', as the dog handler, Clark. The film has acquired a significant cult following in the years since its release, and Masur occasionally reunites with former ''The Thing'' cast members for Q&A panels at fan conventions. Masur played the father to Corey Haim's character in 1988's ''License to Drive'' and was part of the ensemble cast of the 1990 TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's ''It''. Masur played the role of a character modeled after Jewish-American spy Jonathan Pollard in the film ''Les Patriotes (The Patriots)'' (1994), by French director Éric Rochant. In January 2006, Masur began appearing as a recurring character on the soap opera ''All My Children''. He has also appeared in guest spots on many TV shows, including ''M*A*S*H'', ''The Mary Tyler Moore Show'', ''Hawaii Five-O'', ''Happy Days'', ''Picket Fences'', ''Matlock'', ''Murphy Brown'', ''Law & Order'', ''Kevin (Probably) Saves the World'', and ''Transparent''. Masur played the role of Martin Stone in the off-Broadway play ''Dust''.


* ''Rhoda'' (1974-1977) as Nick Lobo * ''Whiffs'' (1975) as Lockyer's Aide * ''One Day at a Time (1975 TV series) (1975-1976) as David Kane * ''Bittersweet Love'' (1976) as Alex * ''Semi-Tough'' (1977) as Phillip Hooper * ''Who'll Stop the Rain'' (1978) as Danskin * ''Mr. Horn'' (1979, TV Movie) as Sheriff Ed Smalley * ''Hanover Street'' (1979) as 2nd Lieut. Jerry Cimino * ''Scavenger Hunt'' (1979) as Georgie Carruthers * ''Heaven's Gate'' (1980) as Cully * ''Fallen Angel'' (1981, TV Movie) as Howard Nichols * ''I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can'' (1982) as Alan Newman * ''The Thing'' (1982) as Clark * ''Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann'' (1982) as Claude Dorsett * ''The Demon Murder Case'' (1983, TV Movie) as Anthony Marino * ''Risky Business'' (1983) as Rutherford * ''Nightmares'' (1983) as Steven Houston (segment "Night of the Rat") * ''Adam'' (1983, TV Movie) as Jay Howell * ''Under Fire'' (1983) as Hub Kittle * ''Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac'' (1984, TV Movie) as Roger Olian * ''The Burning Bed'' (1984, TV Movie) as Aryon Greydanus * ''The Falcon and the Snowman'' (1985) as Bartender (uncredited) * ''The Mean Season'' (1985) as Bill Nolan * ''My Science Project'' (1985) as Detective Isadore Nulty * ''Head Office'' (1985) as Max Landsberger * ''Heartburn'' (1986) as Arthur * ''Mr. Boogedy'' (1986, TV Series) as Carleton Davis * ''Adam: His Song Continues'' (1986, TV Movie) as Jay Howell * ''When the Bough Breaks'' (1986, TV Movie) as Milo * ''Hard Lessons'' (1986, TV Movie) as Ben Proctor * ''The Believers'' (1987) as Marty Wertheimer * ''Rent-A-Cop'' (1987) as Roger * ''Walker'' (1987) as Ephraim Squier * ''Bride of Boogedy'' (1987, TV Series) as Carleton Davis * ''Shoot to Kill'' (1988) as Norman * ''Hiroshima Maiden'' (1988, TV Movie) as Jim Bennett * ''License to Drive'' (1988) as Mr. Anderson * ''Third Degree Burn'' (1989, TV Movie) as Clay Reynolds * ''Far From Home'' (1989) as Duckett * ''Flashback'' (1990) as Barry * ''The Great Los Angeles Earthquake'' (1990, TV Movie) as Kevin Conrad * ''It'' (1990, TV miniseries) as Stanley Uris * ''Always Remember I Love You'' (1990, TV movie) as Earl Monroe * ''Going Under'' (1991) as Defense Contractor * ''My Girl'' (1991) as Phil Sultenfuss * ''The Story Lady'' (1991, TV Movie) as Norm Denton * ''Encino Man'' (1992) as Mr. Morgan * ''Blood In Blood Out'' (aka ''Bound by Honor'') (1993) as Prison Librarian (uncredited) * ''The Man Without a Face'' (1993) as Prof. Carl Hartley * ''And the Band Played On'' (1993, TV Movie) as William W. Darrow, Ph.D. * ''Six Degrees of Separation'' (1993) as Dr. Fine * ''My Girl 2'' (1994) as Phil Sultenfuss * ''Les Patriotes (The Patriots)'' (1994) as Jeremy Pelman * ''Forget Paris'' (1995) as Craig * ''The Face on the Milk Carton'' (1995, TV Movie) as Jonathan Sands * ''Multiplicity'' (1996) as Del King * ''Fire Down Below'' (1997) as Phil Pratt * ''Play It to the Bone'' (1999) as Artie * ''61*'' (2001, TV Movie) as Milt Kahn * ''Palindromes'' (2004) as Steve Victor * ''Lovely By Surprise'' (2007) as Dave * ''Vote and Die: Liszt for President'' (2008) as Rease Cunningham * ''Tumbledown'' (2015) as Bruce * ''The Good Wife'' (2015–16, TV Series) as Geoffrey Solomon * ''Transparent'' (2015–16, TV Series) as Buzzy Rackless * ''Orange Is the New Black'' (2015–16, TV series) as Bill Montgomery * ''Don't Think Twice'' (2016) as Lou * ''Younger'' (2016–18, TV Series) as Edward L.L. Moore / Edward LL Moore / Edward * ''Lonely Boys'' (2016) as Irving


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