Reni ( uk|Рені; ro|Reni; russian: Рени) is a small city in Odessa Oblast (province) of south Ukraine. It is located in the Bessarabian historic district of Budjak. Reni lies on the left bank of the Danube. The settlement was founded around 1548, acquiring city status in 1821. Population: The town has a population of 20 481. 43,36% of them are ethnic Moldovans, Ukrainians – 30,54%, Russians – 12,5%, Gagauz – 1,52%, Bulgarians – 1,35%, other – 0,13%. The surrounding Reni Raion includes some 38,000 people (including those in the town), 49% of them ethnic Moldovans, 18% Ukrainians, 15% Russians, 8.5% Bulgarians and 8% Gagauz. There are six schools, one filial branch of the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, and three Ukrainian Orthodox church buildings. It is also home to the 'Light of the World' church, which has been working to help the local community for the past 21 years, let by Ockert Potgieter and his wife Michelle http://novidien.weebly.com


File:Svobody Ploshcha, Reni 03.jpg|Freedom Square File:Memorial in Reni 06.jpg|Grave of the soldiers File:Regional History Museum in Reni 01.jpg|Regional History Museum File:Cathedral in Reni 03.jpg|Ascension of the Lord Cathedral File:Reni 04.jpg|Traditional houses in Reni File:Reni marine port 03.jpg|Reni marine port File:Sts. Constantine and Helena church in Reni 02.jpg|Sts. Constantine and Helena Church


* Pavel Ciobanu, Moldovan soccer player * Dmitry Zaets Reni's painter


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