Sir Robert Rees Davies, (6 August 1938 – 16 May 2005) was a Welsh historian.


Davies was born in
Merionethshire , HQ= Dolgellau , Government= Merionethshire County Council (1889-1974) , Origin= , Status= , Start= 1284 , End= , Code= MER , CodeName= ...
, and educated at Bala Grammar School. He was bilingual in Welsh and English.Obituary in ''The Independent'' 23 May 2005, Accessed 11 May 2014
/ref> He received a First in his degree from University College London in 1959, later returning there as a lecturer in 1963. In 1959 he undertook a two-year postgraduate study of the
Duchy of Lancaster The Duchy of Lancaster is the private estate of the British sovereign as Duke of Lancaster. The principal purpose of the estate is to provide a source of independent income to the sovereign. The estate consists of a portfolio of lands, properti ...
’s Welsh lordships in the later Middle Ages at
Merton College, Oxford Merton College (in full: The House or College of Scholars of Merton in the University of Oxford) is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. Its foundation can be traced back to the 1260s when Walter de Merton, c ...
under the supervision of K. B. McFarlane. In 1975, he was appointed Professor of History, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. His 1987 book ''Conquest, Coexistence and Change: Wales 1063–1415'' won him the Wolfson Literary Award for History. In 1992 he became President of the
Royal Historical Society The Royal Historical Society, founded in 1868, is a learned society of the United Kingdom which advances scholarly studies of history. Origins The society was founded and received its royal charter in 1868. Until 1872 it was known as the Histori ...
. In 1995, he was appointed the Chichele Professor of Medieval History at the University of Oxford and made a fellow of All Souls College. From 1995 to 2005 he served as Chairman of the Ancient Monuments Board for Wales. Davies was appointed a Knight Bachelor for services to history in the Queen's
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. He is best known for his reinvigoration of Welsh medieval scholarship and as a pioneer in the study of British history, rejecting earlier Anglo-centric treatments of the medieval histories of Britain and Ireland. In 1966, he married Carys Lloyd Wynne, with whom he had one son and one daughter. Professor Sir Rees Davies died of cancer in Oxford, aged 66.


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Obituary in the ''Guardian'' 26 May 2005

Obituary in ''History Today'', Volume 55 Issue 9
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