Raffaele () is an Italian given name and surname, variant of the English Raphael. Notable people with the name include:

Given name

*Raffaele Amato, Italian mobster *Raffaele Cutolo, Italian mobster *Raffaele Ganci, Italian mobster *Raffaele Cantone, Italian magistrate *Raffaele De Rosa, Italian motorcycle racer *Raffaele Di Paco, Italian cyclist *Raffaele Fitto, Italian politician *Raffaele Guariglia, Italian politician *Raffaele Lombardo, Italian politician *Raffaele Palladino, Italian footballer *Raffaele Pinto, Italian racing driver *Raffaele Pisu, Italiano actor *Raffaele Riario, Italian cardinal *Raffaele Rossetti, Italian politician *Raffaele Carlo Rossi, Italian cardinal *Raffaele Viviani, Italian artist *Raffaele Contigiani (1920–2008), Italian architect


* Virginia Raffaele, Italian actress

See also

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