Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (; Buyei language, Buyei: ''Qianfxiynanf Buxqyaix Buxyeeuz Ziqziqzouy''; Hmu language, Hmu: ''Qeef Xib Naif Dol Yat Dol Hmub Zid Zid Zeb''), is an autonomous prefecture of Guizhou province, People's Republic of China, bordering Guangxi to the south and Yunnan to the west. The name, "" derives from the prefecture's southwest location in the province; "" is the official abbreviation for Guizhou, while "" means "southwest".


The prefecture is subdivided into 8 county-level divisions: 2 county-level cities and 6 County (People's Republic of China), counties. *County level cities: **Xingyi, Guizhou, Xingyi () **Xingren () *Counties: **Wangmo County () **Pu'an County () **Ceheng County () **Qinglong County, Guizhou, Qinglong County () **Zhenfeng County () **Anlong County ()


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