President most commonly refers to: *President (corporate title) *President (education), a leader of a college or university *President (government title) President may also refer to:


* Nissan President, a 1966–2010 Japanese full-size sedan * Studebaker President, a 1926–1942 American full-size sedan * VinFast President, a 2020–present Vietnamese mid-size SUV

Film and television

*''Præsidenten'', a 1919 Danish silent film directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer *''The President'' (1928 film), a German silent drama *''President'' (1937 film), an Indian film *''The President'' (1961 film) *''The Presidents'' (film), a 2005 documentary *''The President'' (2014 film) *''The President'' (Palestinian TV series), a 2013 Palestinian reality television show *''The President'' (South Korean TV series), a 2010 South Korean television series *''The President Show'', a 2017 Comedy Central political satirical parody sitcom


*The Presidents (American soul band) *The Presidents of the United States of America (band) or the Presidents, an American alternative rock group *"The Presidents", a song by Jonathan Coulton *"The Presidents", a song on ''Animaniacs'' *The President, a band led by Wayne Horvitz


*The President (mountain), a mountain in British Columbia, Canada *President Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, USA *an earlier name for the Sipapu Bridge


* ''President'' (1924 steamboat), an American river excursion steamboat * ''President'' (narrowboat), a preserved English, steam-powered narrowboat * HMS ''President'' (1650), a 42-gun fourth rate * HMS ''President'' (1829), a 52-gun fourth rate * HMS ''President'' (1650), the home of the London Division of the Royal Naval Reserve * HMS ''Gannet'' or HMS ''President'', a ''Doterel''-class screw sloop launched in 1878 * HMS ''Buzzard'' or HMS ''President'', a ''Nymphe''-class screw sloop launched in 1887 * HMS ''Saxifrage'' or HMS ''President'', an ''Anchusa''-class sloop launched in 1918 * SS ''President'', a 19th-century transatlantic steamship * USS ''President'' (1800) and later HMS ''President'', a 44-gun frigate * USS ''President'' (1812), a 12-gun American sloop * French frigate ''Président'' and later HMS ''President'', a 40-gun frigate * President-class frigate, a class of frigates

Other uses

*President (CSRT), head of a Combatant Status Review Tribunal in the U.S. military *President (LDS Church honorific), a title in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints *President (college), a head of house in a collegiate university *President (card game), a westernized version of an originally Japanese card game named ''daifugō'' or ''daihinmin'' *President (grape) or Gouais blanc, a French wine grape *President (tree), a giant sequoia in California, U.S. *Président (brand), a brand of French cheese and butter *Président (typeface), a font designed by Adrian Frutiger *Sinclair President, an electronic calculator in the late 1970s

People with the surname

*Andre President (born 1971), American football player

See also

*HMS ''President'', a list of ships *Mr. President (disambiguation) *''Präsident'', an automobile manufactured by Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau *Precedent, a previous court ruling *Presidency, administrative and governmental entity that exists around an office of president of a state or nation *Presidential (disambiguation) *USS ''President'', a list of ships *:Category:Presidents by country *:Category:Lists of presidents * * {{disambiguation|geo|ship|surname