A political international is a transnational organization of political parties having similar ideology or political orientation (e.g. communism, socialism, and Islamism). The international works together on points of agreement to co-ordinate activity. Political internationals have increased in popularity and influence since their beginnings in the political left of 19th-century Europe as political activists have paid more attention to developments for or against their ideological favor in other countries and continents. After World War II, other ideological movements formed their political internationals to communicate among aligned parliamentarians and legislative candidates as well as to communicate with intergovernmental and supranational organizations such as the United Nations and later the European Union. Internationals also form supranational and regional branches (e.g. a European branch or an African branch) and maintain fraternal or governing relationships with sector-specific wings (e.g. youth or women's wings). Internationals usually do not have a significant role. Internationals provide the parties an opportunity for sharing of experience. The parties belonging to internationals have various obligations and can be expelled for not meeting those obligations. For example, during the 2011 Arab spring the Socialist International expelled the governing parties of Tunisia and Egypt for performing actions incompatible with the values of this international.

List of notable internationals


* Centrist Democrat International (Christian democracy), founded in 1961 * Foro de São Paulo (socialism of the 21st century), founded in 1990 * Fourth International (Trotskyism), founded in 1938 by Leon Trotsky and later split into several competing internationals and subsequently reunified in 1963 * Global Greens (green politics), founded in 2001 * Humanist International (humanism), founded in 1989 by the Humanist Movement * International Alliance of Libertarian Parties (libertarianism), founded in 2015 * International of Anarchist Federations (synthesis anarchism), founded in 1968 * International Conference of Marxist–Leninist Parties and Organizations (Unity & Struggle) (Hoxhaism), founded in 1994 * International Democrat Union (conservatism), founded in 1993 * International League of Peoples' Struggle (anti-imperialism), founded in 2001 * International Marxist Tendency (Trotskyism), founded in 1992 * International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties (Marxism–Leninism), founded in 1998 * International Monarchist League (monarchism, constitutional monarchy), founded in 1943 * International Socialist Alternative (Trotskyism), founded in 2020 * International Workers' Association (anarcho-syndicalism), founded in 1922 * Liberal International (liberalism), founded in 1947 and constituted by the Oxford Manifesto * Muslim Brotherhood (Islamism), founded in 1928 * Pirate Parties International (pirate politics), founded in 2010 * Progressive Alliance (social democracy and progressivism), a network of centre-left parties formed as a rival to the Socialist International in 2013 * Progressive International (democratic socialism, social democracy and progressivism), an organization uniting progressive left-wing activists and organizations, formed in 2020 * Socialist International (democratic socialism), a federation of socialist parties founded in 1951 * World Socialist Movement (Marxism), founded in 1904 * World Union of National Socialists (Nazism), founded in 1962


* Alliance of Democrats (liberalism), gathering groups similar in outlook to the European Democratic Party and the United States Democratic Party founded in 2005, but inactive since 2012 * Anarchist St. Imier International (anarchism), formed after the expulsion of the anarchists from the First International by the Marxist faction at the Hague Congress, founded in 1872 and defunct by 1877 * Committee for a Workers' International (Trotskyism), founded in 1974 * Communist International (revolutionary socialism), also known as Comintern and the Third International, a federation of communist parties founded in 1919 by Vladimir Lenin and dissolved in 1943 by Joseph Stalin * E2D International (E-democracy, direct democracy), founded on 1 January 2011, but inactive since 29 August 2013 * Fascist International (fascism), also known as the 1934 Montreux Fascist conference, a conference of European fascist parties held on 16–17 December 1934 in Montreux, Switzerland * International Libertarian Solidarity (anarchism), founded in 2001 * International Communist Seminar (Marxism–Leninism), founded in 1996 and defunct by 2014 * International Workingmen's Association (communism, anarchism and revolutionary socialism), commonly known as the First International, founded in 1864 and defunct by 1876 * International Working People's Association (anarchism), also known as the Black International, founded in 1881 and defunct by 1886 * Second International (socialism), founded in 1889 and dissolved in 1916 * Situationist International (libertarian socialism), revolutionary grouping operating from 1957 to 1972

Not internationals, but similar in functioning

* Anarkismo.net, grouping of platformist/especifista anarchist political organisations launched in 2005 to facilitate greater international cooperation, but far from being an international at this point * International Conference of Asian Political Parties, founded in 2002, promotes cooperation and exchange between Asian parties of several ideologies * Transnational Radical Party, political association of libertarian, liberal and radical citizens, parliamentarians and government members of various national and political backgrounds founded in 1989 and associated with the United Nations Economic and Social Council * World Ecological Parties, association of centrist environmentalist parties founded in 2003 * Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean, promotes cooperation and exchange between Latin American parties of several ideologies

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