Petsofas is the archaeological site of a
Minoan The Minoan civilization was a Bronze Age The Bronze Age is a prehistoric that was characterized by the use of , in some areas , and other early features of urban . The Bronze Age is the second principal period of the , as proposed in mod ...
peak sanctuary in eastern Crete. It overlooks the Minoan town of Palekastro, Palaikastro and was excavated by John Myres in 1903. He discovered a large number of clay figurines, including animal and human figures dating to 1400 to 1450.


Among the ubiquitous human and animal figurines found in peak sanctuaries, Petsofas uniquely has clay figurines of weasels and tortoises. Some Petsophas cylinder seals bear a male figure resembling specimens recovered at the Minoan site of Knossos.C. Michael Hogan
''Knossos fieldnotes'', The Modern Antiquarian (2007)
/ref> Stone lamps, ceramic altars and ceramic building models have also been found at Petsofas.

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