Penn may refer to:


England * Penn, Buckinghamshire * Penn, West Midlands United States * Penn, North Dakota * Penn, Oregon * Pennsylvania ** Penn, Pennsylvania * Penn Lake Park, Pennsylvania * Penn Township (disambiguation), several municipalities Australia * Penn, South Australia was the name for the town now known as Oodla Wirra before 1940


* University of Pennsylvania, U.S., known as "Penn" or "UPenn" **Penn Quakers the athletic teams of the university * Penn High School, Indiana, U.S.


Surname * Abram Penn (1743–1801), noted landowner and Revolutionary War officer from Virginia * Alexander Penn Wooldridge, American mayor of Austin, Texas from 1909 to 1919 * Alexander Penn (1906–1972), Israeli poet * Arthur Penn, American film director and producer * Arthur Horace Penn (1886–1960), member of the British Royal Household * Audrey Penn, American children's author * B.J. Penn (born 1978), American mixed martial arts fighter * Claire Penn (born 1951), South African speech and language pathologist * Dan Penn, American musician * Eric Penn (1878–1915), English cricketer * Hannah Callowhill Penn, wife of William Penn * Harry Penn, civil rights activist and African-American dentist * Irving Penn, an American photographer * John Penn (architect) (1921–2007), a British architect * John Penn (Conservative politician) (1848–1903), MP for Lewisham 1891–1903 * John Penn (North Carolina politician) (1741–1788), Continental Congressman from North Carolina and signer of the United States Declaration of Independence * John Penn (engineer) (1805–1878), British marine engine engineer, invented lignum vitae bearing for propeller shafts, twice president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers * John Penn (governor) (1729–1795), a lieutenant governor and later proprietor of colonial Pennsylvania * John Penn (writer) (1760–1834), son of Thomas Penn * Kal Penn (born 1977), American actor and public servant * An American entertainment family: ** Leo Penn (1921–1998), actor ** Michael Penn (born 1958), son of Leo; singer-songwriter ** Sean Penn (born 1960), son of Leo; actor ** Chris Penn (1965–2006), son of Leo; actor ** Robin Wright (born 1966), actress; sometime known as Robin Wright Penn, former wife of Sean * Mark Penn, American public relations CEO and campaign strategist * Osnat Penn, Israeli computational biologist * Robert Penn, African-American sailor, recipient of the Medal of Honor during the Spanish–American War * Russell Penn (born 1985), English footballer * Steve Penn (born 1968), American handball player * William Penn (1644–1718), founder of Pennsylvania ** John Penn ("the American") (1700–1746), son of William Penn ** Springett Penn (I), the second son of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania ** Springett Penn (II), son of William Penn, Jr. and a grandson and heir of William Penn ** William Penn Jr., son of William Penn * William Penn (Royal Navy officer), English admiral Given name * Penn Badgley, American actor best known for his role as Dan Humphrey on the TV series ''Gossip Girl'' * Penn Jillette, member of the comedy and magic duo Penn & Teller


* ''Penn'' (film), 1954 Tamil film starring Vyjayanthimala * ''Penn'' (TV series), a 1991 Tamil mini-series * ''Penn'' (TV series), a 2006 Tamil-language soap opera


* Penn (automobile), manufactured in Pittsburgh from 1910 until 1913 * Penn Club of New York City, located in New York City * Penn FC, a soccer club based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania * Penn National Gaming (Nasdaq: PENN), American operator of casinos and racetracks * ''The Penn'', or ''The Stylus'', a would-be periodical owned and edited by Edgar Allan Poe * Penn Racquet Sports, a ball manufacturer * Penn Reels, an American manufacturer of fishing tackle, a division of Jarden

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