Patxi is a male given name in the Basque language area in northern Spain and south-west France, but more commonly a nickname for those officially named Francisco (or François in the French zone, ultimately cognates of Francis (given name), Francis); the original Basque equivalent was Frantzisko,Patxi
Bekia Padres (in Spanish) but this was rarely chosen as a forename by parents in the modern era, and along with Patxi it was forbidden to be given to babies under the language policies of Francoist Spain between the 1940s and 1970s, hence the widespread unofficial adoption during that period. Far less common spelling variations include Patxo and Pantxi, while Pacho is used in Latin America – although there Pancho is much more widespread, as is Paco in Castilian-speaking parts of Spain. Notable people with the name or nickname include: *Francisco Churruca, pelotari *Francisco Gabica, cyclist *Francisco Gamborena, footballer *, architect *José María Pagoaga, handball player *Pantxi Sirieix, footballer *, academic *Patxi Andión, musician and actor *, actor *, pelotari *Patxi Ferreira, footballer *, actor *, musician *, academic *, footballer *, footballer *, footballer *, politician *, businessman and football club president *, politician *Patxi López, politician (served as Lehendakari and briefly as President of the Congress of Deputies) *Patxi Puñal, footballer *Patxi Rípodas, footballer *Patxi Ruiz, pelotari *, academic *Patxi Salinas, footballer *Patxi Usobiaga, rock climber *Patxi Vila, cyclist *, politician and writer *Patxi Zubizarreta, writer

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*Patxi's Chicago Pizza, American pizzeria chain


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