Palette may refer to: * Cosmetic palette, an archaeological form * Palette, another name for a color scheme * Palette (painting), a wooden board used for mixing colors for a painting * Palette (company), a Japanese visual novel studio (video game company) * Palette (computing), in computer graphics, another name given to a color lookup table * ''Palette'' (freeware game), a Japanese-language freeware adventure game * Palette window, in computing, a window type often containing tools * Palette valve, the valve under an organ pipe which is connected to the keyboard(s), —as opposed to the stop valve * Palette, a village in the commune Le Tholonet, in the Provence region of southern France ** Palette AOC, a wine Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée located in the aforementioned village * Palette Records, a record label * ''Palette'' (album), by IU, 2017 ** "Palette" (song), the title song * ''Palette'' (EP), by Nobuhiko Okamoto, 2012 * Toyota Palette, a vehicle made by Toyota * Toyota e-Palette, a concept bus made by Toyota

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*Palate, the roof of the mouth *Pallet, a holder for goods for use with a forklift *Pallet (disambiguation), for other uses {{disambiguation