Osijek-Baranja County (, hr|Osječko-baranjska županija; hu|Eszék-Baranya megye) is a county in Croatia, located in northeastern Slavonia and Baranja. Its center is Osijek; other cities include Đakovo, Našice, Valpovo, Belišće, Beli Manastir.


Osijek-Baranja County was established in 1993.

Administrative divisions

* City of Osijek (county seat) * Town of Beli Manastir * Town of Belišće * Town of Donji Miholjac * Town of Đakovo * Town of Našice * Town of Valpovo * Municipalities:

County government

Current Župan (prefect): Ivan Anušić (HDZ) The county assembly is composed of 55 representatives, organized as follows: * Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 25 * Independent 10 * Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) 6 * Bridge of Independent Lists (Most) 4 * Human Shield (Živi zid) 3 * Croatian People's Party (HNS) 3 * Croatian Peasants Party (HSS) 2 * Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) 1 * Croatian Democratic Assembly of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) 1


Several minorities in Osijek-Baranja County have their Minority Councils. Here is the list of minorities' Councils with links to their respective Statutes and name of Osijek-Baranja County in their language. On the territory of the County is also active Joint Council of Municipalities. Bosniaks, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Rusyns and Slovenes have one representative each.


The nature park Kopački Rit is located within this county. Th
Red Fico
is also a popular attraction along with the Osijek Zoo.

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