The Order "For Military Merit" (russian: Орден «За военные заслуги») is a
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of the
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established by
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№ 442 of March 2, 1994 to reward military excellence. Its statute was amended three times, first on January 6, 1999 by decree № 19, then on September 7, 2010 by decree № 1099 which modernised the entire Russian awards system and finally on December 16, 2011 by Presidential Decree № 1631.

Award statute

The Order "For Military Merit" is awarded to military personnel for exemplary performance of military duties, for high combat readiness in ensuring Russia's defence; for high personal performance in career and vocational training, for courage and dedication displayed during the performance of military duties in the course of combat or combat-training objectives; for bravery and courage displayed in the performance of military duties; for merit in strengthening military cooperation with friendly nations. The intended recipient and the person recommending the award must both have a minimum of 20 years of service. The Order "For Military Merit" may be awarded to employees of the
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of the Russian Federation, of scientific and research organizations or government agencies: for services in design, manufacture and commissioning of modern military equipment and weapons; for personal contributions to national defence policies, development of military science, in strengthening national defence and in promoting interstate military-technical cooperation. The Order may also be awarded to foreign nationals from among the members of the armed forces of allied foreign countries: for merit in strengthening military cooperation with Russia and organising joint military manoeuvres during military exercises. The Order "For Military Merit" is worn on the left side of the chest and when in the presence of other Orders and medals of the Russian Federation, is located immediately after the Order of Courage. A rosette in the colours of the ribbon of the Order may be worn on civilian clothing.

Award description

The Order "For Military Merit" is a wide silver and enamelled eight pointed star. The four diagonal points of the star being enamelled in the national colours of Russia, white, blue and red. The obverse has a central red enamelled medallion with the silver state emblem of Russia in the center. The medallion is surrounded by a silver band with a relief laurel wreath on the lower half and the relief inscription "FOR MILITARY MERIT" (russian: «ЗА ВОЕННЫЕ ЗАСЛУГИ») following its outer circumference in the upper half. The otherwise plain reverse bears the award serial number at the bottom. The Order "For Military Merit" is suspended by a ring through the award's suspension loop to a standard Russian pentagonal mount covered with an overlapping wide blue silk moiré ribbon with a wide red central stripe bordered by wide white stripes.

Notable recipients (partial list)

The individuals below were recipients of the Order "For Military Merit". * Cosmonaut, Major General Vladimir Vasiliyevich Kovalyonok * Cosmonaut, Colonel Gennadi Mikhailovich Manakov * Army General Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev * Admiral of the Fleet Vladimir Vasilyevich Masorin * Marshal of the Soviet Union Viktor Georgiyevich Kulikov * Admiral, former Baltic Fleet commander Vladimir Grigor'evich Yegorov * Colonel General Gennady Nikolayevich Troshev * Army General Viktor Germanovich Kazantsev * Army General Yury Nikolayevich Baluyevsky * Fleet Admiral Vladimir Ivanovich Kuroyedov * Fleet Admiral Feliks Nikolayevich Gromov * Marshal of the Russian Federation Igor Sergeyev * Army General Alexander Ivanovich Baranov * Army General Nikolai Dmitrievich Kovalyov * Army General Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov * Army General Valentin Vladimirovich Korabelnikov * Admiral Nikolai Mikhailovich Maksimov * Admiral Aleksandr Mikhailovich Nosatov * Admiral Vladimir Sergeyevich Vysotskiy * Army General Vladimir Magomedovich Semyonov * Colonel General Alexander Nikolayevich Zelin * Colonel General Anatoliy Alekseevich Nogovitsyn * Army General Nikolai Yegorovich Makarov * Colonel Yunus-bek Bamatgireyevich Yevkurov * Rear Admiral Anatoly Ivanovich Lipinsky * Rear Admiral Sergei Mikhailovich Pinchuk * Army General Anatoly Mikhaïlovich Kornukov * Colonel General Arkady Viktotovich Bakhin

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