is one of five major Japanese construction companies along with Shimizu Corporation, Takenaka Corporation, Kajima Corporation, and Taisei Corporation. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is one of the Nikkei 225 corporations. Its headquarters are in Minato, Tokyo. In 2018, Obayashi was ranked 15th place on ENR's list of Top 250 Global Contractors, the highest rank among Japanese Contractors. Established in 1892 in Osaka, the company operates in Japan and other countries, especially Southeast Asia and Australia, as well as the United States and Europe. Major landmarks in Japan include the Kyoto Station Building, the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Center in Tokyo, as well as the Tokyo Skytree. Obayashi has 86 subsidiaries and 26 affiliated companies in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America. In February 2012, the company announced plans to build a space elevator by 2050.

Corporate timeline

* 1892: Obayashi, a Building Construction and Civil Engineering Construction Contractor founded by Yoshigoro Obayashi in Osaka * 1936: Obayashi Corporation (OC) established * 1965: Obayashi Corporation (Singapore) established * 1969: Surfrider Hotel, HI completed * 1970: Princess Kaiulani Hotel, HI completed * 1972: Obayashi America Corporation (OAC) established in Los Angeles :::PT. Jaya Obayashi established in Indonesia as a joint venture with PT. Pembangunan Jaya. * 1975: Hotel Kyoto Inn San Francisco, CA completed * 1978: James E. Roberts - Obayashi Corporation (RO) joins the Obayashi Group * 1981: Obayashi Corporation San Francisco Office established (Civil Engineering Construction) * 1982: Obayashi Corporation opens office in New York * 1988: Toyota Manufacturing Facility, KY completed * 1989: E.W. Howell Co., Inc. (EWH) joins the Obayashi Group * 1991: NEC Roseville Semiconductor Plant Mega-Line, CA completed * 1991: Delta Center/Utah Jazz Arena, UT completed * 1993: OC America Construction Inc. (OCAC) established in Los Angeles * 1994: OC Real Estate Management, LLC (OCREM) organized in Los Angeles * 1997: Sumitomo Sitix of Phoenix, AZ completed * 1997: Matsushita Semiconductor (MASCA), WA completed * 1998: Komatsu Silicon America, OR completed * 1998: San Bernardino (Arrowhead) Medical Center, CA completed * 2001: Applied Materials (AMAT), CA completed * 2002: Obayashi USA, LLC (OUSA) established in Los Angeles * 2002: Obayashi Construction, Inc. (OCI) established in Los Angeles * 2003: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Central Plant, CA completed * 2003: Interstate Distributors, CA completed * 2005: John S. Clark Company, LLC (JSC) joins the Obayashi Group * 2007: Webcor, LP joins the Obayashi Group * 2011: Kenaidan Contracting, Ltd joins the Obayashi Group

Notable Constructions


Japan *Kansai International Airport *Koshien Stadium *Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line *Oasis 21 *Kyoto Station *TBS *Osaka Dome *Namba Parks *Osaka WTC Building *Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square *Marunouchi Building *Roppongi Hills Mori Tower *Tokyo Skytree *Toranomon Hills Singapore *Jewel Changi Airport *DUO *One Raffles Quay *Ocean Financial Centre *Singapore MRT (North South Line, East West Line and North East Line) *Singapore Management University *Esplanade Bridge *Plaza Singapura Taiwan *Taiwan HSR *Taipei Metro (Tamsui Line) Vietnam *Thủ Thiêm Tunnel Thailand *Bangkok MRT United Arab Emirates *Dubai Metro


Australia *Stadium Australia

North America

United States *Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, also known as the Hoover Dam Bypass

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*Aeropolis 2001


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