Nobel may refer to: *Nobel Prize, awarded annually since 1901, from the bequest of Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel


*Akzo Nobel, the result of the merger between Akzo and Nobel Industries in 1994 *Branobel, or The Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers, Limited, an oil industry cofounded by Ludvig and Robert Nobel *Dynamit Nobel AG, a German chemical and weapons company founded in 1865 by Alfred Nobel *Nobel Biocare, a bio-tech company, formerly a subsidiary of Nobel Industries *Nobel Industries (Scotland), a UK chemicals company founded by Alfred Nobel *Nobel Industries (Sweden), a UK chemicals company founded by Alfred Nobel, merged in 1994 with Akzo. *NobelTel, LLC, a telecommunications company founded in 1998 by Thomas Knobel


*Nobel (crater), a crater on the far side of the Moon. *Nobel, Ontario, a village located in Ontario, Canada. *6032 Nobel, a main-belt asteroid

Other uses

*The Nobel family, a prominent Swedish and Russian family *Nobel (automobile) a licence-built version of the German Fuldamobil, manufactured in the UK and Chile *''Nobel'' (TV series), a Norwegian television series about the country's military involvement in Afghanistan *Nobel (typeface), a geometric, sans-serif typeface. *Nobel Charitable Trust (NCT), a charity established by some descendants of Ludvig Nobel's *Nobel Ice (Fabergé egg), also referred to as the Snowflake egg *Nobelite, an employee of the Nobel family's companies *Nobelium, a synthetic element with the symbol No and atomic number 102, named after Alfred Nobel *The Nobel School, a secondary school in Stevenage, England.

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