The New Party (Portuguese: ''Partido Novo'', stylised NOVO) is a classical-liberal and libertarian Brazilian political party founded on 12 February 2011. The party was registered on 23 July 2014, supported by the signatures of 493,316 citizens. Its creation was approved on 15 September 2015. The party requested to use the number "30" for election identification. It is ideologically aligned with classical liberalismThe loneliness of the right-wing legislator
publication: "The Economist" (2014)


The New Party supports policies that reduce the state's interference in the economy. It does not take any stance on social issues like abortion and legalization of drugs. The party is pro-gun rights and supports same sex marriage. The party positions itself as classical-liberal.

Policy proposals

The party's proposals include reforming the ways parties are allowed to obtain funding and ending compulsory voting, and defending private financing of campaigns. The party aims for the privatization of public enterprises like Petrobras and Banco do Brasil although the party supports welfare programs like Bolsa Família. The party defends the Vouchers policy to improve the inequality between public and private education. In short, he argues that the State should focus on the areas of essential services: education, health and security. . The party opposes extensive regulation in many aspects of Brazilian society and their members believe the central bank should be independent from the state.Partido Novo assume eleitorado de direita e Rede, de Marina, é a 34ª legenda no país
by Prof. Maria do Socorro Sousa Braga, of Ufscar (Citation: "''The Novo Party is a legend that not only represents the right as does not hide its position. While other conservative associations never clearly assume the political spectrum where they operate, positioning itself as one ashamed right, the NOVO does not deny what it is''") The program of the party focuses on the defense of a democratic state which preserves Civil liberties, incentivizes Entrepreneurship and the participation of the citizen on the political life. The main objective of the party, according to the founders, is to secure economic liberty, as well as "ending privileges" instead of "protecting an elite".

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