Native Americans may refer to:

Ethnic groups

* Indigenous peoples of the Americas, the pre-Columbian peoples of North and South America and their descendants * Native Americans in the United States * Indigenous peoples in Canada, the indigenous peoples of Canada ** First Nations, indigenous Canadians who are neither Inuit or Métis ** Inuit, indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic region ** Métis in Canada, people who trace their descent to indigenous First Nations peoples and European settlers * Indigenous peoples of Costa Rica * Indigenous peoples of Mexico * Indigenous peoples of South America ** Indigenous peoples in Argentina ** Indigenous peoples in Bolivia ** Indigenous peoples in Brazil ** Indigenous peoples in Chile ** Indigenous peoples in Colombia ** Indigenous peoples in Ecuador ** Indigenous peoples in Peru ** Indigenous peoples in Suriname ** Indigenous peoples in Venezuela

Arts and culture

* ''Native American'' (album), a 1992 album by Tony Rice * ''The Native Americans'', a 1994 American documentary series * "Native Americans", a 1972 composition by Ornette Coleman from ''Skies of America'' * "Native American", a 1987 song by Little Steven from ''Freedom – No Compromise'' * ''Native American'', or ''Sons of Beaches'', a 1995 album by The Bellamy Brothers


* The "Native American" movement, a term for nativism in the United States * Native American Party, or Know Nothing, an American nativist political party of the 1850s

See also

* Native American name controversy * American Indian (disambiguation) * Native American languages, languages spoken by indigenous peoples of the Americas {{Disambiguation Category:Indigenous peoples of the Americas