The Old World rats and mice, part of the subfamily Murinae in the family Muridae, comprise at least 519 species. Members of this subfamily are called murines. This subfamily is larger than all mammal families except the Cricetidae and Muridae, and is larger than all mammal orders except the bats and the remainder of the rodents.


The Murinae are native to Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They are the only terrestrial placental mammals, other than bats and the dingo native to Australia. They have also been introduced to all continents except Antarctica, and are serious pest animals. This is particularly true in island communities where they have contributed to the endangerment and extinction of many native animals. Two prominent murine human commensals have become vital laboratory animals. The brown rat and house mouse are both used as medical subjects. The murines have a distinctive molar pattern that involves three rows of cusps instead of two, the primitive pattern seen most frequently in muroid rodents.


The first known appearance of the Murinae in the fossil record is about 14 million years ago with the fossil genus ''Antemus''. ''Antemus'' is thought to derive directly from ''Potwarmus'', which has a more primitive tooth pattern. Likewise, two genera, ''Progonomys'' and ''Karnimata'', are thought to derive directly from ''Antemus''. ''Progonomys'' is thought to be the ancestor of ''Mus'' and relatives, while ''Karnimata'' is thought to lead to ''Rattus'' and relatives. All of these fossils are found in the well-preserved and easily dated Siwalik fossil beds of Pakistan. The transition from ''Potwarmus'' to ''Antemus'' to ''Progonomys'' and ''Karnimata'' is considered an excellent example of anagenic evolution.


Most of the Murinae have been poorly studied. Some genera have been grouped, such as the hydromyine water rats, conilurine or pseudomyine Australian mice, or the phloeomyine Southeast Asian forms. No tribal level taxonomy has been attempted for the complete subfamily. It appears as if genera from Southeast Asian islands and Australia may be early offshoots compared to mainland forms. The vlei rats in the genera ''Otomys'' and ''Parotomys'' are often placed in a separate subfamily, Otomyinae, but have been shown to be closely related to African murines in spite of their uniqueness. Three genera, ''Uranomys'', ''Lophuromys'', and ''Acomys'', were once considered to be murines, but were found to be more closely related to gerbils through molecular phylogenetics. They have been assigned a new subfamily status, Deomyinae. Molecular phylogenetic studies of Murinae include Lecompte, et al. (2008),Emilie Lecompte, Ken Aplin, Christiane Denys, François Catzeflis, Marion Chades and Pascale Chevret. 2008. Phylogeny and biogeography of African Murinae based on mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequences, with a new tribal classification of the subfamily. BMC Evolutionary Biology2008 8:199 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-8-199 which analyzes African murine species based on the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and two nuclear gene fragments. Lecompte, et al. (2008) estimates that African murines colonized Africa from Asia approximately 11 million years ago during the Miocene. The following phylogeny of 16 Murinae genera, based on molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Interphotoreceptor Retinoid Binding Protein (IRBP) gene, is from Jansa & Weksler (2004: 264).


The following is a list of Murinae genus divisions ordered by the continents that they are endemic to. Most of the diversity is located in Southeast Asia and Australasia. *Africa **Aethomys division - 1 genus **Arvicanthis division - 6 genera **Colomys division - 3 genera **Dasymys division - 8 genera **Hybomys division - 3 genera **Malacomys division - 1 genus **Oenomys division - 5 genea **Otomyini division/tribe - 3 genera **Stenocephalomys *Eurasia **Apodemus division - 2 genera **Micromys division - 6 genera **Genus ''Mus'' *South Asia **Golunda division - 1 genus **Millardia division - 4 genera *Southeast Asia **Dacnomys division - 8 genera **Hadromys division - 1 genus **Maxomys division - 1 genus **Pithecheir division - 6 genera **Rattus division - 21 genera *Philippines **Chrotomys division - 5 genera **Crunomys division - 2 genera **Phloeomys division - 4 genera **Genus ''Musseromys'' *Sulawesi **Crunomys division - 2 genera **Echiothrix division - 1 genus **Melasmothrix division - 2 genera *Moluccas **Halmaheramys division - 1 genus *New Guinea **Hydromys division - 6 genera **Lorentzimys division - 1 genus **Pogonomys division - 11 genera **Uromys division - 5 genera **Xeromys division - 3 genera **Genus ''Mirzamys'' *Australia **Pseudomys division - 8 genera

List of species

As of 2005, the Murinae contained 129 genera in 584 species. Musser and Carleton (2005) divided the Murinae into 29 genus divisions. They treated the Otomyinae as a separate subfamily, but all molecular analyses conducted to date have supported their inclusion in the Murinae as relatives of African genera . In a recent expedition in the Philippines, seven more ''Apomys'' mice were added and the genus was proposed to split into two subgenera - ''Apomys'' and ''Megapomys'', based on morphological and cytochrome b DNA sequences. SUBFAMILY MURINAE - Old World rats and mice *Aethomys division **Genus ''Aethomys'' - bush rats ***Bocage's rock rat, ''Aethomys bocagei'' ***Red rock rat, ''Aethomys chrysophilus'' ***Grant's rock rat, ''Aethomys (Micaelamys) granti'' ***Hinde's rock rat, ''Aethomys hindei'' ***Tete veld aethomys, ''Aethomys ineptus'' ***Kaiser's rock rat, ''Aethomys kaiseri'' ***Namaqua rock rat, ''Aethomys (Micaelamys) namaquensis'' ***Nyika rock rat, ''Aethomys nyikae'' ***Silinda rock rat, ''Aethomys silindensis'' ***Tinfields rock rat, ''Aethomys stannarius'' ***Thomas's rock rat, ''Aethomys thomasi'' *Apodemus division **Genus ''Apodemus'' - Old World field mice ***Striped field mouse, ''Apodemus agrarius'' ***Alpine field mouse, ''Apodemus alpicola'' ***Small Japanese field mouse, ''Apodemus argenteus'' ***Chevrier's field mouse, ''Apodemus chevrieri'' ***South China field mouse, ''Apodemus draco'' ***Yellow-necked mouse, ''Apodemus flavicollis'' – includes ''A. arianus'' ***Himalayan field mouse, ''Apodemus gurkha'' ***Caucasus field mouse, ''Apodemus hyrcanicus'' ***Sichuan field mouse, ''Apodemus latronum'' ***Pygmy field mouse, ''Apodemus microps'' ***Eastern broad-toothed field mouse, ''Apodemus mystacinus'' ***Western broad-toothed field mouse, ''Apodemus epimelas'' ***Ward's field mouse, ''Apodemus pallipes'' ***Korean field mouse, ''Apodemus peninsulae'' ***Black Sea field mouse, ''Apodemus ponticus'' ***Kashmir field mouse, ''Apodemus rusiges'' ***Taiwan field mouse, ''Apodemus semotus'' ***Large Japanese field mouse, ''Apodemus speciosus'' ***Wood mouse, ''Apodemus sylvaticus'' ***Ural field mouse, ''Apodemus uralensis '' ***Steppe field mouse, ''Apodemus witherbyi'' **Genus ''Rhagamys'' † ***Hensel's field mouse, ''Rhagamys orthodon'' † **Genus ''Tokudaia'' - Ryūkyū spiny rats ***Muennink's spiny rat, ''Tokudaia muenninki'' ***Ryukyu spiny rat, ''Tokudaia osimensis'' ***Tokunoshima spiny rat, ''Tokudaia tokunoshimensis'' *Arvicanthis division **Genus ''Arvicanthis'' - unstriped grass mice ***Abyssinian grass rat, ''Arvicanthis abyssinicus'' ***Sudanian grass rat, ''Arvicanthis ansorgei'' ***Blick's grass rat, ''Arvicanthis blicki'' ***Nairobi grass rat, ''Arvicanthis nairobae'' ***Neumann's grass rat, ''Arvicanthis neumanni'' ***African grass rat, ''Arvicanthis niloticus'' ***Guinean grass rat, ''Arvicanthis rufinus'' **Genus ''Desmomys'' ***Harrington's rat, ''Desmomys harringtoni'' ***Yalden's rat, ''Desmomys yaldeni'' **Genus ''Lemniscomys'' - striped grass mice ***Barbary striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys barbarus'' ***Bellier's striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys bellieri'' ***Griselda's striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys griselda'' ***Hoogstraal's striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys hoogstraali'' ***Senegal one-striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys linulus'' ***Buffoon striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys macculus'' ***Mittendorf's striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys mittendorfi'' ***Single-striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys rosalia'' ***Rosevear's striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys roseveari'' ***Typical striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys striatus'' ***Heuglin's striped grass mouse, ''Lemniscomys zebra'' **Genus ''Mylomys'' (African Groove-toothed Rat) ***African groove-toothed rat, ''Mylomys dybowskii'' ***Ethiopian mylomys, ''Mylomys rex'' **Genus ''Pelomys'' - groove-toothed creek rats ***Bell groove-toothed swamp rat, ''Pelomys campanae'' ***Creek groove-toothed swamp rat, ''Pelomys fallax'' ***Hopkins's groove-toothed swamp rat, ''Pelomys hopkinsi'' ***Issel's groove-toothed swamp rat, ''Pelomys isseli'' ***Least groove-toothed swamp rat, ''Pelomys minor'' **Genus ''Rhabdomys'' (Four-striped Grass Mouse) ***''Rhabdomys dilectus'' ***Four-striped grass mouse, ''Rhabdomys pumilio'' *Chrotomys division **Genus ''Apomys'' ***Subgenus ''Apomys'' ****Camiguin forest mouse, ''Apomys camiguinensis'' ****Mount Apo forest mouse, ''Apomys hylocoetes'' ****Mindanao montane forest mouse, ''Apomys insignis'' ****Mindanao lowland forest mouse, ''Apomys littoralis'' ****Small Luzon forest mouse, ''Apomys microdon'' ****Least forest mouse, ''Apomys musculus'' ***Subgenus ''Megapomys'' ****Luzon Cordillera forest mouse, ''Apomys abrae'' ****Luzon Aurora forest mouse, ''Apomys aurorae'' ****Mount Banahaw forest mouse, ''Apomys banahao'' ****Mount Tapulao forest mouse, ''Apomys brownorum'' ****Luzon montane forest mouse, ''Apomys datae'' ****Large Mindoro forest mouse, ''Apomys gracilirostris'' ****''Apomys iridensis'' ****Mindanao lowland forest mouse, ''Apomys littoralis'' ****''Apomys lubangensis'' ****Luzon giant forest mouse, ''Apomys magnus'' ****Mount Mingan forest mouse, ''Apomys minganensis'' ****Long-nosed Luzon forest mouse, ''Apomys sacobianus'' ****Sierra Madre forest mouse, ''Apomys sierrae'' ****Luzon Zambales forest mouse, ''Apomys zambalensis'' **Genus ''Archboldomys'' (Mount Isarog shrew rats) ***Mount Isarog shrew-mouse, ''Archboldomys luzonensis'' ***Large cordillera shrew-mouse, ''Archboldomys maximus'' **Genus ''Soricomys'' ***Sierra Madre shrew-mouse, ''Soricomys musseri'' ***''Soricomys kalinga'' ***''Soricomys leonardocoi'' ***Southern Cordillera shrew-mouse, ''Soricomys montanus'' **Genus ''Chrotomys'' - Luzon striped rats ***Luzon striped rat, ''Chrotomys whiteheadi'' ***Mindoro striped rat, ''Chrotomys mindorensis'' ***Isarog striped shrew-rat, ''Chrotomys gonzalesi'' ***Blazed Luzon shrew-rat, ''Chrotomys silaceus'' ***Sibuyan striped shrew-rat, ''Chrotomys sibuyanensis'' **Genus ''Rhynchomys'' - shrew-like rats ***Banahao shrew-rat, ''Rhynchomys banahao'' ***Isarog shrew-rat, ''Rhynchomys isarogensis'' ***Rhynchomys labo ***Rhynchomys mingan ***Mount Data shrew-rat, ''Rhynchomys soricoides'' ***Tapulao shrew-rat, ''Rhynchomys tapulao'' *Colomys division **Genus ''Colomys'' (African Water Rat) ***African wading rat, ''Colomys goslingi'' **Genus ''Nilopegamys'' ***Ethiopian amphibious rat, ''Nilopegamys plumbeus'' **Genus ''Zelotomys'' - stink mice ***Hildegarde's broad-headed mouse, ''Zelotomys hildegardeae'' ***Woosnam's broad-headed mouse, ''Zelotomys woosnami'' *Crunomys division **Genus ''Crunomys'' - Philippine and Sulawesian shrew rats ***Celebes shrew-rat, ''Crunomys celebensis'' ***Northern Luzon shrew-rat, ''Crunomys fallax'' ***Mindanao shrew-rat, ''Crunomys melanius'' ***Katanglad shrew-mouse, ''Crunomys suncoides'' **Genus ''Sommeromys'' ***Sommer's Sulawesi rat, ''Sommeromys macrorhinos'' *Dacnomys division **Genus ''Anonymomys'' (Mindoro rat) ***Mindoro climbing rat, ''Anonymomys mindorensis'' **Genus ''Chiromyscus'' (Fea's tree rat) ***Fea's tree rat, ''Chiromyscus chiropus'' **Genus ''Dacnomys'' (Large-toothed giant rat) ***Millard's rat, ''Dacnomys millardi'' **Genus ''Leopoldamys'' - long-tailed giant rats ***Sundaic mountain leopoldamys or Sundaic Mountain long-tailed giant rat, ''Leopoldamys ciliatus'' ***Edwards's long-tailed giant rat, ''Leopoldamys edwardsi'' ***Millet's long-tailed giant rat, ''Leopoldamys milleti'' ***Neill's long-tailed giant rat, ''Leopoldamys neilli'' ***Long-tailed giant rat, ''Leopoldamys sabanus'' ***Mentawai long-tailed giant rat, ''Leopoldamys siporanus'' **Genus ''Niviventer'' - white-bellied rats ***Anderson's white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer andersoni'' ***Brahma white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer brahma'' ***Cameron Highlands white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer cameroni'' ***Chinese white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer confucianus'' ***Coxing's white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer coninga'' ***Dark-tailed tree rat, ''Niviventer cremoriventer'' ***Oldfield white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer culturatus'' ***Smoke-bellied rat, ''Niviventer eha'' ***Large white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer excelsior'' ***Montane Sumatran white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer fraternus'' ***Chestnut white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer fulvescens'' ***Limestone rat, ''Niviventer hinpoon'' ***Lang Bian white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer langbianis'' ***Narrow-tailed white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer lepturus'' ***Hainan white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer lotipes'' (formerly in ''N. tenaster'') ***White-bellied rat, ''Niviventer niviventer'' ***Long-tailed mountain rat, ''Niviventer rapit'' ***Tenasserim white-bellied rat, ''Niviventer tenaster'' **Genus ''Saxatilomys'' ***Paulina’s limestone rat, ''Saxatilomys paulinae'' **Genus ''Srilankamys'' (Ceylonese rats) ***Ohiya rat, ''Srilankamys ohiensis'' **Genus ''Tonkinomys'' ***Daovantien’s limestone rat, ''Tonkinomys daovantieni'' *Dasymys division **Genus ''Dasymys'' - shaggy swamp rats ***Glover Allen's shaggy rat, ''Dasymys alleni'' ***Crawford-Cabral's shaggy rat, ''Dasymys cabrali'' ***Cape shaggy rat, ''Dasymys capensis'' ***Fox's shaggy rat, ''Dasymys foxi'' ***''Dasymys griseifrons'' ***African marsh rat, ''Dasymys incomtus'' ***''Dasymys longipilosus'' ***Montane shaggy rat, ''Dasymys montanus'' ***Angolan marsh rat, ''Dasymys nudipes'' ***Robert's shaggy rat, ''Dasymys robertsii'' ***West African shaggy rat, ''Dasymys rufulus'' ***Rwandan shaggy rat, ''Dasymys rwandae'' ***''Dasymys shortridgei'' ***Tanzanian shaggy rat, ''Dasymys sua'' *Echiothrix division **Genus ''Echiothrix'' ***Central Sulawesi echiothrix, ''Echiothrix centrosa'' ***Northern Sulawesi echiothrix, ''Echiothrix leucura'' *Golunda division **Genus ''Golunda'' (Indian Bush Rat) ***Indian bush rat, ''Golunda ellioti'' *Hadromys division **Genus ''Hadromys'' ***Manipur bush rat, ''Hadromys humei'' ***''Hadromys loujacobsi'' ***Yunnan bush rat, ''Hadromys yunnanensis'' *Halmaheramys division **Genus ''Halmaheramys'' ***Spiny Boki Mekot rat, ''Halmaheramys bokimekot'' ***Wallace's large spiny rat ''Halmaheramys wallacei'' *Hybomys division **Genus ''Dephomys'' - defua rats ***Defua rat, ''Dephomys defua'' ***Ivory Coast rat, ''Dephomys eburneae'' **Genus ''Hybomys'' - hump-nosed mice ***Eisentraut's striped mouse, ''Hybomys badius'' ***Father Basilio's striped mouse, ''Hybomys basilii'' ***Moon striped mouse, ''Hybomys lunaris'' ***Miller's striped mouse, ''Hybomys planifrons'' ***Temminck's striped mouse, ''Hybomys trivirgatus'' ***Peters's striped mouse, ''Hybomys univittatus'' **Genus ''Stochomys'' (Target Rat) ***Target rat, ''Stochomys longicaudatus'' *Hydromys division **Genus ''Baiyankamys'' (formerly in ''Hydromys'') ***Mountain water rat, ''Baiyankamys habbema'' ***Shaw Mayer's water rat, ''Baiyankamys shawmayeri'' **Genus ''Crossomys'' (Earless Water Rat) ***Earless water rat, ''Crossomys moncktoni'' **Genus ''Hydromys'' - water rats ***Rakali, ''Hydromys chrysogaster'' ***Western water rat, ''Hydromys hussoni'' ***New Britain water rat, ''Hydromys neobrittanicus'' ***Ziegler's water rat, ''Hydromys ziegleri'' **Genus ''Microhydromys'' ***Southern groove-toothed moss mouse, ''Microhydromys argenteus'' ***Northern groove-toothed shrew mouse, ''Microhydromys richardsoni'' **Genus ''Parahydromys'' (Mountain Water Rat) ***New Guinea waterside rat, ''Parahydromys asper'' **Genus ''Paraleptomys'' ***Northern water rat, ''Paraleptomys rufilatus'' ***Short-haired water rat, ''Paraleptomys wilhelmina'' *Lorentzimys division **Genus ''Lorentzimys'' (New Guinea jumping mouse) ***New Guinean jumping mouse, ''Lorentzimys nouhuysi'' *Malacomys division **Genus ''Malacomys'' - big-eared swamp rats ***Cansdale's swamp rat, ''Malacomys cansdalei'' ***Edward's swamp rat, ''Malacomys edwardsi'' ***Big-eared swamp rat, ''Malacomys longipes'' *Maxomys division **Genus ''Maxomys'' (rajah rats) ***Mountain spiny rat, ''Maxomys alticola'' ***''Maxomys baeodon'' ***Bartels's spiny rat, ''Maxomys bartelsii'' ***Dollman's spiny rat, ''Maxomys dollmani'' ***Hellwald's spiny rat, ''Maxomys hellwaldii'' ***Sumatran spiny rat, ''Maxomys hylomyoides'' ***Malayan mountain spiny rat, ''Maxomys inas'' ***Fat-nosed spiny rat, ''Maxomys inflatus'' ***Mo's spiny rat, ''Maxomys moi'' ***Musschenbroek's spiny rat, ''Maxomys musschenbroekii'' ***Chestnut-bellied spiny rat, ''Maxomys ochraceiventer'' ***Pagai spiny rat, ''Maxomys pagensis'' ***Palawan spiny rat, ''Maxomys panglima'' ***Rajah spiny rat, ''Maxomys rajah'' ***Red spiny rat, ''Maxomys surifer'' ***Watts's spiny rat, ''Maxomys wattsi'' ***Whitehead's spiny rat, ''Maxomys whiteheadi'' *Melasmothrix division **Genus ''Melasmothrix'' (Lesser Sulawesian Shrew Rat) ***Sulawesian shrew rat, ''Melasmothrix naso'' **Genus ''Tateomys'' - greater Sulawesian shrew rats ***Long-tailed shrew rat, ''Tateomys macrocercus'' ***Tate's shrew rat, ''Tateomys rhinogradoides'' *Micromys division **Genus ''Chiropodomys'' - pencil-tailed tree mice ***Palawan pencil-tailed tree mouse, ''Chiropodomys calamianensis'' ***Indomalayan pencil-tailed tree mouse, ''Chiropodomys gliroides'' ***Koopman's pencil-tailed tree mouse, ''Chiropodomys karlkoopmani'' ***Large pencil-tailed tree mouse, ''Chiropodomys major'' ***Gray-bellied pencil-tailed tree mouse, ''Chiropodomys muroides'' ***Small pencil-tailed tree mouse, ''Chiropodomys pusillus'' **Genus ''Haeromys'' - pygmy tree mice ***Ranee mouse, ''Haeromys margarettae'' ***Minahassa ranee mouse, ''Haeromys minahassae'' ***Lesser ranee mouse, ''Haeromys pusillus'' **Genus ''Hapalomys'' - marmoset rats ***Delacour's marmoset rat, ''Hapalomys delacouri'' ***Marmoset rat, ''Hapalomys longicaudatus'' **Genus ''Micromys'' (Old World harvest mouse) ***Eurasian harvest mouse, ''Micromys minutus'' ***''Micromys erythrotis'' **Genus ''Vandeleuria'' - long-tailed climbing mice ***Nilgiri long-tailed tree mouse, ''Vandeleuria nilagirica'' ***Nolthenius's long-tailed climbing mouse, ''Vandeleuria nolthenii'' ***Asiatic long-tailed climbing mouse, ''Vandeleuria oleracea'' **Genus ''Vernaya'' (Vernay's Climbing Mouse) ***Red climbing mouse, ''Vernaya fulva'' *Millardia division **Genus ''Cremnomys'' ***Cutch rat, ''Cremnomys cutchicus'' ***Elvira rat, ''Cremnomys elvira'' **Genus ''Diomys'' (Manipur Mouse) ***Crump's mouse, ''Diomys crumpi'' **Genus ''Madromys'' ***Blanford's rat, ''Madromys blanfordi'' **Genus ''Millardia'' - Asian soft-furred rats ***Sand-colored soft-furred rat, ''Millardia gleadowi'' ***Miss Ryley's soft-furred rat, ''Millardia kathleenae'' ***Kondana soft-furred rat, ''Millardia kondana'' ***Soft-furred rat, ''Millardia meltada'' *Mus division **Genus ''Muriculus'' (Stripe-backed Mouse) ***Ethiopian striped mouse, ''Muriculus imberbis'' **Genus ''Mus'' - typical mice ***Subgenus Coelomys ****Sumatran shrewlike mouse, ''Mus crociduroides'' ****Mayor's mouse, ''Mus mayori'' ****Gairdner's shrewmouse, ''Mus pahari'' ****Volcano mouse, ''Mus vulcani'' ***''Mus lepidoides'' group ****''Mus lepidoides'' ***Subgenus Mus ****Little Indian field mouse, ''Mus booduga'' ****Ryukyu mouse, ''Mus caroli'' ****Fawn-colored mouse, ''Mus cervicolor'' ****Cook's mouse, ''Mus cookii'' ****Cypriot mouse, ''Mus cypriacus'' ****Servant mouse, ''Mus famulus'' ****Sheath-tailed mouse, ''Mus fragilicauda'' ****Macedonian mouse, ''Mus macedonicus'' ****House mouse, ''Mus musculus'' ****''Mus nitidulus'' ****Steppe mouse, ''Mus spicilegus'' ****Algerian mouse, ''Mus spretus'' ****Earth-colored mouse, ''Mus terricolor'' ***Subgenus Nannomys ****Baoule's mouse, ''Mus baoulei'' ****Toad mouse, ''Mus bufo'' ****Callewaert's mouse, ''Mus callewaerti'' ****Gounda mouse, ''Mus goundae'' ****Hausa mouse, ''Mus haussa'' ****Desert pygmy mouse, ''Mus indutus'' ****Mahomet mouse, ''Mus mahomet'' ****Matthey's mouse, ''Mus mattheyi'' ****African pygmy mouse, ''Mus minutoides'' ****Temminck's mouse, ''Mus musculoides'' ****Neave's mouse, ''Mus neavei'' ****Free State pygmy mouse, ''Mus orangiae'' ****Oubangui mouse, ''Mus oubanguii'' ****Peters's mouse, ''Mus setulosus'' ****Setzer's pygmy mouse, ''Mus setzeri'' ****Thomas's pygmy mouse, ''Mus sorella'' ****Delicate mouse, ''Mus tenellus'' ****Gray-bellied pygmy mouse, ''Mus triton'' ***Subgenus Pyromys ****Ceylon spiny mouse, ''Mus fernandoni'' ****Phillips's mouse, ''Mus phillipsi'' ****Flat-haired mouse, ''Mus platythrix'' ****Rock-loving mouse, ''Mus saxicola'' ****Shortridge's mouse, ''Mus shortridgei'' *Oenomys division **Genus †''Canariomys'' - Canary Islands giant rats ***Tenerife giant rat, ''Canariomys bravoi'' † ***Gran Canaria giant rat, ''Canariomys tamarani'' † **Genus ''Grammomys'' ***Arid thicket rat, ''Grammomys aridulus'' ***''Grammomys brevirostris'' ***Bunting's thicket rat, ''Grammomys buntingi'' ***Gray-headed thicket rat, ''Grammomys caniceps'' ***Mozambique thicket rat, ''Grammomys cometes'' ***Woodland thicket rat, ''Grammomys dolichurus'' ***Forest thicket rat, ''Grammomys dryas'' ***Giant thicket rat, ''Grammomys gigas'' ***Ruwenzori thicket rat, ''Grammomys ibeanus'' ***Eastern rainforest grammomys or eastern rainforest thicket rat, ''Grammomys kuru'' ***Macmillan's thicket rat, ''Grammomys macmillani'' ***Ethiopian thicket rat, ''Grammomys minnae'' ***Shining thicket rat, ''Grammomys poensis'' **Genus ''Lamottemys'' ***Mount Oku rat, ''Lamottemys okuensis'' **Genus †''Malpaisomys'' ***Lava mouse, ''Malpaisomys insularis'' **Genus ''Oenomys'' - rufous-nosed rats ***Common rufous-nosed rat, ''Oenomys hypoxanthus'' ***Ghana rufous-nosed rat, ''Oenomys ornatus'' **Genus ''Thallomys'' - acacia rats ***Loring's rat, ''Thallomys loringi'' ***Black-tailed tree rat, ''Thallomys nigricauda'' ***Acacia rat, ''Thallomys paedulcus'' ***Shortridge's rat, ''Thallomys shortridgei'' **Genus ''Thamnomys'' - thicket rats ***Kemp's thicket rat, ''Thamnomys kempi'' ***Hatt's thicket rat, ''Thamnomys major'' ***Charming thicket rat, ''Thamnomys venustus'' *Otomyines division **Genus ''Myotomys'' - African karoo rats ***Sloggett's vlei rat, ''Myotomys sloggetti'' ***Bush vlei rat, ''Myotomys unisulcatus'' **Genus ''Otomys'' - groove-toothed or vlei rats ***Angolan vlei rat, ''Otomys anchietae'' ***Angoni vlei rat, ''Otomys angoniensis'' ***Barbour's vlei rat, ''Otomys barbouri'' ***Burton's vlei rat, ''Otomys burtoni'' ***Cuanza vlei rat, ''Otomys cuanzensis'' ***Ruwenzori vlei rat, ''Otomys dartmouthi'' ***Dent's vlei rat, ''Otomys denti'' ***Dollman's vlei rat, ''Otomys dollmani'' ***Southern African vlei rat, ''Otomys irroratus'' ***Mount Elgon vlei rat, ''Otomys jacksoni'' ***Tanzanian vlei rat, ''Otomys lacustris'' ***Laminate vlei rat, ''Otomys laminatus'' ***Large vlei rat, ''Otomys maximus'' ***Western vlei rat, ''Otomys occidentalis'' ***Afroalpine vlei rat, ''Otomys orestes'' ***Saunder's vlei rat, ''Otomys saundersiae'' ***Tropical vlei rat, ''Otomys tropicalis'' ***Typical vlei rat, ''Otomys typus'' ***Uzungwe vlei rat, ''Otomys uzungwensis'' **Genus ''Parotomys'' - whistling rats ***Brants's whistling rat, ''Parotomys brantsii'' ***Littledale's whistling rat, ''Parotomys littledalei'' *Phloeomys division **Genus ''Batomys'' - Luzon and Mindanao forest rats ***Large-toothed hairy-tailed rat, ''Batomys dentatus'' ***Luzon hairy-tailed rat, ''Batomys granti'' ***Hamiguitan hairy-tailed rat, ''Batomys hamiguitan'' ***Dinagat hairy-tailed rat, ''Batomys russatus'' ***Mindanao hairy-tailed rat, ''Batomys salomonseni'' **Genus ''Carpomys'' - Luzon rats ***Short-footed Luzon tree rat, ''Carpomys melanurus'' ***White-bellied Luzon tree rat, ''Carpomys phaeurus'' **Genus ''Crateromys'' - cloudrunners ***Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat, ''Crateromys australis'' ***Giant bushy-tailed cloud rat, ''Crateromys schadenbergi'' ***Panay cloudrunner, ''Crateromys heaneyi'' ***Ilin Island cloudrunner, ''Crateromys paulus'' **Genus ''Phloeomys'' - slender-tailed cloud rats ***Southern giant slender-tailed cloud rat, ''Phloeomys cumingi'' ***Northern Luzon giant cloud rat, ''Phloeomys pallidus'' *Pithecheir division **Genus ''Eropeplus'' (Sulawesian Soft-furred Rat) ***Sulawesi soft-furred rat, ''Eropeplus canus'' **Genus ''Lenomys'' (Trefoil-toothed Rat) ***Trefoil-toothed giant rat, ''Lenomys meyeri'' **Genus ''Lenothrix'' (Grey Tree Rat) ***Gray tree rat, ''Lenothrix canus'' **Genus ''Margaretamys'' - margareta rats ***Beccari's margareta rat, ''Margaretamys beccarii'' ***Christine's margareta rat, ''Margaretamys christinae'' ***Elegant margareta rat, ''Margaretamys elegans'' ***Little margareta rat, ''Margaretamys parvus'' **Genus ''Pithecheir'' - monkey-footed rats ***Red tree rat, ''Pithecheir melanurus'' ***Malayan tree rat, ''Pithecheir parvus'' **Genus ''Pithecheirops'' ***Bornean pithecheirops, ''Pithecheirops otion'' *Pogonomys division **Genus ''Abeomelomys'' ***Highland brush mouse, ''Abeomelomys sevia'' **Genus ''Anisomys'' (Powerful-toothed Rat) ***Squirrel-toothed rat, ''Anisomys imitator'' **Genus ''Chiruromys'' ***Greater tree mouse, ''Chiruromys forbesi'' ***Lamia, ''Chiruromys lamia'' ***Lesser tree mouse, ''Chiruromys vates'' **Genus ''Coccymys'' ***White-toothed brush mouse, ''Coccymys albidens'' ***''Coccymys kirrhos'' ***Rümmler's brush mouse, ''Coccymys ruemmleri'' ***''Coccymys shawmayeri'' **Genus †''Coryphomys'' ***Buhler's coryphomys, ''Coryphomys buhleri'' ***''Coryphomys musseri'' **Genus ''Hyomys'' - white-eared rats ***Western white-eared giant rat, ''Hyomys dammermani'' ***Eastern white-eared giant rat, ''Hyomys goliath'' **Genus ''Macruromys'' - New Guinean rats ***Lesser small-toothed rat, ''Macruromys elegans'' ***Eastern small-toothed rat, ''Macruromys major'' **Genus ''Mallomys'' - giant tree rats ***De Vis's woolly rat, ''Mallomys aroaensis'' ***Alpine woolly rat, ''Mallomys gunung'' ***Subalpine woolly rat, ''Mallomys istapantap'' ***Rothschild's woolly rat, ''Mallomys rothschildi'' ***Bosavi woolly rat, ''Mallomys ''sp.'' nov.'' ***Arfak woolly rat, ''Mallomys ''sp.'' nov.'' ***Foja woolly rat, ''Mallomys ''sp.'' nov.'' **Genus ''Mammelomys'' ***Large-scaled mosaic-tailed rat, ''Mammelomys lanosus'' ***Large mosaic-tailed rat, ''Mammelomys rattoides'' **Genus ''Pogonomelomys'' - Rummler's mosaic tailed rats ***Lowland brush mouse, ''Pogonomelomys bruijni'' ***Shaw Mayer's brush mouse, ''Pogonomelomys mayeri'' **Genus ''Pogonomys'' - prehensile-tailed rats ***Champion's tree mouse, ''Pogonomys championi'' ***D'Entrecasteaux Archipelago tree mouse, ''Pogonomys fergussoniensis'' ***Large tree mouse, ''Pogonomys loriae'' ***Chestnut tree mouse, ''Pogonomys macrourus'' ***Prehensile-tailed rat, ''Pogonomys mollipilosus'' ***Gray-bellied tree mouse, ''Pogonomys sylvestris'' **Genus †''Spelaeomys'' ***Flores cave rat, ''Spelaeomys florensis'' † **Genus ''Xenuromys'' (White-tailed New Guinea Rat) ***Mimic tree rat, ''Xenuromys barbatus'' *Pseudomys division **Genus ''Conilurus'' - rabbit rats ***White-footed rabbit rat, ''Conilurus albipes'' ***Brush-tailed rabbit rat, ''Conilurus penicillatus'' **Genus ''Leggadina'' ***Forrest's mouse, ''Leggadina forresti'' ***Lakeland Downs mouse, ''Leggadina lakedownensis'' **Genus ''Leporillus'' - Australian stick-nest rats ***Lesser stick-nest rat, ''Leporillus apicalis'' ***Greater stick-nest rat, ''Leporillus conditor'' **Genus ''Mastacomys'' ***Broad-toothed mouse, ''Mastacomys fuscus'' **Genus ''Mesembriomys'' - tree rats ***Black-footed tree rat, ''Mesembriomys gouldii'' ***Golden-backed tree rat, ''Mesembriomys macrurus'' **Genus ''Notomys'' - Australian hopping mice ***Spinifex hopping mouse, ''Notomys alexis'' ***Short-tailed hopping mouse, ''Notomys amplus'' ***Northern hopping mouse, ''Notomys aquilo'' ***Fawn hopping mouse, ''Notomys cervinus'' ***Dusky hopping mouse, ''Notomys fuscus'' ***Long-tailed hopping mouse, ''Notomys longicaudatus'' ***Big-eared hopping mouse, ''Notomys macrotis'' ***Mitchell's hopping mouse, ''Notomys mitchellii'' ***Darling Downs hopping mouse, ''Notomys mordax'' ***Great hopping mouse, ''Notomys robustus'' **Genus ''Pseudomys'' - Australian native mice ***Ash-grey mouse, ''Pseudomys albocinereus'' ***Silky mouse, ''Pseudomys apodemoides'' ***Plains rat, ''Pseudomys australis'' ***Bolam's mouse, ''Pseudomys bolami'' ***Kakadu pebble-mound mouse, ''Pseudomys calabyi'' ***Western pebble-mound mouse, ''Pseudomys chapmani'' ***Little native mouse, ''Pseudomys delicatulus'' ***Desert mouse, ''Pseudomys desertor'' ***Shark Bay mouse, ''Pseudomys fieldi'' ***Smoky mouse, ''Pseudomys fumeus'' ***Blue-gray mouse, ''Pseudomys glaucus'' ***Gould's mouse, ''Pseudomys gouldii'' ***Eastern chestnut mouse, ''Pseudomys gracilicaudatus'' ***Sandy inland mouse, ''Pseudomys hermannsburgensis'' ***Long-tailed mouse, ''Pseudomys higginsi'' ***Central pebble-mound mouse, ''Pseudomys johnsoni'' ****Kimberley mouse, ''Pseudomys (laborifex) johnsoni'' ***Western chestnut mouse, ''Pseudomys nanus'' ***New Holland mouse, ''Pseudomys novaehollandiae'' ***Western mouse, ''Pseudomys occidentalis'' ***Hastings River mouse, ''Pseudomys oralis'' ***Country mouse, ''Pseudomys patrius'' ***Pilliga mouse, ''Pseudomys pilligaensis'' ***Heath mouse, ''Pseudomys shortridgei'' **Genus ''Zyzomys'' - thick-tailed rats ***Common rock rat, ''Zyzomys argurus'' ***Arnhem Land rock rat, ''Zyzomys maini'' ***Carpentarian rock rat, ''Zyzomys palatilis'' ***Central rock rat, ''Zyzomys pedunculatus'' ***Kimberley rock rat, ''Zyzomys woodwardi'' *Rattus division **Genus ''Abditomys'' ***Luzon broad-toothed rat, ''Abditomys latidens'' **Genus ''Bandicota'' - bandicoot rats ***Lesser bandicoot rat, ''Bandicota bengalensis'' ***Greater bandicoot rat, ''Bandicota indica'' ***Savile's bandicoot rat, ''Bandicota savilei'' **Genus ''Berylmys'' - white-toothed rats ***Small white-toothed rat, ''Berylmys berdmorei'' ***Bower's white-toothed rat, ''Berylmys bowersi'' ***Kenneth's white-toothed rat, ''Berylmys mackenziei'' ***Manipur white-toothed rat, ''Berylmys manipulus'' **Genus ''Bullimus'' ***Bagobo rat, ''Bullimus bagobus'' ***Camiguin forest rat, ''Bullimus gamay'' ***Large Luzon forest rat, ''Bullimus luzonicus'' **Genus ''Bunomys'' ***Andrew's hill rat, ''Bunomys andrewsi'' ***Yellow-haired hill rat, ''Bunomys chrysocomus'' ***Heavenly hill rat, ''Bunomys coelestis'' ***Fraternal hill rat, ''Bunomys fratrorum'' ***''Bunomys karokophilus'' ***Inland hill rat, ''Bunomys penitus'' ***Long-headed hill rat, ''Bunomys prolatus'' ***''Bunomys torajae'' **Genus ''Diplothrix'' ***Ryukyu long-tailed giant rat, ''Diplothrix legatus'' **Genus ''Kadarsanomys'' ***Sody's tree rat, ''Kadarsanomys sodyi'' **Genus ''Komodomys'' ***Komodo rat, ''Komodomys rintjanus'' **Genus ''Limnomys'' ***Gray-bellied mountain rat, ''Limnomys bryophilus'' ***Mindanao mountain rat, ''Limnomys sibuanus'' **Genus ''Nesokia'' (Short-tailed Bandicoot Rat) ***Bunn's short-tailed bandicoot rat, ''Nesokia bunnii'' ***Short-tailed bandicoot rat, ''Nesokia indica'' **Genus ''Nesoromys'' ***Ceram rat, ''Nesoromys ceramicus'' **Genus ''Palawanomys'' (Palawan rat) ***Palawan soft-furred mountain rat, ''Palawanomys furvus'' **Genus ''Papagomys'' - Flores giant rats ***Flores giant rat, ''Papagomys armandvillei'' ***Verhoeven's giant tree rat, ''Papagomys theodorverhoeveni'' **Genus ''Paruromys'' (Sulawesian giant rat) ***Sulawesi giant rat, ''Paruromys dominator'' **Genus ''Paulamys'' ***Flores long-nosed rat, ''Paulamys naso'' **Genus ''Rattus'' - typical rats ***''incertae sedis'' ****Enggano rat, ''Rattus enganus'' ****Philippine forest rat, ''Rattus everetti'' ****Polynesian rat, ''Rattus exulans'' ****Hainald's rat, ''Rattus hainaldi'' ****Hoogerwerf's rat, ''Rattus hoogerwerfi'' ****Korinch's rat, ''Rattus korinchi'' ****† Maclear's rat, ''Rattus macleari'' ****Nillu rat, ''Rattus montanus'' ****Molaccan prehensile-tailed rat, ''Rattus morotaiensis'' ****† Bulldog rat, ''Rattus nativitatis'' ****Kerala rat, ''Rattus ranjiniae'' ****New Ireland rat, ''Rattus sanila'' ****Andaman rat, ''Rattus stoicus'' ****Timor rat, ''Rattus timorensis'' ***''R. norvegicus'' group ****Himalayan field rat, ''Rattus nitidus'' ****Brown rat or Norway rat, ''Rattus norvegicus'' ****Turkestan rat, ''Rattus pyctoris'' ***''R. rattus'' group ****Sunburned rat, ''Rattus adustus'' ****Sikkim rat, ''Rattus andamanensis'' ****Ricefield rat, ''Rattus argentiventer'' ****Summit rat, ''Rattus baluensis'' ****Aceh rat, ''Rattus blangorum'' ****Nonsense rat, ''Rattus burrus'' ****Hoffmann's rat, ''Rattus hoffmanni'' ****Koopman's rat, ''Rattus koopmani'' ****Lesser ricefield rat, ''Rattus losea'' ****Mentawai rat, ''Rattus lugens'' ****Mindoro black rat, ''Rattus mindorensis'' ****Little soft-furred rat, ''Rattus mollicomulus'' ****Osgood's rat, ''Rattus osgoodi'' ****Palm rat, ''Rattus palmarum'' ****Black rat, ''Rattus rattus'' ****Sahyadris forest rat, ''Rattus satarae'' ****Simalur rat, ''Rattus simalurensis'' ****Tanezumi rat, ''Rattus tanezumi'' ****Tawitawi forest rat, ''Rattus tawitawiensis'' ****Malayan field rat, ''Rattus tiomanicus'' ***''R. xanthurus'' group ****Bonthain rat, ''Rattus bontanus''; obs. ''Rattus foramineus'' ****Opossum rat, ''Rattus marmosurus'' ****Peleng rat, ''Rattus pelurus'' ****Southeastern xanthurus rat, ''Rattus salocco'' ****Yellow-tailed rat, ''Rattus xanthurus'' ***''R. leucopus'' group (New Guinean group) ****Vogelkop mountain rat, ''Rattus arfakiensis'' ****Western New Guinea mountain rat, ''Rattus arrogans'' ****Sula rat, ''Rattus elaphinus'' ****Spiny Ceram rat, ''Rattus feliceus'' ****Giluwe rat, ''Rattus giluwensis'' ****Japen rat, ''Rattus jobiensis'' ****Cape York rat, ''Rattus leucopus'' ****Eastern rat, ''Rattus mordax'' ****Moss-forest rat, ''Rattus niobe'' ****New Guinean rat, ''Rattus novaeguineae'' ****Arianus's rat, ''Rattus omichlodes'' ****Pocock’s highland rat, ''Rattus pococki'' ****Large New Guinea spiny rat, ''Rattus praetor'' ****Glacier rat, ''Rattus richardsoni'' ****Stein's rat, ''Rattus steini'' ****Van Deusen's rat, ''Rattus vandeuseni'' ****Slender rat, ''Rattus verecundus'' ***''R. fuscipes'' group (Australian group) ****Dusky rat, ''Rattus colletti'' ****Bush rat, ''Rattus fuscipes'' ****Australian swamp rat, ''Rattus lutreolus'' ****Dusky field rat, ''Rattus sordidus'' ****Pale field rat, ''Rattus tunneyi'' ****Long-haired rat, ''Rattus villosissimus'' **Genus ''Sundamys'' - giant Sunda rats ***Annandale's rat, ''Sundamys annandalei'' ***Mountain giant Sunda rat, ''Sundamys infraluteus'' ***Bartels's rat, ''Sundamys maxi'' ***Müller's giant Sunda rat, ''Sundamys muelleri'' **Genus ''Taeromys'' ***Salokko rat, ''Taeromys arcuatus'' ***Lovely-haired rat, ''Taeromys callitrichus'' ***Celebes rat, ''Taeromys celebensis'' ***Sulawesi montane rat, ''Taeromys hamatus'' ***Small-eared rat, ''Taeromys microbullatus'' ***Sulawesi forest rat, ''Taeromys punicans'' ***Tondano rat, ''Taeromys taerae'' **Genus ''Tarsomys'' ***Long-footed rat, ''Tarsomys apoensis'' ***Spiny long-footed rat, ''Tarsomys echinatus'' **Genus ''Tryphomys'' (Mearn's Luzon Rat) ***Luzon short-nosed rat, ''Tryphomys adustus'' *Stenocephalomys division **Genus ''Heimyscus'' ***African smoky mouse, ''Heimyscus fumosus **Genus ''Hylomyscus'' - African wood mice ***''H. aeta'' group ****Beaded wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus aeta'' ****''Hylomyscus grandis'' ***''H. alleni'' group ****Allen's wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus alleni'' ****Angolan wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus carillus'' ****Stella wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus stella'' ****Walter Verheyen's mouse, ''Hylomyscus walterverheyeni'' ***''H. anselli'' group ****Ansell's wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus anselli'' ****Arc Mountain wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus arcimontensis'' ***''H. baeri'' group ****Baer's wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus baeri'' ***''H. denniae'' group ****Montane wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus denniae'' ****Small-footed forest mouse, ''Hylomyscus endorobae'' ****''Hylomyscus vulcanorum'' ***''H. parvus'' group ****Little wood mouse, ''Hylomyscus parvus'' **Genus ''Mastomys'' - multimammate rats ***Awash multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys awashensis'' ***Southern multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys coucha'' ***Guinea multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys erythroleucus'' ***Hubert's multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys huberti'' ***Verheyen's multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys kollmannspergeri'' ***Natal multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys natalensis'' ***Dwarf multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys pernanus'' ***Shortridge's multimammate mouse, ''Mastomys shortridgei'' **Genus ''Myomyscus'' - multimammate rats ***Angolan multimammate mouse, ''Myomyscus angolensis'' ***Brockman's rock mouse or Brockman's white-footed rat, ''Myomyscus brockmani'' ***Verreaux's mouse, ''Myomyscus verreauxii'' ***Yemeni mouse, ''Myomyscus yemeni'' **Genus ''Praomys'' - African soft-furred rats ***''Praomys coetzeei'' ***Dalton's mouse, ''Praomys daltoni'' ***De Graaff's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys degraaffi'' ***Delectable soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys delectorum'' ***Deroo's mouse, ''Praomys derooi'' ***Hartwig's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys hartwigi'' ***Jackson's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys jacksoni'' ***Lukolela swamp rat, ''Praomys lukolelae'' ***Least soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys minor'' ***Misonne's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys misonnei'' ***Cameroon soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys morio'' ***Muton's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys mutoni'' ***Gotel Mountain soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys obscurus'' ***Peter's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys petteri'' ***Forest soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys rostratus'' ***Tullberg's soft-furred mouse, ''Praomys tullbergi'' ***Verschuren's swamp rat, ''Praomys verschureni'' **Genus ''Stenocephalemys'' - Ethiopian narrow-headed rats ***Ethiopian white-footed mouse, ''Stenocephalemys albipes'' ***Ethiopian narrow-headed rat, ''Stenocephalemys albocaudata'' ***Gray-tailed narrow-headed rat, ''Stenocephalemys griseicauda'' ***Rupp's mouse, ''Stenocephalemys ruppi'' *Uromys division **Genus ''Melomys'' - banana rats ***Dusky mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys aerosus'' ***Rossel Island mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys arcium'' ***Bannister's rat, ''Melomys bannisteri'' ***Bougainville mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys bougainville'' ***Grassland mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys burtoni'' ***Cape York mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys capensis'' ***Fawn-footed mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys cervinipes'' ***Yamdena mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys cooperae'' ***Dollman's mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys dollmani'' ***Manusela mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys fraterculus'' ***Snow Mountains grassland mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys frigicola'' ***Seram long-tailed mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys fulgens'' ***Riama mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys howi'' ***White-bellied mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys leucogaster'' ***Papua grassland mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys lutillus'' ***Manus Island mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys matambuai'' ***Obi mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys obiensis'' ***Pavel's Seram mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys paveli'' ***Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys rubicola'' ***Black-tailed mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys rufescens'' ***Buka Island mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys spechti'' ***Short-tailed Talaud mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys caurinus'' ***Long-tailed Talaud mosaic-tailed rat, ''Melomys talaudium'' **Genus ''Paramelomys'' ***Gressitt's mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys gressitti'' ***Long-nosed mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys levipes'' ***Lorentz's mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys lorentzii'' ***Thomas's mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys mollis'' ***Moncton's mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys moncktoni'' ***''Paramelomys naso'' (formerly in ''P. levipes'') ***Lowland mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys platyops'' ***Mountain mosaic-tailed rat, ''Paramelomys rubex'' ***''Paramelomys steini'' **Genus ''Protochromys'' ***Red-bellied mosaic-tailed rat, ''Protochromys fellowsi'' **Genus ''Solomys'' - naked-tailed rats ***Poncelet's giant rat, ''Solomys ponceleti'' ***Florida naked-tailed rat, ''Solomys salamonis'' ***Bougainville naked-tailed rat, ''Solomys salebrosus'' ***Isabel naked-tailed rat, ''Solomys sapientis'' ***Buka Island naked-tailed rat, ''Solomys spriggsarum'' **Genus ''Uromys'' - giant naked-tailed rats ***Giant naked-tailed rat, ''Uromys anak'' ***Biak giant rat, ''Uromys boeadii'' ***Giant white-tailed rat, ''Uromys caudimaculatus'' ***Emma's giant rat, ''Uromys emmae'' ***Masked white-tailed rat, ''Uromys hadrourus'' ***Emperor rat, ''Uromys imperator'' † ***Bismarck giant rat, ''Uromys neobritanicus'' ***Guadalcanal rat, ''Uromys porculus'' † ***King rat, ''Uromys rex'' ***Great Key Island giant rat, ''Uromys siebersi'' *Xeromys division **Genus ''Leptomys'' ***''Leptomys arfakensis'' ***Long-footed water rat, ''Leptomys elegans'' ***Ernst Mayr's water rat, ''Leptomys ernstmayri'' ***''Leptomys paulus'' ***Fly River water rat, ''Leptomys signatus'' **Genus ''Pseudohydromys'' - New Guinea false water rats ***Bishop moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys berniceae'' ***Huon small-toothed moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys carlae'' ***Laurie's moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys eleanorae'' ***One-toothed shrew mouse, ''Pseudohydromys ellermani'' ***Mottled-tailed shrew mouse, ''Pseudohydromys fuscus'' ***German's one-toothed moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys germani'' ***Eastern shrew mouse, ''Pseudohydromys murinus'' ***Musser's shrew mouse, ''Pseudohydromys musseri'' ***Western shrew mouse, ''Pseudohydromys occidentalis'' ***Woolley's moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys patriciae'' ***Southern small-toothed moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys pumehanae'' ***White-bellied moss mouse, ''Pseudohydromys sandrae'' **Genus ''Xeromys'' (False Water Rat) ***False water rat, ''Xeromys myoides'' *''incertae sedis'' **Genus ''Hyorhinomys'' ***''Hyorhinomys stuempkei'' **Genus ''Mirzamys'' ***Mirza's western moss rat, ''Mirzamys louiseae'' ***Mirza's eastern moss rat, ''Mirzamys norahae'' **Genus ''Musseromys'' ***Banahaw tree mouse, ''Musseromys gulantang'' ***''Musseromys anacuao'' ***''Musseromys beneficus'' ***''Musseromys inopitatus'' **Genus ''Paucidentomys'' ***''Paucidentomys vermidax''



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