Dr Mark Andrew Brazil (born 8 June 1955) is a conservationist,
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, particularly noted for his work on east Asian birds. Brazil was born in
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, and studied at
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Keele University
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where he graduated with a double honours BA degree in Biology & English Literature in 1977. In 1981 he received his Ph.D. from
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for his thesis ''The behavioural ecology of the Whooper Swan''. He worked for many years with Japanese natural history television (NHK Science) and then Television New Zealand (TVNZ) and Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ). He has also worked for various other television companies, including the BBC and BBC Radio, as a scientific advisor, contributor and interviewee. From 1998 to 2007 he was professor of Biodiversity and Conservation at Rakuno Gakuen University, Hokkaido. Since 2007 he has been a freelance natural history and travel writer, an editor of scientific papers, and a frequent leader of expeditions in Japan and internationally. He was previously scientific advisor/researcher for Natural History Television New Zealand; currently: author, editor, lecturer and expedition leader for Zegrahm Expeditions and Expedition Easy. Previously a resident of Ebetsu, since April 2018 he has been based in the Teshikaga area of east Hokkaido, in the buffer zone of the Akan-Mashu National Park. Brazil was the author of the "Wild Watch" column for ''
The Japan Times ''The Japan Times'' is Japan's largest and oldest English-language daily newspaper. It is published by , a subsidiary of News2u Holdings, Inc.. It is headquartered in the in Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo is a Special wards of Tokyo, special ward l ...
'' newspaper from April 1982 to March 2015, the longest running single-author natural history column in any newspaper. He has been writer in residence for JapanVisitor.com since June 2011.


Books *1987: ''A Birdwatcher's Guide to Japan'', Kodansha America *1991: ''The Birds of Japan'', Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd *2000: ''Wild Asia: Spirit of a Continent'', Pelican Publishing *2003: ''The Whooper Swan'', *2009: ''
Birds of East Asia Birds of East Asia is a 2009 book by naturalist Mark Brazil. It lists 985 species of birds resident to East Asia East Asia is the eastern region of Asia Asia () is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in th ...
'', Helm Field Guides series, A&C Black *2013: ''The Nature of Japan: From Dancing Cranes to Flying Fish'', Japan Nature Guides. *2015: ''Pocket Guide to the Common and Iconic Birds of Japan'', Japan Nature Guides. *2015: ''Pocket Guide to the Common and Iconic Mammals of Japan'', Japan Nature Guides. *2018: ''
Birds of Japan Birds are a group of warm-blooded vertebrates constituting the class (biology), class Aves , characterised by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, the Oviparity, laying of Eggshell, hard-shelled eggs, a high Metabolism, metabolic rate, a four-c ...
'', Helm Field Guides series, A&C Black Has also published numerous papers, magazine and newspaper articles in the fields of science, natural history and travel.

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Wild Bird Society of Japan Wild Bird Society of Japan (日本野鳥の会) was founded in 1934 in Tokyo, Japan. The organization has 47,000 members and publishes a newsletter called ''Strix''. Other relevant publications include the ''Field Guide to the Birds of Japan'', ''B ...

Wild Bird Society of Japan


Review of ''Field Guide to the Birds of East Asia'' by Jesper Hornskov in Birdwatch, 01 Jan 2010, accessed 28 December 2010

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* ttp://www.japanvisitor.com/japanese-culture/mark-brazil/ JapanVisitor, Japan guide website with articles contributed by Mark Brazil, accessed 25 March 2017br>Japan Times Wild Watch column, accessed 25 March 2017
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