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Macedonians (ethnic group) Macedonians ( mk, Македонци, Makedonci) are a nation and a South Slavic ethnic group native to the region of Macedonia in Southeast Europe. They speak Macedonian, a South Slavic language. The large majority of Macedonians identi ...
, a nation and a South Slavic ethnic group primarily associated with North Macedonia *
Macedonians (Greeks) Macedonians ( el, Μακεδόνες, ''Makedónes''), also known as Greek Macedonians or Macedonian Greeks, are a regional and historical population group of ethnic Greeks, inhabiting or originating from the Macedonia (Greece), Greek region o ...
, the Greek people inhabiting or originating from Macedonia, a geographic and administrative region of Greece *
Macedonian Bulgarians Macedonians or Macedonian Bulgarians ( bg, македонци or македонски българи), sometimes also referred to as Macedono-Bulgarians, Macedo-Bulgarians, or Bulgaro-Macedonians are a regional, ethnographic group of eth ...
, the Bulgarian people from the region of Macedonia * Macedo-Romanians (disambiguation), an outdated and rarely used anymore term for the Aromanians and Megleno-Romanians, both being small Eastern Romance ethno-linguistic groups present in the region of Macedonia *
Macedonians (obsolete terminology) Macedonians as an obsolete terminology was used in regional and in ethnographic sense and had several meanings, different from these used mostly today. The name of Macedonia was revived on the Balkans during the early 19th century as result of the ...
, an outdated and rarely used umbrella term to designate all the inhabitants of the region, regardless of their ethnic origin, as well as the local Slavs and Macedo-Romanians, as a regional and ethnographic communities and not as a separate ethnic groups


Ancient Macedonians The Macedonians ( el, Μακεδόνες, ''Makedónes'') were an ancient tribe that lived on the alluvial plain around the rivers Haliacmon and lower Axios in the northeastern part of mainland Greece. Essentially an ancient Greek people,; ...
, an ancient Greek tribe associated with the ancient region and kingdom of Macedonia


Macedonian language Macedonian (; , , ) is an Eastern South Slavic language. It is part of the Indo-European language family, and is one of the Slavic languages, which are part of a larger Balto-Slavic branch. Spoken as a first language by around two million ...
, a modern South Slavic language spoken by ethnic Macedonians * Ancient Macedonian language, an extinct language, probably related to the ancient Greek language * Macedonian dialect, one of the
varieties of Modern Greek The linguistic varieties of Modern Greek can be classified along two principal dimensions. First, there is a long tradition of sociolectal variation between the natural, popular spoken language on the one hand and archaizing, learned written for ...
, spoken in the region of Macedonia in Greece

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Macedonian dynasty The Macedonian dynasty (Greek: Μακεδονική Δυναστεία) ruled the Byzantine Empire from 867 to 1056, following the Amorian dynasty. During this period, the Byzantine state reached its greatest extent since the Muslim conquests, a ...
, a line of rulers of the Byzantine Empire (867–1056) *
Pneumatomachi The ''Pneumatomachi'' (; grc-gre, Πνευματομάχοι ''Pneumatomákhoi''), also known as Macedonians or Semi-Arians in Constantinople and the Tropici in Alexandria, were an anti-Nicene Creed sect which flourished in the regions adjacent t ...
, also known as Macedonians, a 4th-century Byzantine Christian sect * HMS Macedonian, a British frigate (1808–1812) * Makedonikos F.C., a Greek football club whose name means 'Macedonian'

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Macedonia naming dispute The use of the country name " Macedonia" was disputed between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia (now North Macedonia) between 1991 and 2019. The dispute was a source of instability in the Western Balkans for 25 years. It was resolved thro ...
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