Lost may refer to getting lost, or to:


*Lost, Aberdeenshire, a hamlet in Scotland *Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail, or LOST, a hiking and cycling trail in Florida, US


*Abbreviation of lost work, any work which is known to have been created but has not survived to the present day

Arts, entertainment, and media


*''Lost'' (1950 film), a Mexican film directed by Fernando A. Rivero *''Lost'' (1956 film), a British thriller starring David Farrar *''Lost'' (1983 film), an American film directed by Al Adamson *''Lost!'' (film), a 1986 Canadian film directed by Peter Rowe *''Lost'' (2004 film), an American thriller starring Dean Cain *''The Lost'' (2006 film), an American psychological horror starring Marc Senter


*''Lost: Via Domus'', a 2008 video game by Ubisoft based on the ''Lost'' TV series *''The Lost'' (video game), a 2002 vaporware game by Irrational Games


*''Lost'' (Maguire novel), a 2001 horror/mystery novel by Gregory Maguire *''Lost'' (Robotham novel), a 2005 Michael Robotham novel *''Lost'', Alice Lichtenstein's second novel *''Lost: A Memoir'', a 2009 memoir by Canadian author Cathy Ostlere *''The Lost'': ''A Search for Six of Six Million'', a memoir by Daniel Mendelsohn *''The Lost'' (Durst novel), a 2014 fantasy novel by American author Sarah Beth Durst


Groups and labels

*Lost (band), an Italian pop rock band *The Lost (band), a Boston garage rock band


*''Lost'' (8Ball album) *''Lost'' (Carpark North album) *''Lost'' (Cool Calm Pete album) *''Lost'' (Died Pretty album) *''Lost'' (Elegy album) *''Lost'' (RTZ album)


*"Lost" (The Badloves song) *"Lost" (Cold Chisel song) *"Lost" (Faith Hill song) *"Lost" (Frank Ocean song), covered by Major Lazer *"Lost" (Gorilla Zoe song) *"Lost" (Hunter Brothers song) *"Lost" (Lasgo song) *"Lost" (Menudo song) *"Lost" (Michael Bublé song) *"Lost" (Roger Sanchez song) *"Lost" (Skin song) *"Lost" (Vassy and Afrojack song) *"Lost!", by Coldplay *"Lost", by Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra from ''Theatre Is Evil'' *"Lost", by Annie Lennox from ''Songs of Mass Destruction'' *"Lost", by Anouk from ''Hotel New York'' *"Lost", by Avenged Sevenfold from ''Avenged Sevenfold'' *"Lost", by the Box Tops from ''Cry Like a Baby'' *"Lost", by BTS from ''Wings'' *"Lost", by Chance the Rapper featuring No name from ''Acid Rap'' *"Lost", by Clockwork Radio from ''State of Mind'' EP *"Lost", by the Cure from ''The Cure'' *"Lost", by Dead by April from ''Incomparable'' *"Lost", by Delain from ''April Rain'' *"Lost", by Dusty Springfield from ''A Brand New Me'' *"Lost", by Edge of Sanity from ''The Spectral Sorrows'' *"Lost", by Katy Perry from ''One of the Boys'' *"Lost", by Killswitch Engage from ''Killswitch Engage'' *"Lost", by Korn from ''Life Is Peachy'' *"Lost", by Kreator from ''Cause for Conflict'' *"Lost", by Nik Kershaw from ''You've Got to Laugh'' *"Lost", by Orbital from ''Blue Album'' *"Lost", by Red from ''End of Silence'' *"Lost", by Stabbing Westward from ''Ungod'' *"Lost", by Tristania from ''World of Glass'' *"Lost", by Uriah Heep from ''Into the Wild'' *"Lost", by Van der Graaf Generator from ''H to He, Who Am the Only One''


*''Lost'' (game show), a short-lived reality television programme from 2001 *''Lost'' (TV series), an ABC drama about people who become stranded on a mysterious island *"Lost" (''Stargate Universe''), an episode of science fiction television series ''Stargate Universe'' *"Lost", an episode of the Canadian documentary TV series ''Mayday'' *"Lost", a first-season episode of Disney's ''So Weird'' *"The Lost" (''Class''), an episode of the first series of the ''Doctor Who'' spin-off series ''Class''

Other uses

*Local option sales tax, or LOST *Mustard gas, originally known as Lost, after the scientists Wilhelm Lommel and Wilhelm Steinkopf, who developed a method for its large-scale production

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