''Little Einsteins'' is an American interactive animated children's television series that aired on Playhouse Disney. The educational children series was developed for television by Douglas Wood who created the concept and characters, and a subsequent team headed by Emmy Award-winning director Olexa Hewryk and ''JoJo's Circus'' co-creator Eric Weiner, and produced by Curious Pictures and The Baby Einstein Company (then Disney-owned). The first regular episode of ''Little Einsteins'' premiered in the UK on October 3, 2005 and in the US on October 9, 2005. The final regular episode was originally broadcast (in the US) on December 22, 2009, and a standalone special was released on June 19, 2010, marking series’ official end. The series continued to air in reruns afterward on Playhouse Disney until Playhouse Disney’s shutdown on February 13, 2011. Reruns then aired on Disney Junior from February 14, 2011 until March 25, 2019. Sixty-seven episodes were produced. The series was based on the direct-to-video film of the same name, subtitled ''Our Huge Adventure''.


''Little Einsteins'' was designed to teach the target demographic art and music appreciation by integrating famous or culturally significant art works (usually, but not exclusively, paintings) and classical music (most typically from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras) into the scenery, plot and soundtrack of each episode. The show is also designed to encourage viewer interaction (such as encouraging the audience to pat their knees, gesture or sing along to help the characters succeed on their "mission").




* Leo is Annie's older brother who is the leader of the Little Einsteins and pilots Rocket. His main talent is conducting, and his most prized possession is his conductor's baton. He has tan skin, red hair and green eyes. He wears green glasses, black shirt with an orange stripe, orange cargo shorts, and black and orange shoes. He was voiced by Jesse Schwartz and his singing voice was provided by Harrison Chad. He is in the same age as June, who is six years old. * Annie is Leo's younger sister who is the smallest member of the team group, a young singer who loves to sing and the only character who has piloted Rocket alone. She likes singing and animals, including dolphins and horses, but she is afraid of spiders. In Season 1, Annie's singing posture is with one hand up in the air and the other hand on her chest, then she comes to own a silver microphone with orange musical notes after winning it in a singing contest in the season 2 episode "Annie, Get Your Microphone!" When she wishes to urgently point something out to the team, her usual phrase is "Look-look-look!" and she has fair skin, blonde hair tied in two pigtails with pink bows and blue eyes. She wears a green shirt, a blue jean dress and pink and white shoes in Season 1 and a light blue shirt, pink jean dress and blue shoes in Season 2. She was voiced by Natalia Wójcik. She is four years old. * June is a young ballerina who loves to dance. She has pale skin, dark brown hair and slanted brown eyes. She wears a pink headband, a purple dress, a pink belt, blue pearl earrings and brownish red crimson dancing ballet shoes, but with no white socks on her feet. She was voiced by Erica Huang. She is in the same age as Leo, who is also six years old as well. * Quincy is a musician who plays a variety of musical instruments, including the violin, flute, and trumpet. At some point in most episodes, Quincy exclaims, "I can not believe it!". He has brown skin, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears a red cap with a blue bill trim, yellow shirt with green sleeve trims, blue jeans, and red and white shoes. He was voiced by Aiden Pompey. He is five years old. * Rocket is the Little Einsteins' main mode of transportation, as well as their friend. Rocket has an array of tools and accessories that help the team complete their missions. Rocket also has the ability to transform into any other form of transportation, like a submarine or a train. Rocket communicates by making marimba noises. He is capable of going to outer space.


* Big Jet is a blue fighter plane which appears to resemble a Soviet MiG-29. Big Jet has been known to ruin parties and steal things to keep for himself. Big Jet hates springtime, owing to his being allergic to flowers, as seen in the episode "Oh Yes, Oh Yes, it's Springtime". He also hates losing, as seen in "The Great Sky Race Rematch". In the episode, "Show and Tell", Big Jet gets revenge on Rocket and the Little Einsteins for defeating him in all of his appearances by stealing their favorite things. He befriends them later, however. * Little Mouse, The Good Knight, and Joey the Kangaroo appeared individually in their own episodes, "The Mouse and the Moon", "The Good Knight and The Bad Knight", and "Jump For Joey", respectively, and collectively in the three episodes' crossover-sequel, "Rocket Soup". * The Three Little Pigs appeared in three episodes: "Farmer Annie", "Super Fast", and "Build It Rocket". * Melody the Music Pet is a musical pet that Leo helped find her ticket for the pet train in "Melody the Music Pet". After boarding the train, Melody is brought to live with Leo. She reappeared in "Melody and Me", where it is up to Leo to save her after her hot-air balloon flies away. * The Bad Knight is the knight who imprisoned the Good Knight. In the episode "The Good Knight and The Bad Knight" he rides a cello that acts like a horse. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that he was under a magic spell that made him a bad knight. after rescuing the Good Knight, he himself transforms back into a good knight. In the episode "Rocket Soup," he helps the Little Einsteins get peas to make Rocket Soup for Rocket to eat. * The Little Red Train is a good friend of Annie, and although he is very small, is very determined and very strong. He appeared in the episodes "Go West, Young Train" and "Annie, Get Your Microphone!".


* Ring appeared in the episode "Ring Around the Planet". Ring fell off Saturn and landed near June's garden. Ring is also a great dancer just like June which makes them and the rest of the Little Einsteins friends. The Little Einsteins bring Ring back home to Saturn. *Grandma Rocket appeared in the episode "Little Red Rockethood" and is the grandmother of Rocket. She shares a similar appearance to Rocket but is purple and has glasses and gray hair. Just as Rocket, she communicates by marimba sounds.


In the UK version, the Little Einsteins are voiced by Poppy Lee Friar (June), Piers Stubbs (Leo), Kirsty Hickey (Annie), and Mitchell Zhangazha (Quincy), and certain American terms are converted to the British vernacular: for example, changing mentions of "Candy Canes" to mentions of "Sweetie Sticks."

Home and streaming media

The series also had two VHS Releases one being a VHS version of Our Huge Adventure and the second being "Climb Aboard and Get Ready to Explore" which included the episodes "The Birthday Balloons", "Dragon Kite" and "Ring Around the Planet". The Halloween special is a bonus feature on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD ''Mickey's Treat''. In addition to DVD releases, the entire series has been available on Disney+ since its launch.


The series was given a 5-star rating by Common Sense Media.

In other media

A video game based on the show was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2006.



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