This is a list of the major rivers that flow through Ukraine. Ukraine has around 23,000 rivers. Most of the rivers of Ukraine drain into the Black Sea and Azov Sea belonging to the bigger Mediterranean basin. Those rivers mostly flow in southern direction, except for some Pripyat tributaries in Volhynia and Dniester tributaries in Prykarpattia. A small portion of rivers is part of Western Bug drainage basin located in Western Ukraine near the border with Poland. Those rivers usually have northern direction and are part of bigger Baltic basin. The most notable rivers of Ukraine include: Dnieper, Dniester, Southern Buh, and Siversky Donets. The longest river is Dnieper, the longest tributary is the Dnieper's tributary Desna. Two of the Danube's tributaries in Ukraine Prut and Tysa are longer than the main river within Ukraine. 225px|A map of the Lithuanian)..html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Lithuanian language">Lithuanian).">Lithuanian language">Lithuanian). The territory of Ukraine is conditionally divided into 9 hydrographic zone according to major river basins including basins of rivers Wisla (Western Bug and San), Danube, Dniester, Southern Bug, Dnieper, Don, rivers of Black Sea littoral, Sea of Azov littoral, and separately rivers of Crimea. The biggest river basin by area is Dnieper which is subdivided into Prypiat basin, Desna basin, basin of Middle Dnieper, basin of Lower Dnieper. Beside Dnieper, basin of the Danube zoning is also subdivided into basin of Tysa, basin of Prut and Siret, and basin of the Lower Danube.

List of major rivers in Ukraine

Listed are rivers over long. Length is in kilometers. ;Black Sea basin * * * * * ;Sea of Azov basin * * * * ;Baltic Sea basin *


The most water in Ukraine is carried by Dnieper. Its annual drainage volume is . The only other river that has higher drainage volume is the Danube which running through the Central Europe within Ukraine stretches only for . The average annual drainage of the Danube is around . The deepest river of Ukraine is Dniester. In its mid stream between Pyzhniv village and Mohyliv-Podilsky through the Dniester canyon (Podillia Upland) the river narrows to in width and deepens up to . The biggest water amount among distributaries is carried by the Chilia branch. The biggest river delta in Ukraine belongs to Dnieper and has area of , while the Danube Delta within Ukraine is only .

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