These are the highest-grossing, primarily non-English language films in the world.

Film and language

In terms of gross revenue, English-language films are vastly over-represented among the highest-grossing films of all time. Among the top 100 highest-grossing films, 98 of them are in English, with the other two being the Chinese films ''Wolf Warrior 2'' and ''Hi, Mom''. The primary source of the highest-grossing films are the major film studios based in and around Hollywood, California. As a result, nearly all of these films are English-language films as the United States is primarily an English-speaking country. One factor behind the relative success of English-language films is that the English language is widely considered to be a universal language—it is the first language of 400 million people, the second language of another 400 million, and a foreign language of an additional 700 million. It is thus understood by 1.5 billion people, which is almost 20% of the world population. The Chinese language, especially the standard variant, has over twice as many native speakers as English, but much fewer foreign-language speakers. Another major factor is the difference in cinema ticket prices around the world, with developing countries (as well as newly industrialized countries) having lower ticket prices than developed countries, due to lower currency value, less average income and lower living costs. A number of Chinese, Indian and Soviet films are estimated to have sold more than 100million tickets at the box office, but at relatively low ticket prices compared to Hollywood films, thus limiting the amount of gross revenue generated. As of 2017, the average cinema ticket price was in the United States, compared to ($5.10) in China and () in India. The world's largest markets in terms of box office admissions are China, India and the United States. The former Soviet Union (before it dissolved in 1991) was a similarly large box office market,''The Routledge Handbook of the Cold War'', page 357
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with relatively lower ticket prices than North America due to lower living costs. Indian Bollywood films had a large overseas audience in the Soviet Union between the 1950s and 1980s,Bollywood affair: how Indian cinema arrived in the USSR
''The Calvert Journal'', Calvert 22 Foundation, August 2015
and were significantly more popular than Hollywood films there.''Indian Films in Soviet Cinemas: The Culture of Movie-going After Stalin''
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''Moscow Prime Time: How the Soviet Union Built the Media Empire that Lost the Cultural Cold War'', page 44
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List of highest-grossing films by box office revenue

Box office admissions

A number of non-English markets have traditionally given box office figures in ticket sales (such as France, South Korea and the Soviet Union), rather than gross revenue, thus only ticket sales numbers are available for a number of older non-English films in various markets. This list varies from revenue-based rankings due to the huge difference in the price of admission tickets from place to place as well as from one moment in time to another. The following table lists known estimated box office ticket sales for various high-grossing non-English films that have sold at least 70million tickets worldwide. Note: Some of the data are incomplete due to a lack of available admissions data from a number of countries. Therefore, it is not an exhaustive list of all the highest-grossing non-English films by ticket sales, so no rankings are given.

Home video sales revenue

The following table lists known home video sales for various high-grossing non-English films. Note that this list is incomplete and is thus not necessarily representative of the highest-grossing non-English films by video sales, therefore no rankings are given.

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