This is a list of the highest-grossing mobile games. This is a list of mobile games that have generated at least $100 million in gross revenue. The video game company with the highest number of titles on the list is Tencent, which publishes and/or owns 12 games on the list, including four in the top ten. The top-grossing mobile game is ''Honor of Kings'' (2015), also known as ''Arena of Valor'' internationally, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game published by Tencent. Five other Tencent titles on the list are from their subsidiary Supercell. The highest-grossing mobile app of all time was previously Mixi's ''Monster Strike'' (2013), a role-playing physics puzzle//strategy video game that had grossed over in worldwide revenue by October 2018. The highest-grossing mobile app before that was ''Puzzle & Dragons'' (2012), a role-playing puzzle video game from GungHo Online Entertainment that had earned up until October 2018, when it was surpassed by ''Monster Strike''.


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