This article is a list of all current automobile manufacturers of the United States.

Current manufacturers

Big Three

The currently active brands from the " Big Three" manufacturers (Ford, General Motors and Stellantis) are shown below.

Major EV Companies

* Lucid Motors

(2007–present) * Tesla

(2008–present) * Rivian


Other companies

* AC Propulsion

(1992–present) * AM General

(1971–present) * Anteros Coachworks

(2005–present) * Aptera Motors

(2005–present) * Arcimoto

(2007–present) * Aria Group

(2017–present) * Aurica Motors

2010–present) * Alpha Motor Corporation

(2020–present) * AlloyCars Aluminum Automobiles

(1996–present) * Bauer Limited Production

(2012–present) * Berrien Buggy

(1968–present) * Brammo

(2002–present) * Bollinger Motors

(2014–present) * Bremach

(2009–present) * BXR Motors

(2008–present) * Callaway Cars

(1977–present) * Canoo

(2017–present) * Cizeta Automobili

(1988–present) * Commuter Cars

(2004–present) * Cord

(1929–1937, 2017–present) * Czinger

(2019–present) * Cruise Automation

(2013–present) * DDR Motorsport

(2001–present) * Deco Rides

(2000–present) * DF Kit Cars

(1993–present) * Dio Cars

(1991–present) * Dove Racing

(2008–present) * Dragon Motor Cars

(2002–present) * Drako Motors

(2013–present) * Drakan Motor Cars

(2015–present) * DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)

(1995–present) * Detroit Electric

(1907–1939, 2008–present) * Elation Motors

(2014–present) * Elio Motors

(2009–present) * Equus Automotive

(2013–present) * Everett-Morrison Motorcars

(1983–present) * Exotic Rides

(2014–present) * Exomotive

(2011–present) * Falcon Motorsports

(2009–present) * Faraday Future

2014–present) * Factory Five Racing

(1995–present) * Fisker Inc

(2015–present) * Gagliardi Design

(2003–present) * Global Electric Motorcars

(1998–present) * Hennessey Special Vehicles

(2017–present) * Hyperion Motors

(2011–present) * Karma Automotive

(2016–present) * Kayo Auto (2022–present) * Kepler Motors

(2009–present) * Laffite Supercars

(2015–present) * Local Motors

(2007–present) * Lordstown Motors

(2019–present) * Lucra Cars

(2006–present) * Lyons Motor Car

(2011–present) * Meyers Manx

(1964–present) * Mullen Technologies

(2014–present) * Next Autoworks

(2006–present) * Myers Motors

(2004–present) * N2A Motors

(2004–present) * Niama-Reisser

(2005–present) * Nikola Corporation

(2014–present) * Palatov Motorsport

(2008–present) * Panoz

(1989–present) * Polaris Inc

(1954–present) * RAESR

(2014–present) * Ronn Motor Group

(2007–present) * Rossion- Mosler Automotive

(1985–present) * Rezvani Automotive Designs

(2014–present) * Rush Auto Works

(2017–present) * Saleen Automotive

(1983–present) * Scarab-Motorsports LLC

(2006–present) * Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

(2010–present) * Shelby American

(1992–present) * Simpson Design

(1978–present) * SSC North America

(1999–present) * Superformance

(1996–present) * Superlite Cars

(2007–present) * Tanom Motors

(2010–present) * Transtar Racing

(2010–present) * Trion Supercars

(2012–present) * United Motorcar Company

(2009–present) * Valarra

(2019–present) * Vanderhall Motor Works

(2010–present) * Vaydor

http://vaydorsupercsr.com/] (2013–present) * Vector Motors

(1971–present) * Vetter Vehicles

(unknown–present) * VIA Motors

(2010–present) * Visionary Vehicles

(2002–present) * VLF Automotive

(2012–present) * Waymo

(2009–present) * Wheego Technologies

(2009–present) * Workhorse Group

(1998–present) * Zimmer Motorcars (1978-1988, 1997–present)

Defunct manufacturers

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