This is a list of United States Army Air Force - Air Force Component Commands. It covers the component commands of the numbered air forces during World War II. During that period, that numbered air forces had a status currently enjoyed by Air Force major commands. * I Bomber Command * I Fighter Command * I Troop Carrier Command * II Bomber Command * III Air Support Command * III Bomber Command * III Fighter Command * III Reconnaissance Command * III Tactical Air Command * IV Bomber Command * IV Fighter Command * V Bomber Command * V Fighter Command * VI Bomber Command * VII Bomber Command * VIII Air Support Command * VIII Bomber Command * VIII Fighter Command * IX Air Defense Command * IX Fighter Command * IX Tactical Air Command * IX Troop Carrier Command * IX Air Service Command * IX Engineer Command (airfield construction, see Advanced Landing Ground)http://www.ixengineercommand.com/units/ixec/history/index.php * XI Bomber Command * XI Fighter Command * XII Bomber Command * XII Tactical Air Command * XII Engineer Command * XIII Bomber Command * XIII Fighter Command * XV Fighter Command * XIX Tactical Air Command * XX Bomber Command * XXI Bomber Command * XXII Bomber Command * XXII Tactical Air Command * XXVI Fighter Command * XXXVI Fighter Command



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