Hong Lake () is a freshwater lake in the municipal region of Jingzhou, in central China's
Hubei Hubei (; ; alternately Hupeh) is a landlocked province of the People's Republic of China, and is part of the Central China region. The name of the province means "north of the lake", referring to its position north of Dongting Lake. The prov ...
province. Its name originates from: ''Hong'' () vast, immense; flood, deluge + ''Hu'' () lake, and is used as the name for the nearby
county-level city A county-level municipality (), county-level city or county city, formerly known as prefecture-controlled city (1949–1970: ; 1970–1983: ), is a county-level administrative division of the People's Republic of China. County-level ...
of Honghu. It is known for its lotus flowers.http://www.chinaculture.org/gb/en_travel/2003-09/24/content_34334.htm Honghu Lake at Chinaculture.org

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