Lafey Constituency is a constituency in
Mandera County Mandera County ( so, Degmada Mandheera, sw, Kaunti ya Mandera) is the northeasternmost county A county is a geographical region In geography, regions are areas that are broadly divided by physical characteristics (physical geography), ...
Kenya ) , national_anthem = "Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu "Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu" (, ) is the national anthem of Kenya. History "Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu"'s lyrics were originally written in Swahili language, Kiswahili, the national language of Kenya ...

. It is one of six constituencies in the County. The town of
Lafey Lafey is a town and Sub-Counties of Kenya, Sub-County in the Mandera County of Kenya. It sits in the northeast part of the country, at the international border with Somalia. Location The town is approximately , north-east of El Wak, Kenya, Elwa ...
is the capital of the constituency, and is located at around 3°55′N 41°50′E / 3.917°N 41.833°E, near the border with
Somalia Somalia,, Osmanya script: 𐒈𐒝𐒑𐒛𐒐𐒘𐒕𐒖; ar, الصومال, aṣ-Ṣūmāl officially the Federal Republic of SomaliaThe ''Federal Republic of Somalia'' is the country's name per Article 1 of thProvisional Constitutio ...

. Education Lafey primary school is one of the best schools in Mandera county producing the leading KCPE students in the county. It has produced so many elites in Kenya and Diaspora. List of primary schools in the constituency. # Lafey primary school. # Kahare primary school. # Alungu primary school. # Warankara primary school. # Fino boarding primary school. # sheikh barow primary school. # Damasa primary school. # Kabo primary school. # Kamora Liban primary school. # Gari primary school. # Bambo primary school. # Sala primary school. # Jabi baar primary school List of secondary schools. # Lafey boys secondary school. # Gari boys secondary school. # Lafey pioneer.


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