This is the list of rulers in Morocco, since the establishment of the first in 789. The common and formal titles of these rulers has varied, depending on the time period. Since 1957, the designation King has been used. The annual salary of the King is 488,604 USD.

Idrisid dynasty

*Idris (I) ibn Abdallah (789–791) *Idris (II) ibn Idris (791–828) *Muhammad ibn Idris (828–836) *Ali (I) ibn Muhammad (836–848) *Yahya (I) ibn Muhammad (848–864) *Yahya (II) ibn Yahya (864–874) *Ali (II) ibn Umar (874–883) *Yahya (III) ibn al-Qasim (883–904) *Yahya (IV) ibn Idris ibn Umar (904–917) *''Fatimid overlordship (922–925)'' *al-Hasan (I) ibn Muhammad ibn al-Qasim (925–927) *''Fatimid overlordship (927–937)'' *Al-Qasim Kannun (937–948) *Abu'l-Aish Ahmad (948–954) *Al-Hasan (II) ibn Kannun (954–974) In 974, the Sultan al-Hasan ibn Kannun was defeated by the Umayyads of the Caliphate of Cordoba. A period of Umayyad overlordship followed then.

Almoravid dynasty

* Abdallah Ibn Yasin (1040–1060) * Abu Bakr ibn Umar (1060–1072) *Yusuf ibn Tashfin (1072–1106) *Ali ibn Yusuf (1106–1142) *Tashfin ibn Ali (1142–1146) Almohad uprising started in 1145 *Ibrahim ibn Tashfin (1146) *Ishaq ibn Ali (1146–1147)

Almohad dynasty

*Ibn Tumart (1124-1130) *'Abdul-Mu'min (1145–1163) *Abu Yaqub Yusuf I (1163–1184) *Aby Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur (1184–1199) *Muhammad an-Nasir (1199–1213) *Abu Yaqub Yusuf II (1213–1224) *Abdul-Wahid I (1224) *Abdallah al-Adil (1224–1227) *Yahya (1227–1235) *Idris I (1227–1232) *Abdul-Wahid II (1232–1242) *Ali (1242–1248) Marinid overlordship, from 1248 until the fall of the Almohads in 1269 *Umar (1248–1266) - based in Marrakech, with local power only *Idris II (1266–1269) - in Marrakech, with local power only

Marinid dynasty

*Abu Yahya ibn Abd al-Haqq (1244–1258) *Umar (1258–1259) *Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Abd Al-Haqq (1259–1286) *Abu Yaqub Yusuf an-Nasr (1286–1306) *Abu Thabit Amir (1307–1308) *Abu al-Rabi Sulayman (1308–1310) *Abu Sa'id Uthman II (1310–1331) *Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Othman (1331–1348) *Abu Inan Faris (1348–1358) *Muhammad II. as Said (1359) *Abu Salim Ali II. (1359–1361) *Abu Umar Taschufin (1361) *Abu Zayyan Muhammad III. (1362–1366) *Abu Faris Abd al-Aziz I. (1366–1372) *Abu l-Abbas Ahmad (1372–1384) *Musa ibn Faris (1384–1386) *Al-Wathiq (1386–1387) *Abu l-Abbas Ahmad (1387–1393) *Abu Faris Abdul Aziz II. (1393–1396) *Abdullah (1396–1399) *Abu Said Uthman III. (1399–1420) *Abdalhaqq II (1420–1465)

Idrisid interlude

*Muhammad ibn Ali Idrisi-Joutey (1465–1471)

Wattasid dynasty

*Abu Zakariya Muhammad al-Saih al-Mahdi (1472–1505) *Abu Abdallah Muhammad I (1505–1524) *Abul Abbas Ahmad (1524–1545) *Nasir ad-Din al-Qasri (1545–1547) *Abul Abbas Ahmad (second time, 1547–1549) *Ali Abu Hassun (Jan–Sep 1554)

Saadi dynasty

Dila'i interlude

*Muhammad al-Hajj ad-Dila'i (1659–1663)

Alaouite dynasty

1666–1957: Alaouite sultans of Morocco 1957–present: Alaouite kings of Morocco

Royal Standard

File:Royal standard of Morocco.svg|Royal Standard of Morocco.

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