Interstate 94 (I-94) runs east–west through the western, central and southeastern portions of the U.S. state of Wisconsin. A total of of I-94 lie in the state.

Route description

The route, cosigned with U.S. Route 12 in Wisconsin, US 12, enters from Minnesota just east of the Twin Cities. The route passes north of Menomonie, Wisconsin, Menomonie and south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Eau Claire before turning southeast and heading towards Tomah, Wisconsin, Tomah where it joins Interstate 90 in Wisconsin, I-90. The two Interstates Concurrency (road), run concurrently for the next to Madison, Wisconsin, Madison. I-94 enters the state as a six-lane facility which reduces to four-lane at exit 4 (US 12). I-94 passes by the popular tourist destination of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells. The route converges with Interstate 39 southeast of Tomah (near Portage, Wisconsin, Portage). This concurrency () is the longest three-route concurrency of the Interstate Highway system and only one of two in existence. The interchanges mark a return to a six-lane configuration. I-94 turns eastward toward Milwaukee at what is commonly known as the "Badger Interchange" where the three interstates meet with Wisconsin Highway 30, WIS 30. The route returns to four lanes after the interchange traffic merges, then returns to six lanes just west of Waukesha. The highway remains a six-lane facility (with various auxiliary and collector–distributor lanes in Milwaukee at interchanges) east and south of this point, and through the area is officially designated the East–West Freeway, though very few organizations, including the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's traffic control center in the area actually use that name. I-94 passes through downtown Milwaukee, turning southbound and joining Interstate 43, I-43 for , into a road designated from Ozaukee County to the Illinois state line as the North–South Freeway. I-94 leaves Milwaukee to the south, joining with Interstate 41, I-41 at the Mitchell Interchange. These two Interstates run concurrently to the border, passing west of Racine, Wisconsin, Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kenosha on their way into Illinois toward Chicago. Traffic is heavy along this stretch.

Speed limits

The speed limit on I-94 from the Minnesota border to the Waukesha/Milwaukee county border is 70 mph. Entering Milwaukee County, the limit decreases to 55 mph. The limit is 55 mph until just west of Marquette Interchange, where it decreases to 50 mph. This 50 mph limit continues to the Airport Interchange, where it increases to 55 mph. Between Rawson and Drexel Avenues, the limit increases to 70 mph and maintains this limit to the Illinois border.


I-94 was the first section of the Interstate Highway System completed within the state of Wisconsin. This section, between the unincorporated town of Goerke's Corners, Wisconsin, Goerkes Corners (currently at the intersection of U.S. Highway 18 in Wisconsin, US 18 and Barker Road) and Waukesha, Wisconsin, Waukesha was built in 1956. The route was added segment-by-segment over the years and was completed to its current alignment on November 4, 1969. From 2004 until 2008, a portion of I-94 in Milwaukee was reconstructed as a part of the Marquette Interchange, Marquette Interchange project.

Current construction

Beginning in 2009 and continuing until 2021, the of I-94 between the Mitchell Interchange and the Illinois state line will be widened from six to eight lanes. This includes a complete rebuild of the roadway and reconstruction of frontage roads, and interchanges including a new design of the Mitchell Interchange in Milwaukee County. Additional plans are underway to accommodate the anticipated extra traffic and needs of the Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, Mount Pleasant Foxconn plant currently in the design and development stages.

Exit list

Auxiliary routes

Two spur routes of I-94 exist in Wisconsin, both are in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Interstate 794, I-794 is a spur in downtown that accesses the southeast suburbs and the Port of Milwaukee. It is known as the East–West Freeway from I-94 to Lincoln Memorial Drive and as the Lake Freeway from there to Carferry Drive. Interstate 894, I-894 is a southwest bypass of the city that is known as the Zoo Freeway from I-94 Zoo Interchange to I-43 at the Hale Interchange and as the Airport Freeway from there to I-94 at the Mitchell Interchange.


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