Graham Higman
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(19 January 1917 – 8 April 2008) was a prominent English
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known for his contributions to
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Higman was born in
Louth, Lincolnshire Louth () is a market town A market town is a European settlement that obtained by custom or royal charter, in the Middle Ages In the history of Europe The history of Europe concerns itself with the discovery and collection ...
and attended Sutton High School,
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, winning a scholarship to
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Balliol College, Oxford
. In 1939 he co-founded The Invariant Society, the student mathematics society, and earned his DPhil from the
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in 1941. His thesis, ''The units of group-rings'', was written under the direction of J. H. C. Whitehead. From 1960 to 1984 he was the
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Magdalen College, Oxford
. Higman was awarded the
Senior Berwick Prize The Berwick Prize and Senior Berwick Prize are two prizes of the London Mathematical Society awarded in alternating years in memory of William Edward Hodgson Berwick, a previous Vice-President of the LMS. Berwick left some money to be given to the s ...
in 1962 and the
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of the
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in 1974. He was the founder of the
Journal of Algebra ''Journal of Algebra'' (ISSN 0021-8693) is an international mathematical research journal in abstract algebra, algebra. An imprint of Academic Press, it is published by Elsevier. ''Journal of Algebra'' was founded by Graham Higman, who was its edi ...
and its editor from 1964 to 1984. Higman had 51 Ph.D. students, including Jonathan Lazare Alperin, Rosemary A. Bailey,
Marston Conder Marston Donald Edward Conder (born 9 September 1955) is a New Zealand mathematician, a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Auckland University,
John Mackintosh Howie John Mackintosh Howie (23 May 1936 – 26 December 2011) was a Scotland, Scottish mathematician and prominent semigroup theorist. Biography Howie was educated at Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen, the University of Aberdeen and Balliol Colleg ...
, and
Peter M. Neumann Peter Michael Neumann Order of the British Empire, OBE (28 December 1940 – 18 December 2020) was a British mathematician. His fields of interest included the history of mathematics and Galois theory. Biography Born in December 1940, Neumann ...
. He was also a Methodist local preacher, local preacher in the Oxford Circuit of the Methodism, Methodist Church. During the Second World War he was a conscientious objector, working at the Meteorological Office in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. He died in Oxford.


* * * Graham Higman (1966) ''Odd characterisations of finite simple groups'', U. of Michigan Press * * * Graham Higman and Elizabeth Scott (1988), ''Existentially closed groups'', LMS Monographs, Clarendon Press, Oxford

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Death notice, Oxford University Gazette, 17 April 2008

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