''Get Ready'' is the seventh studio album by English
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band New Order. It was released on 27 August 2001 in the United Kingdom by London Records and on 16 October 2001 in the United States by
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. It was the band's first studio album in eight years, following 1993's ''
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'', and was their last to feature the original lineup.


Peter Hook Peter Hook (born Woodhead; 13 February 1956) is an English musician, best known as the bassist and co-founder of the rock bands Joy Division and New Order. Hook often used the bass as a lead instrument, playing melodies on the high strings wi ...
stated that the album's title "could mean anything or nothing. I thought it was just nice; New Order, ''Get Ready''; 'cause we are, we're getting ready for the next phase of our musical lives both physically and mentally, so it's quite a simple thing but it's very pertinent." The album was dedicated to Rob Gretton, the manager of
Joy Division Joy Division were an English rock band formed in Salford in 1976. The group consisted of vocalist Ian Curtis, guitarist/keyboardist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris. Sumner and Hook formed the band after attendi ...
and New Order, who died in 1999.


The album features cover art directed by Peter Saville and designed by Howard Wakefield, who have also designed covers for other New Order and Joy Division albums. The cover model is German actress Nicolette Krebitz. A music video for Crystal did not feature actual members of the band but instead much younger models. This visual group was billed as "The Killers" as written on the kick drum in the video. Reportedly this inspired the band name for successful band The Killers who took that name for their own.


''Get Ready'' received generally positive reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalised rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an
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score of 72, based on 24 reviews. David Browne of '' Entertainment Weekly'' opined that New Order have "never sounded stronger or more vigorous", calling ''Get Ready'' "a stunning and confident return to form".
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of '' The Village Voice'' deemed it the band's best album "in 15 years", while
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critic John Bush described the record as "their first work in 15 years that's focused on songwriting and performance rather than grafted dance techniques." In his review for '' Q'', Andrew Harrison said that "New Order have made better records than this, but not many with such an emotional charge and the expansive noise to carry it off... ..''Get Ready'' is the sound of a great band breaking free of their past before your ears." ''Village Voice'' writer Michaelangelo Matos criticised the compositions, saying, "Calling the album ''Get Ready'' feels as if they're psyching themselves up for the task at hand—like they're raring to go but aren't exactly certain where they're going, or even necessarily why they're doing it. The songs carry this out—it's them, not the sonics, that make this the second disappointing New Order album in a row." ''
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''s David Peschek was unconvinced by the album, finding it to be "less a call to arms than the sound of an old man wheezing out of a creaky armchair." By April 2006, ''Get Ready'' had sold 153,000 copies in the United States, according to
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''Q'' listed ''Get Ready'' as one of the best 50 albums of 2001. In ''The Village Voice''s 2001 Pazz & Jop poll, ''Get Ready'' was voted by critics as the year's 22nd best album.


The track 'Slow Jam' was used to promote the latest model (at the time),
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automobile in Australia, receiving heavy rotation on national TV.

Track listing

Notes * signifies an additional producer


Band Members

* Bernard Sumner - vocals, guitars * Peter Hook - bass * Stephen Morris - drums * Gillian Gilbert - keyboards, synths Credits adapted from the liner notes of ''Get Ready''.

Additional musicians

* Pete Davis – programming * Simon Hale – string arrangements, conducting * Dawn Zee – backing vocals *
Billy Corgan William Patrick Corgan Jr. (born March 17, 1967) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and professional wrestling promoter. He is best known as the lead singer, primary songwriter, guitarist, and only permanent member of the rock band th ...
– special guest vocals * Bobby Gillespie – guest vocals * Andrew Innes – guitar


* Steve Osborne – production ; mixing * New Order – production * Bruno Ellingham – engineering ; studio assistance at Rockfield * Andrew Robinson – engineering * Mark 'Spike' Stent – mixing * Jan 'Stan' Kybert – engineering,
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; Pro Tools mix pre-production * Matt Fields – engineering assistance ; Pro Tools mix pre-production assistance * David Treahearn – Pro Tools mix pre-production assistance * Adrian Bushby – mix engineering * Paul 'P-dub' Walton – mix engineering *
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– additional production, mix * Rob Kirwan – engineering * Owen Mulcahy – engineering assistance *
Bernard Sumner Bernard Sumner (born 4 January 1956) is an English singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is a founding member of the bands Joy Division, New Order, and Electronic. Sumner was an early force in several areas, including the post ...
– additional production, mix * Marco Migliari – studio assistance at Real World * Tom Hannen – studio assistance at Sarm Hook End * Tim Young – mastering at Metropolis Mastering


* Peter Saville – cover art direction * Jürgen Teller – photography *
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– thanks (cover model) * Howard Wakefield – design * Sam Roberts – design


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