The national flag of Afghanistan (Dari Persian: , Pashto: افغانستان توغ) consists of a vertical tricolor with the classical National Emblem in the center. The current flag was adopted on August 19, 2013, but many similar designs had been in use throughout most of the 20th century. Afghanistan has had 25 flags since the first flag when the Hotak dynasty was established in 1709. During the 20th century alone, Afghanistan went through 18 national flags, more than any other country during that time period, and most of them had the colors black, red, and green on them. Along with Haiti, Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Venezuela, it is one of eight national flags whose design incorporates a depiction of the flag itself. It is also, along with Bolivia, Cambodia, Portugal, San Marino, and Spain, one of only six national flags that feature a building.

Design and colors scheme

The black color represents its troubled 19th century history as a protected state, the red color represents the blood of those who fought for independence (specifically, the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919), and the green represents hope and prosperity for the future. Some have alternatively interpreted the black to represent history, the red to represent progress, and the green to represent either agricultural prosperity or Islam. The tricolor was supposedly inspired by the Afghan King, Amanullah Khan, when visiting Europe with his wife in 1928. The original horizontal tricolor design was based on that of the flag of Germany. The center of the flag contains the Emblem of Afghanistan. Almost every national flag since 1928 has had the emblem in the center. Almost every emblem has had a mosque in it, which first appeared in 1901, and wheat, first appearing in 1928. The colors video approximation (valid for flags 1928-1978 and 1980–present) is listed below:

Other flags

File:Royal Standard of the King of Afghanistan (1931–1973).svg| Royal Standard of Afghanistan (1931–1973) File:Afghan Army Flag (1978).svg| Flag of the Afghan Army (1978–1980) File:Standard of the President of Afghanistan (2004-2013).svg| Standard of the President of Afghanistan (2004–2013) File:Flag of the Afghan Air Force.svg|Flag of the Afghan Air Force File:ANP Flag Dari.svg|Flag of the Afghan National Police File:Standard of the President of Afghanistan.svg|Standard of the President of Afghanistan (since 2013) – a black field with the large red disc in the center bearing the national emblem in white. File:Flag of Afghanistan (2002–2004, Variant).svg|Flag with a different ratio and emblem used during the Transitional period from 2002-2004 with some minor use today.

Gallery of usage

Flags of Afghanistan.jpg|Flags of Afghanistan on Kote Sangi during Independence Day File:Afghan flag at the Arg.jpg|The Afghan flag flying at the Presidential Palace compound (2019) Afghan children in Baghdis province, Afghanistan, pose for a photo April 4, 2013 130404-F-WU507-005.jpg|Afghan children with the national flag in Badghis Province Afghan children wave flags during a celebration of the Islamic religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the Garmsir district of Helmand province, Afghanistan, Aug 110831-M-ED643-010.jpg|Afghan children waving national flags in Helmand Province Bonn Ückesdorf Liebfrauenweg 1a (2).jpg|Afghan flag hanging over the Afghan Embassy in Bonn, Germany Afghanistan Flag During Hand Over of Lashkar Gah to Afghan Forces MOD 45153478.jpg|Afghan flags during the handover of Lashkargah (2011) Afghan Border Police in Herat-2011.jpg|Afghan Border Police in Herat (2011) Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan in 2004.jpg|Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan with an Afghan tricolor flag on their truck (2004) Afghan, British and American Flags MOD 45151539.jpg|Afghan, British and US flags on poles during a ceremony in Helmand Province (2010)

Historical flags

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