Fengquan District () is a district of the city of
Xinxiang Xinxiang ( ; postal: Sinsiang) is a prefecture-level city A prefectural-level municipality (), prefectural-level city or prefectural city is an administrative division of the People's Republic of China China (), officially the Peop ...

Henan Henan (; ; alternatively Honan) is a landlocked province of China The provincial level administrative divisions () are the highest-level administrative divisions of China. There are 34 such divisions claimed by the People's Republic of ...

province, China.

Administrative divisions

As 2012, this district is divided to 2 subdistricts, 1 town and 2 townships. ;Subdistricts * Baoxi Subdistrict () *Baodong Subdistrict () ;Towns *Dakuai () ;Townships *Luwangfen Township () *Genghuang Township ()


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