Federal or foederal (archaic) may refer to:



*Federal monarchy, a federation of monarchies *Federation, or ''Federal state'' (federal system), a type of government characterized by both a central (federal) government and states or regional governments that are partially self-governing; a union of states *Federal republic, a federation which is a republic *Federalism, a political philosophy *Federalist, a political belief or member of a political grouping *Federalization, implementation of federalism

Particular governments

*Federal government of the United States **United States federal law **United States federal courts *Government of Argentina *Government of Australia *Government of Pakistan *Federal government of Brazil *Government of Canada *Government of India *Federal government of Mexico *Federal government of Nigeria *Government of Russia *Government of South Africa *Government of Philippines


*''The Federalist Papers'', critical early arguments in favor of approving the United States Constitution *Federal Party (disambiguation), various political parties


*Federal, Entre Ríos, a city in Argentina *Federal, New South Wales, a town in Australia *Federal, Pleasants County, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in the United States *Federal, Queensland, a town in Australia *Federal Corners, New York, a hamlet in New York


*''Federal'' (Amtrak), a passenger train providing an overnight Boston-Washington, D.C. service in 2003 and 2004 *''Federal Express'' (train), a passenger train operated by the New Haven and Pennsylvania railroads *Federal Corporation, a Taiwanese tyre manufacturer *Federal Express, or FedEx, a private logistical services/delivery company based in the United States of America *Federal Motor Truck Company, an American truck manufacturer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan (1910–1959)


*''Federal'' (album), the debut album by rapper E-40 *''Federal'' (film), a 2010 thriller film starring Selton Mello *Federal Records, a subsidiary label of King Records.

Other uses

* Federal architecture, an architectural style related to Biedermayer, Recency and Empire-style architecture ** Federal furniture, American furniture produced in the same era *Federal Bureau of Investigation, the national law enforcement arm of the U.S. government * Federal Premium Ammunition, an American ammunition manufacturer *Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States *C.D. Federal, a Honduran football club *OFK Federal, a defunct Montenegrin football club *Federal's, a defunct U.S. department store

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