Europe is a continent that comprises the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia (commonly defined as extending from the Urals to the Iberian Peninsula), the Scandinavian Peninsula, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland and many smaller surrounding islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Europe may also refer to: * Continental Europe, the mainland of Europe excluding the islands surrounding it * European Union, a European political supranational entity that excludes Russia and several other eastern European countries.

Greek mythology

* see ''Europe (Greek myth)'' *Europe or Europa (mythology), a lover of Zeus * Europe, one of the Oceanids * Europe, one of the many consorts of Danaus, mother of several of the Danaïdes * Europe (daughter of Tityos), possible mother of Euphemus by Poseidon * Europe, one of the possible consorts of Phoroneus * Europe (daughter of Laodicus), one of the sacrificial victims of Minotaur * Europe, a surname of Demeter


* Europe (anthem), the national anthem of the Republic of Kosovo * Europe (band), a Swedish hard rock band ** ''Europe'' (Europe album), their self-titled debut album * Europe, an Italo disco music group that popularized the song "Six Two Eight" * ''Europe'' (Paul Motian album), a 2001 album by jazz drummer Paul Motian * ''Europe'' (Allo Darlin' album), 2012 * James Reese Europe (1880–1919), an American ragtime and early jazz bandleader, arranger, and composer


* ''Europe'' (magazine), a literary journal founded in 1923 by Romain Rolland * Europe (dinghy), a one-person dinghy designed in 1960 * Europe (short story), a short story by Henry James * Europe a Prophecy, a 1794 prophetic book by William Blake.

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