Elena Municipality ( bg|Община Елена) is a municipality (''obshtina'') in Veliko Tarnovo Province, Central-North Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of the central Stara planina mountain in the area of the so-called Fore-Balkan. It is named after its administrative centre, the town of Elena. It includes a territory of 671,39 km² with a population of 10,407 inhabitants, as of December 2009.Bulgarian National Statistical Institute - Bulgarian provinces and municipalities in 2009
The area is best known for its Bulgarian National Revival atmosphere preserved in its main town. Chumerna peak (1536 meters above sea level) in the Elena-Tvarditsa range is the highest point in the province.


Elena Municipality is situated in the Elena Balkan, 215 kilometers West of Varna, 38 km South of Veliko Tarnovo and 280 kilometers East of Bulgaria's capital - Sofia. The city of Elena is situated in the valley of the Elena river. The rivers Veselina, Elena, Miykovska, and Bebrovska spring from the area.


The flora and fauna are varied, with the most common trees being beech, oak, maple, linden, and hornbeams. Other trees often found in the area are elm, ash, cherries, pear, and sorrel.


There is a large diversity of animals living in the area. Widespread deer, Red deer, and wild boar are the most common, followed by predators like foxes, jackals and less often wolves. Smaller animals are also quite common - rabbits, partridge, snipe, and doves.


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The following table shows the change of the population during the last four decades.


According to the latest Bulgarian census of 2011, the religious composition, among those who answered the optional question on religious identification, was the following:

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