Edmund is a masculine given name or surname in the English language. The name is derived from the Old English elements ''ēad'', meaning "prosperity" or "riches", and ''mund'', meaning "protector". Persons named Edmund include:


Kings and nobles

*Edmund the Martyr (died 869 or 870), king of East Anglia *Edmund I (922–946), King of England from 939 to 946 *Edmund Ironside (989–1016), also known as Edmund II, King of England in 1016 *Edmund of Scotland (after 1070 – after 1097) *Edmund Crouchback (1245–1296), son of King Henry III of England and claimant to the Sicilian throne *Edmund, 2nd Earl of Cornwall (1249–1300), earl of Cornwall; English nobleman of royal descent *Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York (1341–1402), son of King Edward III of England *Edmund Tudor, earl of Richmond (1430-1486), English and Welsh nobleman *Edmund, Prince of Schwarzenberg (1803-1873), the last created Austrian Field marshal of the 19th century

In religion

* Saint Edmund (disambiguation), religious title given to several persons * Eadmund of Winchester (died between 833 and 838), once thought to have been a Bishop of Winchester * Edmund of Durham (died 1041), Bishop of Durham * Edmund Arrowsmith (1585–1628), Jesuit, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales * Edmund Campion (1540–1581), English Jesuit priest and martyr * Edmund Gennings (1567–1591), English priest and martyr * Edmund Kalau (1928–2014), German missionary and minister * Edmund Peiris (1897-1989), Sri Lankan Sinhala Roman Catholic priest, Bishop of Chilaw from 1940-1972 * Edmund Rich (1175–1240), also called Edmund of Abingdon; Archbishop of Canterbury * Edmund Ignatius Rice (1762–1844), founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers

In politics

*Edmund Burke (1729–1797), Irish statesman, political theorist, and philosopher *Edmund Barton (1849−1920), Australian prime minister *Edmund Joseph Cooray, Sri Lankan Sinhala Senator, Minister of Justice of Sri Lanka from March 1960 - July 1960 *Edmund Rowland Gooneratna (1845-1914), Sri Lankan Sinhala Gate Mudaliyar, scholar, planter, Buddhist revivalist *Edmund Muskie (1914–1996), American Secretary of State *Edmund G. Brown, Sr. (1905-1996), commonly known as Pat Brown; governor of California, 1959-1967 *Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (born 1938), commonly known as Jerry Brown; governor of California *Edmund Peiris, Sri Lankan Sinhala Muhandiram *Edmund Samarakkody (1912-1992), Sri Lankan Sinhala Trotskyist, trade unionist *Edmund Stoiber (born 1941), German politician, former minister-president of the state of Bayern *Edmund (Tiruchendur MLA), Indian politician, elected to the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly in 1971

In other fields

*Sir Edmund Andros (1637-1714), English colonial administrator under the Royal House of Stuart *Edmund Anscombe (1874–1948), New Zealand architect *Edmund Cobb (1892–1974), American actor *Edmund Collein (1906–1992), East German architect and Bauhaus photographer *Edmund Crispin, pseudonym of English crime fiction writer Bruce Montgomery (1921–1978) *Edmund Davy (1785–1857), English chemist *Edmund Fritz (before 1918after 1932), Austrian actor, film director, and music manager *Edmund H. Garrett (1853–1929), American artist *Edmund Gettier (1927–2021), American philosopher *Edmund Goulding (1891–1959), British film writer and director *Edmund Gunter (1581–1626), British mathematician *Edmund Gwenn (1877-1959), British actor *Sir Edmund Hillary (1919–2008), New Zealand mountaineer *Edmund Husserl (1859–1938), philosopher and mathematician *Edmund Ironside, 1st Baron Ironside, Sir William Edmund Ironside (1880–1951), field marshal and chief of the British Imperial General Staff *Edmund Ironside, 2nd Baron Ironside (1924–2020), British politician and engineer, son of William Edmund Ironside *Edmund Kemper (born 1948), American serial killer and necrophile *Edmund Blair Leighton (21 September 1852 – 1 September 1922), British artist *Edmund Lenihan (born 1950), Irish author and storyteller *Edmund Lowe (1890-1971), American actor *Edmund P. Murray (1930–2007), American novelist and journalist *Edmund Rack (c.1735–1787), English writer *Edmund Reid (1846–1917), head of the Metropolitan Police's CID during the time of the Jack the Ripper *Ed Skoronski (1910–1996), American football player *Edmund Kirby Smith (1824-1893), American general, telegraph president, and professor of mathematics and botany. *Edmund Sonnenblick (1932-2007), American cardiologist *Edmund Spenser (1552–1599), English poet *Kyle Edmund (born 1995), British tennis player

Fictional characters

*Edmund (''King Lear''), an antagonist in the play ''King Lear'' by William Shakespeare *Edmund Bertram, character in the novel ''Mansfield Park'' by Jane Austen *Edmund Blackadder, the protagonist of the BBC historical comedy series ''Blackadder'' *Edmund Pevensie, main character in several of ''The Chronicles of Narnia'' book series by C. S. Lewis, in which he is/was "King Edmund the Just" *King Edmund, supporting character in the animated show of ''Tangled'' in which he had ruled the uninhabitable Dark Kingdom twenty-five years prior. He is also the long-lost father of Eugene Fitzherbert, making the reformed thief a prince by birth

See also

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